Netanyahu: Arabs Split into Those Who Want Us Dead and Those Who Fear Them

"The Middle East is rife with failed states and so the idea that we would abandon our security control in Judea and Samaria is ludicrous, we must not do that."

Israeli Reporter: Trump Told Israel to Take Over US Aid to PA Security

But that move cutting US aid to PA security forces was initiated by Ramallah, not the US.

New Trend: PA Forces Confront IDF Troops at Gun Point

An IDF spokesperson stated that the unit was confronted by the PA police after it had already concluded its mission in the area “without casualties.”

Report: Abbas to Call for February Legislative Elections, Followed by Presidential Vote

The last time the PA held legislative elections, in 2006, a Hamas proxy party won 44.45% of the vote and 74 seats, and the PLO won 41.43% of the vote and 45 seats.

EXPOSED: PA Boycott of Israeli Livestock is Motivated by Senior Officials’ Personal Gains

The boycott is being promoted by Yasser Abbas, son of PA head Mahmoud Abbas, and by Azzam al-Ahmed, a senior Fatah official, who have shown interest in importing calves from Portugal and Hungary, a shift that would give them control of the market.

Arab Olive Pickers Attack Yitzhar Resident

IDF and police forces arrested the attackers, who arrived outside the settlement as part of the olive harvest.

Russia Tells UNSC Israel Must Stop Judea, Samaria Construction

"Both Palestinians and Israelis must refrain from violence, and aggressive and provocative rhetoric."

Israel, PA, Resolve Calf Boycott Crisis

The PA Agriculture Ministry will establish an "exceptions committee" to ratify permits to import calves from Israel.

Israel Prevents Illegal Arab Construction from Destroying Second Temple Era Palaces

The destruction of archeological findings is commonplace in Judea and Samaria and is often used as a political tool to deny the historical Jewish presence in the region.

PM Shtayyah Threatening to Resign If PA Drops Boycott of Israeli Calf Shipments

About 90% of the beef calves consumed in the PA come from Israeli farmers.

Abbas to Restore (Again) Home of Terrorist Who Dropped Marble Slab on IDF Soldier’s...

Four members of this terrorist family are serving several life terms and a fifth is being held in administrative detention. A sixth member was killed by the Israeli army. Ronen Lubarsky's killer is next.

Repeat Performance: IDF Demolishes Terrorist’s Home That was Rebuilt by PA

Islam Yusuf Abu Hamid murdered Ronen Lubarsky by dropping a marble slab on his head from a rooftop.

Palestinian Authority Blocks 59 Opposition Media Pages and News Sites

Ali Abu Habla wrote that “this is a dark day in the history of Palestinian journalism," which doesn't have much of a history, as it is.

Arab Converted by Rabbi Karelitz Jailed by Palestinian Authority Since Yom Kippur

"The man's grandfather saved 26 Jews in the 1929 pogrom in Hebron. Now that he is in danger, we have a historic obligation to help him."

Exposed: World Bank’s Palestinian Recovery and Development Program Funding Salaries for Terrorists

The lack of proper legal procedures and oversight enables the PA to use the funding to pay fund the terrorist’s stipends.

Israel Threatens Sanctions on PA Over its Boycott of Israeli Goods

The PA announced over the past months that it intends to fully disengage from the Israeli economy, a move analysts warned could collapse the PA’s economy.

Saudi Soccer Team Catching Flak for Going through Israel to Ramallah Match

Back in 2018, the Saudis refused to play the PA team in Ramallah in a FIFA qualifying match, and the game was played in Jordan instead.

PA Folds, Will Accept Tax Revenue Minus Terrorist Pay

"Even if I had only one penny left, I would've given it to the families of the martyrs, prisoners and heroes," Abbas declared and received a round of applause from the delegates.

Ramallah Youths’ Discovery of IDF Camouflaged Surveillance Camera May Hurt Microsoft Startup

Haaretz reported that the IDF is using AnyVision’s face recognition technology at Judea and Samaria checkpoints as well as inside Arab communities.

Head of Terror Squad that Murdered Rina Shnerb in Critical Condition following Interrogation

Shin Bet received permission from a judicial entity to interrogate Arbid using exceptional means.

Look Out, Muhammad Tamimi’s Got his Gun

The photograph published by ‘Ad Kan’ demonstrates yet another level of the Tamimi family’s support for terrorism, as they are grooming of their 12-year-old to a life mired in weapons and murder.

Bank of Israel Exposes Trade in Illegal Work Permits for PA Arabs

The work permits of 20,000 PA Arab workers, 30% of PA Arab laborers employed under permits in Israel, were purchased illegally for an average monthly payment of about NIS 2,000

Shiloh Bloc Residents Block Arab Construction with Their Bodies

A new Arab city is currently being built adjacent to the Israeli communities of Amichai and Adei Ad, apparently a part of the Fayyad Plan.

Security Forces Capture Equipment on Way to Illegal PA Weapons Plant

The equipment included parts and springs for weapons, silencers, various types of bullets, drills and lathes.

Regavim: Civil Administration Protecting Illegal PA Construction – ‘Bureaucracy Has Bested Democracy’

Regavim claims the Civil Administration is granting post-facto “legalization” to illegal structures built by the Palestinian Authority.

PA Seeks International Arbitration in Dispute with Israel Over Tax/Terror Funds

Every month, the PA forwards some NIS 40 million in tax revenue to terrorists and their families.

Bethlehem Prosecutor: Israa Gharib Was Not Killed in Honor Murder – She Was a...

She was assaulted again in the hospital, where she was heard screaming and calling for the police.

Senior PA Official Saeb Erekat Mourns Death of Terrorist, Calls for Investigation of Israel

Hamas terrorist Bassam al-Saeh was responsible for the murders of Eitam and Naama Henkin in October 2015.


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