Salt Formations

Salt formations at the Dead Sea.

Matzah Baking

Matzah baking in Meah Shearim.

Looking for Rosh Chodesh

Muslims look for the crescent moon on the Temple Mount in order to determine the start of Ramadan.

Time to Make the Pita

A woman prepares Druze pita in Birkat Ram, northern Golan Heights.

Ram Calves Born in Arava Nature Preserve Experience their First Rain

To the brand-new ram calves who until this week had known only sunshine and dry sands, the rain was a wonderful surprise.

Watch: Wounded City of David Hero Returns to the Kotel

Despite his serious wounds, Nadav continued to fight and neutralize the terrorist.

Photo Essay: Israelis Prepare for Purim Nationwide

From north to south, laughing, smiling children trooped into schools in every Israeli village, town and city, most of them to the sound of cheerful Purim songs piped through the buildings' speaker system.

Purim or Protest

Dozens of people in the streets of Efrat wearing strange costumes. 

Hashkeidiya Porachat

The almond trees are blossoming.

Time to Make the Torahs

Workers at the 'Achim Chai' factory in Petah Tikva, prepare covers for Sefer Torahs.

OurCrowd StartUps are Not Flying Away

While some leftwing startups claim they are pulling their money out of Israel (and trying to convince others to do the same), at the very impressive OurCrowd summit in Jerusalem...

Snow, Blocked Roads, Sunken Cars: Meet Winter Storm Barbara

Flash90’s Maor Kinsbursky on Tuesday offered a delightful photo essay. Enjoy!

Waiting for the Train

The Carmelit is an underground funicular railway in Haifa, Israel.

Katzrin’s Farmers Market

People shop at a farmers market in the northern Israeli town of Katzrin

One Lonely Little Guy Going Up Against…

Gilad Erdan fights the lonely fight against the global antisemitism that permeates the UN.


A group of Gazelles seen at the Gazelle Valley reserve in Jerusalem

Blue Box Behind the Greening of Israel Turns 122

Filmmaker Woody Allen confessed to stealing money from the JNF box in his anti-Israel NY Times op-ed many years ago.

It’s Time to Make the Tefillin

An Jewish man works on creating and assembling the Tefillin (phylacteries) at Mount Sinai Institute the northern Israeli city of Tzfat, Israel. ...

In 2022, More Than 1,000 Rockets Were Fired at Israel from Gaza

The Iron Dome aerial defense system intercepted 97 percent of the rockets.

Walking the Red Carpet

The new ministers arrive at the President's house and walk the red carpet.

Lost at Sea

Nine shipping containers fell off a cargo ship during the recent storm.

Rare White Wolf Spotted in Israel’s Negev Region

It was a rare sight for residents of the Negev region in Israel when a wolf with striking white fur was spotted roaming the area...

Menorah from Iconic 1931 Photograph Returns to Germany

"This light is a strong societal symbol against hatred," said German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier.

Jerusalem Mayor Lights First Chanukah Candle at Western Wall

"The bravery of the Hasmoneans is of learners in a Beit Midrash who decided to fight for the privilege of living and returning the glory of Israel’s monarchy.”

Festival of Lights

The Winter Lights festival in the Botanical Gardens in Jerusalem.

Huge Hanukah Menorah Set in Place at Western Wall

The Menorah will be the centerpiece of ceremonies taking place each evening of the eight-day holiday which begins this coming Sunday night (Dec. 18).


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