PA Deploys Troops in Eastern Jerusalem to Quell Spread of Coronavirus

The Palestinian Authority is worried that Arab residents from Jerusalem will infect Arab residents of the PA.

Israel Passes Corona Testing Kits, Protective Mask to the Palestinian Authority

The equipment, which was donated by the World Health Organization (WHO), was transferred on Wednesday from Jordan into the PA via the IDF.

PA Sources: Abbas Encouraged Joint Arab List to Recommend Gantz

The Palestinian Authority put a lot of pressure on the Arab party to help Gantz oust Netanyahu.

Bennett Slams Arab MK Who Blamed IDF for PA’s Indiscriminate Anti-Virus Spraying

"MK Aida Touma-Suleiman, you are a liar, an anti-Semite and a scoundrel."

PLO Enraged by US Downgrading Eastern Jerusalem ‘Palestinians’ to ‘Arabs’

The change in the US official definition of who is a Palestinian, if you will, could mark the start of a retreat for the manufactured "Palestinian" nationality.

Exclusive: ‘Hostile Atmosphere’ as PA Arabs Turn on Foreigners over Coronavirus Fears

Palestinian Authority police are searching for foreigners and checking the passports of "non-Palestinians" they encounter.

Christian Israelis Deliver Supplies to Coronavirus-Stricken Bethlehem

Tourists and workers from abroad are being verbally abused, spat at and accused of “bringing Corona to Palestine.”

Five More Cases of Coronavirus in Palestinian Authority

The new cases bring the total number to 25 people who are ill with the virus in the Palestinian Authority.

PA Failing to Function Properly as Coronavirus Spreads

Local residents are reporting that all the medical centers in the area are closed and the only emergency room at El Hussein Hospital is not even fully operational.

15 Americans Quarantined in Bethlehem

There were 19 confirmed cases of the virus in Bethlehem on Friday, and 21 confirmed cases of the virus in Israel.

PA Shuts Down for a Month to Stop Coronavirus

Media statements from any official except those authorized by the Prime Minister were also prohibited.

PA Enacts Emergency Measures Following Discovery of Coronavirus in Bethlehem

The PA has ordered the closure of all educational institutions, and banned all public events planned in these areas, including prayers in mosques and churches.

Four Coronavirus Infections near Bethlehem

PA health officials decided to impose a quarantine on the employees and residents of the Beit Jala hotel.

IDF Demolishes Homes of Rina Shnerb’s Killers

The killers used an improvised explosive device planted in the road, which they blew up as the father and his son and daughter were passing by.

PLO Officials Not Angry with Israeli Voters, Just Very, Very Disappointed

“It is obvious that settlement, occupation and apartheid have won the Israeli elections."

DC Attorney Suing Trump, Netanyahu, Kushner, Cuomo, AIPAC, Miriam Adelson, on Behalf of ‘Palestinians’

In less than a year, people who believe in this toxic stuff, including many young Jews, could take over the White House.

PA ‘Confiscating’ Rare Archaeological Finds from Private Collector

After the PA learned of the rare collection's existence, it has repeatedly confiscated pieces from the collection. PA officials may have privately sold some of them.

Palestinian Authority Converts Ancient Hasmonean (Jewish) Fortress into a ‘Palestinian Tourist Site’

The PA also broke a wall and blocked the water reservoirs at the ancient Jewish site of Tel Aruma.

PA Will Issue Building Permits for Construction in Israel-Governed Area C

This is part of the Fayyad plan to create facts on the ground in breach of Oslo.

PALLYWOOD: PA TV Reporter Caught Fabricating Altercation with Israeli Soldier on Live TV Broadcast

The officer told the "journalist" to move as he was going to get run over by passing cars. The "journalist" reported that "Palestinians" aren't allowed on the road.

Court Orders PA to Pay Terror Victim’s Family $170,000

The court ruled that the PA must compensate the Asulin family using the salaries intended for the terrorists until the accumulated payments reach 583,598 shekels ($170,017.3).

Police Shut Down Illegal Fatah Event in Jerusalem

Dozens of Arab rioters threw stones and bottles at the Israeli forces as they were leaving the site.

Shameful: Notorious Tamimi Family Ignores Bewildered IDF Soldier, Gets Arab Cars Past Checkpost

By the time reinforcement had arrived, all the Arabs had driven off to get on with their busy daily schedule.

Besties: J Street President Embraces Abbas Following UN Security Council Appearance

Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas was joined at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Midtown Manhattan by former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, who called Abbas a “man of peace” and the “only partner” Israel has in peace negotiations.

New EU Project Pays Photographers to Capture Life in “Occupied Palestinian Territory”

And lest some pesky, pro-Israel European Jew try to join the junket and offer his or her unique view, contestants must submit, in addition to their resume and portfolio, a "motivation letterץ"

Oman Honors Palestinian Authority with Fantasy Jerusalem Stamp

The move comes two weeks after US President Donald Trump introduced his Middle East Peace Plan at a ceremony in the White House.

Olmert Meeting with Abbas in NY to Help Foster Palestinian State Using Trump’s Plan

In 2007, Olmert and Abbas met in Annapolis, Maryland for peace talks where he agreed that Israel would share Jerusalem as the joint capital with a Palestinian state. Abbas balked.


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