Poll Shows PA, Gaza Arabs Feel Betrayed by Gulf States, Prefer Hamas’ Haniyeh over...

The survey indicates great worries about the future in case of the continued severing of relations with Israel.

Shock in the PA: Qatar Accepts Trump’s Vision for Resolving Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

A joint statement by the US and Qatar on Friday on the strategic dialogue raised tensions in the Palestinian Authority and there is a growing understating that Qatar is becoming an important link in the implementation of American policy.

Israel Hayom Started WW3 between Ambassador Friedman and Ramallah and They’re Very Sorry

This was a big oops. Because, as IH itself put it, Mohammed Dahlan is a bitter political rival of PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas.

PA Gives Arab $10,000 Fine for Selling Israeli Products

The Israeli goods found in the defendant’s warehouses were confiscated by the PA Customs Police.

Will the PA Leave the Arab League in Protest of Peace Deal?

In the PA, anger is growing against the Arab League, which ignored the Palestinian Authority request for an emergency conference following the announcement of the peace agreement between Israel and the Emirates

On Anniversary of Oslo Accords, Abbas’ Party Praises Intifada, Calls for Resistance

Of course, one can understand their frustration: it's like you grow up hating the kid next door only to end up seeing your older sister marrying him.

PA Targets Dahlan Following His Criticism of their Attacks on the UAE

Palestinian Authority security forces have arrested a number of political activists associated with Muhammad Dahlan after he criticized the PA for burning United Arab Emirates (UAE) flags and insulting Arab rulers who announced the normalization of ties with Israel.

Palestinian Authority Recalls Bahrain Envoy Following Deal with Israel

“The UAE and Bahrain are contributing to Trump’s presidential campaign at the expense of the inalienable rights of the people of Palestine,” tweeted PLO Secretary-General Saeb Erekat.

Experts: Israel Can Successfully Contend with PA’s Collapse

Israel, for years, has been fearing the PA’s fall, a scenario some believe would lead to anarchy and a severe security threat to Israel. Others have pointed to the financial burden such a development would generate.

PA Threatening to Leave the Arab League as UAE, Israel, Groom Mohammed Dahlan to...

And that may be the true benefit of the Abraham Accord, and why President Donald Trump who pushed for it may deserve the Nobel Peace prize for real.

PA Calls Israel’s Wheelchair Accessibility Plans for Cave of the Patriarchs a ‘War Crime’

Palestinian Authority officials claim that allowing the disabled to have access to the holy site is a provocation of the Muslims’ sensibilities.

10 PA Arabs Die of Coronavirus Overnight

Jerusalem, Hebron, and Gaza have registered more than 100 new cases each.

Supreme Court Judge Calls Netanyahu’s Refusal to Evacuate Khan al Ahmar an ‘Embarrassment’

Supreme Court Justice Noam Solberg rejected Netanyahu’s request for an additional six-month continuance to submit a response in the Khan al Ahmar case, and treated the government to some particularly sharp criticism.

PLO Lauds Munich Olympic Massacre Terrorists as Courageous Heroes

"The operation ended with the death of 11 Israeli athletes, 5 out of 8 operators, a German police and helicopter pilot, Germany released the three Palestinians."

Once Again, Israel Orders Halt in Release of Terrorists’ Bodies

Hamas is currently holding captive the bodies of two IDF soldiers, and two (live) Israeli citizens.

EU Fronts PA $10.6 Million to Meet July Salaries While Hamas Prisoners Get $60...

With the new canteen boost, Hamas murderers should be able to purchase 50 candy bars a month each. There's bunch of terrorists who won't be able to slip through the bars.

Terror Summit to Convene in Beirut on Thursday

The heads of all the terror factions in the Palestinian Authority and Hamas will be meeting in person and virtually in Lebanon.

Palestinian Authority Prime Minister: Israeli Visit to UAE ‘Painful to See’

“We would have very much liked to see a UAE flight land in Jerusalem after it is liberated."

Arabs Rejoice, Burn Down Outpost, following Police Expulsion of Jewish Residents on Shabbat Night

About an hour after the start of Shabbat, large IDF and Border Patrol forces arrived at the new settlement, handcuffed the people and began dragged the families and their guests into military vehicles.

PA Hides Terrorist Payment Line Item in English-Language Budget

The Arabic version of the budget references payment to jailed terrorists, while the English translation doesn't include that line item.

Palestinian Authority Proud of Sending Children to Die

"The (Arab) boys and girls of Jerusalem are teaching the entire world what sacrifice and self-sacrifice are."

EU Funds Grants to Protect ‘Palestinian Identity of East Jerusalem’

The EU adopted a “strategic approach to sustain the presence of the Palestinian population and protect the Palestinian identity of the city” in 2018, 2019 and 2020.

Palestinian Authority Suffering Severe Loss of Clout in Arab World

A scan of Monday's Arab press shows a general loss of interest in the Israel-UAE peace, and certainly no mention of the PA's rage.

Knesset Defense Committee Demands High Court Review of Terrorist’s Home Demolition Nullification

MK Sa'ar called the ruling "miserable, wrong and painful," and said “it must not remain intact."

UAE Religious Figure Praises Netanya, Condemns Ramallah

Needless to say, the good doctor's tweets were received with torrents of anger and rejection by countless Arab Twitter users, and love and appreciation by Israelis.

UAE Foreign Minister to Palestinian Authority: Communication Better Than Disconnection

We condemn every form of normalization with the occupation, which we consider a stab in the back of the Palestinian cause,” said Hamas spokesman Fawzi Barhoum in a statement.

Israeli MKs Call for Palestinian Authority Prisoners’ Affairs Administration to be Declared a Terrorist...

The Palestinian Authority’s Commission of Prisoners’ Affairs pays salaries to terrorists serving sentences in Israeli prisons.

PA Considering Receiving Tax Funds from Israel Through Third Country

Since the PA announced in mid-May that it was severing relations with Israel, it has refused to accept all the tax money collected by Israel on its behalf.

Report: European Union Helping Palestinian Authority Illegally Build Another School in Area C

The schools now being built as outposts of the Palestinian Authority are causing a fundamental change in Area C, Regavim warns.


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