Tulkarm Terrorists Post Video of their Firing on Jewish Town near Netanya

In the video, three terrorists are seen wearing a green headband inspired by the Nochba terrorists who carried out the massacre on October 7.

Finally! IDF Demolishes Illegal 6-Story Arab Building near Efrat

Monday's demolition indicate a change in trend that was established by the adjunct minister in the defense ministry, Bezalel Smotrich.

Sullivan Pushing Biden’s Panacea: Defeat Hamas, Establish Palestinian State, Live Happily Ever After

Biden admitted to his audience, "This is one of the hardest, most complicated problems in the world."

Palestinian Authority Illegally Building a Resort Complex in Gush Etzion Nature Reserve

The Palestinian Authority is taking advantage of the war to continue building a new city in the Ha-Masrek nature reserve atop the Judean Desert in eastern Gush Etzion.

Jewish Voice for Peace Mocked for Claim Israeli Holidays Meant to Overshadow ‘Nakba Day’

"JVP and their ilk see Israel as an irredeemable evil in a binary world composed of victims and oppressors," wrote David May, of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies.

Reservists Rally Calling for Gallant’s Sacking, Thursday, 7 PM on Kaplan Street

"We will not be the silver platter on which the Palestinian State will be served."

Netanyahu: Dermer and I the Only War Cabinet Members Who Stopped a PA Takeover...

Netanyahu’s response to Gallant’s proposal was, “I am not ready to replace Hamas with Fatahstan."

Israeli Cabinet Rejects UN “Palestinian” Statehood Resolution

The government voted unanimously to reject the United Nations' decision to grant the Palestinian Authority unprecedented rights for a non-member state.

WATCH: Ambulance Driver Caught with Eight Illegal PA Arab Workers

The incident occurred on Route 44 at the Ofer checkpoint between Jerusalem and Ramallah.

At UN General Assembly, Palestinian Authority Gets Novel Rights for Non-Member Observer, No Membership

The global body is paving the way for “the establishment of a Palestinian terror state, which will be led by the Hitler of our times,” Israel’s envoy said.

Red Cross Official Exposed as Hamas Stooge

ICRC administrator Haythem Abid marches in anti-Israel rallies and posts Hamas propaganda.

Israel’s UN Ambassador Says Organization’s ‘Days are Numbered’

Gilad Erdan told the U.N. General Assembly that body’s anti-Israel animus is the reason U.S. “universities are permitting this Nazi-like behavior.”

CAIR Wants ADL’s Jonathan Greenblatt Sacked for Comparing Arab Headscarf to Swastika

Watch the video. You can’t miss the uncomfortable silence that followed his declaration.

Israel Uses Gaza Fatah Terrorists to Secure Aid

The personnel were armed with batons and no firearms. Hamas members killed some of them during the operation.

Palestinian Authority Submits Bid for Full UN Membership

The United States has indicated that it will block the move in the UN Security Council.

Blinken to Abbas: US ‘Looks Forward’ to Engaging with New PA Government

Secretary of State Blinken "underscored the U.S. commitment to the realization of the creation of an independent Palestinian state with security guarantees for Israel."

‘Revitalized’ PA Includes Brazen Terror Supporters

The Palestinian Authority has announced a new government as part of its fulfillment of the U.S. demand that it “revitalize” ahead of taking power...

Hebron Arab Neutralized after Stabbing 3 in Gan Yavne Gym

The terrorist tried to attack the inspector, and was shot several times by the policeman.

PA to End ‘Pay for Slay’ Payments Soon, US Official Tells ‘Politico’

A senior Biden administration official told the publication that there has been “a great deal of work” behind the scenes on the “pay-for-slay” program, “and the progress is encouraging.”

Increased Terrorist Attacks by US Trained PA Security Officers as Biden Dreams of Reforming...

Fatah posted videos of terrorists abducting and abusing Israeli victims while wearing yellow scarves that are identified with Fatah.

White House Launches Campaign to Whitewash Marwan Barghouti

Starting in 2014, Barghouti has been calling for Ramallah to sever its security cooperation with Israel and for a third intifada.

Governor Newsom Stops Short of Inviting PA & Gaza Arabs to Come Over

The governor is not interested in the truth, or reality.

Arab Sharpshooter Who Killed 1, Wounded 6 in Binyamin Was US Trained

The US is investing in PA battalions to increase law and order, but it may also be upping the number of highly-trained Majhad Mansurs out there.

CRAZY Poll: PA Arabs Support Hamas Attack, Want Hamas Rule, Believe Hamas Will Win...

Nearly three-quarters of Arabs in Gaza, Judea and Samaria support the Oct. 7 attack. They also believe Hamas will win the war.

PA Arabs Continue Destruction of Ancient Israelite Village

Sebastia/Shomron is a "hot spot for Palestinian Authority historical revisionism," said the head of Regavim's International Division.


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