Court Rebukes IDF Civil Administration: Doubtful It Took Effective Enforcement Against Illegal Arab Structures

"With each passing day, the citizens of the State of Israel are losing more and more state lands, the price of which we all pay."

2 Inebriated Israeli Women Rescued from Super Dangerous Refugee Camp Saturday Night

Al-Amari is considered one of the most dangerous "refugee camps" in the PA, the kind that security forces prefer not to enter if they can help it.

PA Devises New Way to Pay Terrorists

"Every prisoner or Martyr will be given an ATM card that will enable it to go and withdraw [salaries] at any time, day or night – this will make things easier for them."

And Now for Something Completely Different: Awarding Khan Al-Ahmar’s Squatters Israeli Passports

Moving them to the foot of Mt. Masada could solve a major dilemma for the left-right, Lapid-Bennett coalition.

Lapid Asking AG to Postpone Evacuation of Illegal Outpost Khan al-Ahmar

Sadly, in the current political reality, it's more likely that the Lapid-Bennett government would continue to kick this can further and further down the road.

Concern in Israel and US over Future of PA When Abbas Exits

Hady Amr is worried about the poor state the PA is in, and it might even cease to exist.

Nir Barkat Drafts Bill to Stop Biden from Reopening US Consulate to the Palestine...

Another step by the Biden administration to reverse the successes of the Trump administration in the Middle East.

Palestinian Authority Blocking UN-Qatar Aid to Gaza

Under the plan, "Qatari grant funds will be transferred through the United Nations to be distributed to poor families in the Gaza Strip."

With Another Senior US Official Visit to the PA, a Resumption of ‘Peace’ Talks...

Jordan and Egypt have been working behind the scenes in recent months and since the entry of Joe Biden into the White House, to bring about a political, Israeli-Palestinian Authority summit under the auspices of the Quartet and an international conference.

Zionist Activists Restore Defaced Memorial of Terror Victim

Shok, who was survived by his wife and five children, was murdered in a shooting attack while driving home.

Revealed: Mahmoud Abbas’s Preconditions for Negotiations with Israel

According to Ya'ari, the folks in Ramallah have worked out a list of 14 demands that they think are practical and applicable.

Police Detain Yehuda Glick on Suspicion of Smuggling Illegal Arab

Mothers, tell your children not to follow Yehuda Glick's example.

Palestinian Authority Introduces New Way for Terrorists, Families to Get Cash

Those receiving funds will receive cards for withdrawing money from the P.A. postal bank using ATM machines.

Hamas Demands Its Members be Added to List of Families Supported by Qatari Grants

The PA has no way to determine who in Gaza actually receives the Qatari money.

Israel to Canada: Ensure Your Aid to PA Arabs Not Used for Terrorism

Canada has previously withheld aid from the Palestinian Authority following its conduct of paying stipends to terrorists and their families.

High Court Heeds Regavim’s Petition, Enforces Demolition of Invasive Arab Structure in Archaeological Site

Only after Regavim had issued another warning did the Civil Administration forces arrive at the invasion area on Wednesday and demolish the building.

5th Day of PA Arab Protests Could Lead to Ouster of Mahmoud Abbas and...

Hamas is also turning up the heat, hoping to one day seize control of the West Bank from Fatah as it did in Gaza.

Adalah Condemns PA for Killing of Political Opponent

Nizar Banat was arrested in Hebron by PA security forces over the weekend and tortured to death. He died less than an hour after he was arrested.

Israeli Court Asked to Help the PA Catch Arabs Who Sell Land to Jews

The Jerusalem District Court accepted Abu Yaakob's affidavit, which had been given after his torture in a PA dungeon.

Left-Wingers Grieving over Adams’ Projected Win Because He Loves Israel

There's no doubt Mondoweiss and the American left are angry. They were sure AOC's choice for Mayor, Wiley, would win the race.

PA Arabs Raging over Death of Leading Abbas Critic in Security Forces’ Custody

"A force from the security services arrested him at dawn today, and during the arrest his health deteriorated."

Anti-Abbas Activist Dies in Palestinian Authority Police Custody

The family of Nizar Khalil Mohamad Banat claims he was killed by the PA’s security members during his interrogation.

PA Prime Minister Stays Away from Beita Protests after Threats from Local Residents

Arab residents of Beita have been busy attacking the Jewish community of Evyatar.

Idaho Republican Still Standing between Ramallah and Biden’s Promised $50 Million

Senator Risch is one of those dyed in the wool American friends of Israel who are occasionally angrier than Israelis and Jews are over the offenses directed at them.

Report: 3 Countries Approached Israel to Buy Vaccines Rejected by the PA

The PA government is yet to explain the contradictory statements issued by its health ministry.

Family Reunification Law Weaponized Against Bennett’s Government

There's no chance the opposition bill will be accepted any time soon (not by a Likud-led government, either).

PA Minister Held Up by Hamas for 3 Hours at Gaza Border

It is not clear why Hamas detailed the Ramallah government minister.


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