IDF Drone Eliminates Islamic Jihad Terrorist in Jenin

“One martyr and four injuries arrived at Jenin Governmental Hospital."

Israel Slams Palestinian Authority Attempt to Manipulate ICJ to Expel Jews From Judea and Samaria

Among countries to participate in the week-long hearings are the United States, China, Russia, South Africa and Egypt. Israel sent written testimony.

PA Used $280 Million Sent by Israel to Pay Terrorists

Under the P.A.'s "pay for slay" policy, Ramallah disburses monthly salaries to terrorists and their families.

PA Arabs Carjack Far-Left Activist’s Vehicle in Jordan Valley

Hagar Gefen came to "protect" Arab shepherds from alleged "settler violence" in the area.

Biden Trying to Bypass the Taylor Force Act to Save a Bankrupt Palestinian Authority

The administration is attempting to circumvent the Taylor Force Act, which prohibits direct contributions to the Palestinian Authority.

Financial Times: Palestinian Authority 2 Weeks Away from Bankruptcy

The PA declared that Smotrich “has no right and does not have any authority to interfere with the funds of the Palestinian people and the ways in which they are spent."

White House Protecting Thousands of Illegal PA Arabs from Deportation

“Give me your killers, your rapists, your baby beheaders yearning to wade in Jewish blood…”

It’s On: US and Arab States Pushing Timeline for Palestinian State

Who knew that’s all the Arabs needed to do? Kill a thousand-plus Jews, get a state.

Mahmoud Abbas Eyeing PA Government With ‘Soft Core’ Hamas Figures

60% of PA Arabs in Judea and Samaria want Hamas to continue to run Gaza, not the PA.

Netanyahu Says Biden ‘Clear, Focused’ in Conversations Since Oct. 7

President Joe Biden told reporters that he believes Israel's operations in Gaza are "over the top."

65,000 Foreigners to Replace PA Arab Construction Workers

Before Oct. 7, more than 95,000 PA Arabs worked in Israel's building sector.

Bank Leumi Bows to US, Freezes Accounts of Sanctioned Israeli

"Part of that message is not just to the Government of Israel, but also to . . . let them know that the United States Government is watching and will take action."

Biden Signs Executive Order Against Jewish Settlers Who Won’t Sit Down and Be Murdered

The four victims of Biden's flammable rage are David Chai Hisdai, Einan Tanjil, Shalom Zicherman, and Yinon Levy.

US Leaning on Israel to Drop Foreign Manpower Providers, Keeping PA Workers Option Open

It may only a matter of time before Netanyahu gives in to pressures from contractors and the US and ignores his right-wing ministers who object to letting in PA Arab workers.

PA-Bordering Mayors Warn Knesset Committee the Terrorists Are Only Half a Mile Away

For Yuval Arad, head of the Kokhav Ya'ir Tzur Yigal Local Council, the trauma of October 7 remains extremely vivid.

UK FM Cameron Mulling Recognizing a Palestinian State to Make It Inevitable

To put it bluntly: what the Arabs need to do to get themselves a Palestinian State is raid Israel and pick up as many hostages as they can.

Watch: Disguised as Doctors and Patients, IDF Eliminates 3 Terrorists in Jenin Hospital

“This is another example of terrorist organizations' ridiculous use of the civilian environment and hospitals as human shields.”

UNRWA Staff Participated in Be’eri Massacre, Kidnapping—report

One UNRWA worker is accused of kidnapping a woman, while another is charged with taking part in the Kibbutz Be'eri massacre.

Axios: Arab Officials Meet in Riyadh to Hand Gaza Over to ‘Revitalized’ Palestinian Authority

The Saudi, Egyptian, and Jordanian security officials said the Palestinian Authority must undergo substantial reforms to reinvigorate its political leadership.

PA Spox Says Ramallah Prepared to Hand Over Power to Hamas

The P.A. is "prepared to hold general elections, and if Hamas wins, the president will hand over the Authority."

Senate, House Democrats Push Palestinian State

Forty-eight of 100 lawmakers in the upper chamber joined the call.

Red Cross Compares Captured Gazan Terrorists to Israeli Hostages

"Since October 7, Israel has suspended visits to the Palestinian prisoners in the prisons. At the same time, Hamas has so far not allowed visits to the abductees it is holding. This is unacceptable."

US: Prosecute Israeli who Killed PA Arab-American Rock-Thrower

His mother noted that he regularly attacked Jewish drivers in the area of Wadi Haramiya.

14 Israelis, including IDF Officers, Arrested for Selling Entry Permits to PA Arabs

They are facing charges of receiving articles fraudulently, bribery and collusion in the bribery of a public servant, violation of the prohibition of money laundering, and extortion using threats.

Israel Expands Quota of Foreign Agricultural Workers

Israeli workers who might have filled the gaps have been called up for military reserve duty.

Israel Agrees to Transfer to Norway Frozen PA Funds Earmarked for Gaza

The deal is meant to keep the money out of Hamas's hands while also reducing U.S. pressure on Jerusalem.

Coalition & Opposition Propose Unprecedented Penalties to Employers of Illegal Arab Vagrants

8 years in prison and a $60,000 fine to an employer whose vagrant employee commits an act of terrorism.

Report Documents Over 2,600 Terror Attacks in Judea and Samaria Since Oct. 7

There were 127 reports of gunfire since October, compared to under 100 shootings in 2022.


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