IDF Debunks Lie About ‘Gazan Child Who Died Alone’

The girl's parents refused to accompany her to the hospital. The PA falsely blames Israel.

Lawyers Say Forensic Evidence Shows Minor Accused of Killing Aisha Al-Rabi Is Innocent

The Central District Court on Tuesday ordered the minor to be released to house arrest with electronic cuffing.

US Bars Entry of PLO Has-Been Hanan Ashrawi, Finally

She concluded with enough self-pity to drown a small puppy: "I just hope someone can explain this to my grandchildren & all the rest of my family there."

Israel Works to Facilitate Ramadan Prayers and Events

On Friday, some 75,000 Palestinian Authority Arabs passed through the various crossings from Judea and Samaria into Jerusalem for the Ramadan prayers.

Investigative Report: Mass Emigration from Gaza Threatens Future of PA

Some 36,000 Gazans have left the Strip in recent months, with the majority heading to Europe.

Hamas Aggression Rewarded As Border Crossings Reopen

Israel is complying and the situation in Gaza is returning this morning to the routine of the days before the sudden attack a week ago Saturday.

While Under Urgent Medical Care in Tel Aviv, BDS Leader Obstructs Spanish Team’s Visit...

Rajoub once said Israel's request to commemorate 11 Israeli athletes murdered at the 1972 Munich Olympics by Black September terrorists was "racist."

Analysis: Latest Attack on Israel a Result of Internal Arab Strife

Qatar, Iran, Egypt, Hamas and Islamic Jihad are in a complex power play, as part of a war of prestige, allegiance and influence.

Illegally Trapped Fawn Rescued from Palestinian Authority

The Israeli deer is the only large herbivore left in Israel in large numbers and is in danger of extinction.

What Financial Crisis? PA Pays Salaries to Terrorists

PA leaders have repeatedly vowed that they will dedicate their last penny to pay terrorists and hope the Europeans will foot the bill.
A Gazan showing the money he withdrew from an ATM in Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip.

PA Prepares to Disconnect from Israel’s Economy

Analysts have criticized this economic strategy, which they say is not supported by proper planning or emergency funding. The viability of such a move is almost impossible, they point out.

Report: Saudi Arabia Offered Abbas $10 Billion to Accept Trump Peace Proposal

Among economic and other incentives, the Saudi offer apparently also includes the founding of a 'Palestinian' embassy in the West Bank town of Abu Dis, located on Jerusalem’s eastern outskirts.

Palestinian Authority to Name Street in Ramallah After an Israeli Jew

Ilan Halevi joined Fatah after the 1967 Six Day War and subsequently became a prominent member of the PLO and served as an adviser to Yasser Arafat.

Abbas: We Will Not Accept Offset Money Transfers from Israel

Likud MK Avi Dichter told Reshet Bet radio on Monday that "8% of the PA budget goes to paying salaries to terrorists."

Netanyahu, Kahlon Worry After Palestinian Authority Returns Israel’s Secret Transfer of Millions of Shekels

Israel announced a reduction of $138 million in monthly payments to the PA to offset the Palestinian Authority’s payments to terrorists and their families.

Christians in PA Attacked by Fatah, Forced to Pay Muslim Tax

The violence began after a Christian woman complained to PA police about the dangerous and violent behavior of a senior Fatah official's son.

Mass Arrests Follow PA Sting Against Hamas Spy Network

Palestinian Authority military intelligence allegedly uncovered a year-long plot by Hamas to infiltrate the P.A. security framework.

Did the NY Times Just Pick the Perfect Metaphor for the Barriers Against Peace?

The "deal of the century" will compensate local Arabs with billions of dollars in investments in their economic and civic well-being, for the fact that they will remain an autonomous canton, but not a state.

PA Wants Russians to Broker Peace Plan

Ramallah is ready for direct dialogue with Israel under Russia’s mediation.

Palestinian Authority Swears in New, Unelected Government

18 governments have been formed in the past 25 years since the PA’s establishment, and some 400 ministers have served in them. About 35 billion dollars have been donated to the PA, significantly more than the sum invested per capita in the US’ Marshal Plan to lend economic assistance to rebuild Western Europe after World War II.

Abbas Rejects Trump’s ‘Deal of the Century’

Now, you tell me this is not the saddest report about the saddest politician in the Middle East, saying irrelevant, previous-century stuff to a cabinet of moth-eaten stuffed shirts as time passes him by.

Hamas Begins to Pay PA Officials in Gaza

PA officials in Ramallah are unsure of were the funds to pay for the salaries came from, and some have suggested that Iran is footing the bill.

This Just In: PLO Upset About Election Results

Mahmoud Abbas has already declared he would reject the Trump peace proposal, that Deal of the Century. Good time to annex, Mr. Netanyahu.

Hamas Makes Demands of Israel, PA Slams Hamas for Talking with Jewish State

The PA mocked Hamas’ achievements as inferior to those the PA achieved while negotiating with Israel in the past.


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