Hamas Places Military Checkpoint Near New International Hospital in Gaza

Meanwhile, the PA claims that the hospital is “a crime committed by Hamas against the residents of the PA,” part of a plan to kill the idea of a Palestinian state.

PA News Agency: Israeli Courts Eager Supporters of Arab Evictions

Following Jewish growth (real and imagined) in the liberated territories on WAFA is almost as much fun as following it on Peace Now (Ashkenazi WAFA?).

Palestinian Press Association Calls for Boycott of Al-Quds Newspaper After it Publishes Regavim Advertisement

This was not the first time the Arabic newspaper published ads that “serve the Israeli settlement and occupation policies.”

Jewish Man, 22, Stabbed in Hebron on Shabbat

A force from the Nahal Brigade overtook the terrorist without opening fire.

PA, Hamas Fight in Out in Oman Over Who Really Represents “Palestinians”

No one pulled out the guns and knives yet, but that's always just a matter of time.

Defense Minister Launches Campaign to Reclaim Area C from Illegal Arab Construction

“We are not in the United Nations, we are the State of Israel and our political interest is to seize and settle Israeli territory.”

Terrorist Who Murdered Ari Fuld Hy’d Convicted

"We expect the court to impose a life sentence on the murderer, so he won't be released from prison until the day he dies."

2,370 Arab Terror Attacks Against Jews You Never Heard About in 2019

Some of these were fatal. And mainstream media do not report them.

Erekat Rejects EU Requirement that ‘Palestinian NGOs’ Renounce Ties to Terrorism

Israel released a series of reports exposing ties between supposed human rights organizations and terrorist groups.

Israel Says ‘No Way’ to Malaysian Consuls Passing Through the Country to Ramallah, Gaza

The decision is in response to the Muslim country’s vicious anti-Israel stances and actions.

Internal Hamas Document Implicates Group in Elimination of Senior Islamic Jihad Commander

An internal Hamas document reveals its alleged involvement in the IDF’s assassination of senior Islamic Jihad commander Baha Abu al-Atta in the Gaza Strip in November and exposes the ongoing power struggle between the various Gaza factions.

Europe tells Abbas: Publish Election Date Before Asking Us to Clash with Israel

Europe is unsure if Abbas actually intends to hold elections, and wants to avoid embarrassment and a clash with Israel. Abbas hopes to use Israel as an excuse to cancel the elections idea.

Dictator Abbas Blames Canceling Elections on Eastern Jerusalem Vote

And so, the 85-year old Mahmoud Abbas will soon begin his 16th year on the throne without a vote, and that seems to be just fine with the powers that be in both Ramallah and Gaza.

DM Bennett Signs Seizure Orders on PA Salaries Paid to Israeli Terrorists’ Families

The initial seizures were issued against eight terrorists who are serving long-term sentences for crimes dating as far back as the early 1990s.

US Restores Assistance for Palestinian Authority Security Services, Humanitarian and Civilian Purposes

The United States cut direct funding to the Palestinian Authority in March 2018 under the Taylor Force Act (TFA) for the P.A.’s ongoing program of rewarding terrorists and their families.

Recommendation: Israel Should Tax Israeli-Arab Terrorists’ Palestinian Authority Stipends

In 2018, the PA paid NIS 502 million ($143.7 million) to imprisoned and released terrorists.

Terrorist who Spearheaded PA’s Joining of ICC, in Custody for Deadly Bombing

Jarrar was arrested for her role in the bombing and murder of Rina Shnerb and wounding her father and brother.

Minister Smotrich Calls for Collapsing of PA after ICC Announces Probe Against Israel

Smotrich called on Netanyahu to set a 48-hour ultimatum to the PA to withdraw the complaint, and if it fails to do so “immediately collapse it.”

Prosecutor Bensouda Asking Hague Court to Rule on Indicting Israel for ‘War Crimes’

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo tweeted: "We firmly oppose this unjustified inquiry that unfairly targets Israel."

Israel Captures PFLP Terror Cell that Murdered Rina Shnerb

A large cache of weapons were seized in the apartment of Khalida Jarrar, 56, a Palestinian politician who has risen to become the leader of the PFLP in the PA.

PA Arab Used Jewish Gravestones to Build Public Staircase

"If such a thing had happened in Europe it would have opened all the news editions, but on Mount Olives it barely generates a yawn."

Appalling: The Jewish State Vs. Shema Yisrael on Temple Mount in Court this Week

In 2004, Israel's High Court of Justice ruled that every Jew has the right to go up and pray on the Temple Mount.

Israel Electric Company Cuts Power to PA Over Unpaid Bills

The PA's electric bill debt is currently around half a billion US dollars.

Turkey Offers $1.75M Reward for Info Leading to Capture of Fatah Strongman Mohammed Dahlan

Turkey has forged close ties with Gaza's ruling Hamas terrorist group, which has headquarters in Istanbul. Dahlan is no friend of Hamas.

WATCH: PA Taking Over Greek Orthodox Church Land in Bethlehem

Recently, Fatah activists rioted in the village of Jifna, and then forced Christian-Arabs to pay a Jizyah tax for their "protection".

Report: Trump Weighs Publishing Peace Deal Now Vs. Pushing It Off to 2nd Term

The American peace team must decide now, probably before the end of the year, to run with it, come what may, or stash the deal until January 2021.

EU, Denmark and the PA Inaugurate Two Illegally Constructed Buildings in Area C near...

Israel’s Defense Minister Naftali Bennet recently threatened to demolish any illegal Arab construction in Area C, even if it was funded by the EU.


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