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January 22, 2017 / 24 Tevet, 5777

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A Lame Duck With Unfinished Business

Wednesday, May 18th, 2016

There are troubling signs that in the waning days of his presidency, Barack Obama may be ready to make one last all-out push for a Middle East settlement at Israel’s expense.

For better or worse, Mr. Obama has made what in his eyes are major breakthroughs in problem areas that have eluded his predecessors for decades. Immigration, health care, trade, Cuba, and Iran come immediately to mind. But together with Russia, North Korea, and China, the Middle East is an area where he has come up decidedly short in terms of what he had hoped to accomplish from the outset of his presidency.

Significantly, though, there is precious little leverage the president has with Russia, North Korea, and China. Not so with Israel, which is vulnerable to U.S. pressure. So while he may be resigned to having failed to move events involving Russia, North Korea, and China, Mr. Obama seems disinclined to give up on the Middle East.

There has been speculation for weeks now that the president intends to substantially reduce the heretofore extraordinary level of U.S. military aid to Israel that has until now characterized Mr. Obama’s time in office.

According to sources cited by the Wall Street Journal, this would be part of a White House effort to reenergize negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians that would include unprecedented administration support for a UN resolution outlining steps toward an agreement between Israel and the Palestinians and would call on both sides to make specific compromises on key issues.

Another initiative said to be under consideration is U.S. support for a joint statement by the Quartet critical of Israel’s settlement policy.

Particularly disturbing was a speech Vice President Biden recently delivered to J Street in which he spoke of “overwhelming frustration” with the Israeli government and said:

I firmly believe that the actions that Israel’s government has taken over the past several years – the steady and systematic expansion of settlements, the legalization of outposts, land seizures – they’re moving us and more importantly they’re moving Israel in the wrong direction.

To be sure, Mr. Biden also criticized Palestinian leaders for not condemning acts of terrorism against Israelis, but his ultimate point was inescapable: Israeli policies had made peace impossible at this point and Israeli concessions were therefore the key to peace.

The signs are all there: In the waning days of his presidency, Mr. Obama will try to press Israel into locking itself into a process he wants to jumpstart as a means of buffing his foreign policy legacy.

Editorial Board

My Park

Wednesday, February 26th, 2014

I grew up a few blocks from the Ramat Gan National Park, a man made urban park, which isn’t really national, with a nice, little man made lake. It’s only 0.7 square miles, but when I was growing up it was plenty.

Googlemaps screen shot

Googlemaps screen shot

On summer afternoons, my dad would come home early from work and we’d drive over, rent a boat (you had to leave your watch as deposit in the rental booth, to make sure you didn’t steal your boat, which occasionally made it difficult to come back on time).

They made the artificial lake in 1959, and dad and I were regulars there. They also built a restaurant in the middle of the lake (see top picture), which I don’t think ever actually operated. I could be wrong. Throughout my childhood it was just this cement shell you’d circle with your rowboat.

I suppose some ideas need to be thought through better. But the park continues to be a source of safe fun for the locals. It’s gotten more Haredi in recent years, but it’s still as happy as it used to be, I think. I don’t go there much these days, since we live in Netanya. I don’t know if they still rent boats. I should take my daughter one day and check it out.

The local ducks and the cats are very happy.

ducks in the park

Yori Yanover

Arab Donald Duck Tweets for Israel to be ‘Demolished’

Wednesday, August 7th, 2013

An Egyptian radio host who identifies himself as the official voice of Donald Duck on Disney Middle East called on Twitter for Israel to be “demolished.”

The discussion that began Sunday on the Twitter feed of Wael Mansour continued on Tuesday.

“I truly wish #Israel is demolished, I hate Zionism, I have so much hate inside me with every single child they murder or land they seize!” Mansour tweeted Sunday. The tweet followed one that read: “I saw a video of Israeli soldiers brutally arresting a palestinian woman in front of her 3 children coz they seized her home & she objects!” which could explain his Twitter outburst.

Mansour responded to some critics by tweeting: “I don’t know why insulting #Israel & #Zionism is “Anti-Semitic”?! They are just a bunch of Polish/ Ethiopian immigrants roughly 70 years old” and “There are Jews who hate Zionism; does it make them Jews Anti-Jews?! Of course NO! We respect Jews & disrespect Zionism, there’s a difference.”

The Algemeiner called on Disney chairman Bob Iger, who is Jewish, to respond to the controversy. Disney owns the rights to Donald Duck.

Contacted directly via Twitter by the Algemeiner, Mansour told the paper, “The Zionist entity is a racist entity by definition, performing crimes of hate by the power of its criminal law. I stand firm by what I said.”

Mansour said Egypt “dictates an overwhelming Islamic sentiment that happened normally. On the other hand, the Zionist entity is a bunch of immigrants stealing lands and creating a state based on a racist difference.”


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