Unique Collection of 130,000 ‘Tweets’ from 19th Century Jerusalem Given to Hebrew U

The postcard collection documents Israel’s history, from the Ottoman Period and British Mandate to the early Pioneers, from the Six-Day War through the early 21st Century.

The Hatzav Is Blooming Everywhere in Israel, It Must Be Autumn

The common hatzav can be found everywhere in Israel and its main use in antiquity was the demarcation of lands and plots.


On Saturday night, Ashkenazi Jews begin saying Selichot. Plus video from the Kotel.

It’s That Time of Year Again — Date Harvest, and More

Grove workers at kibbutzim are out there harvesting those luscious dates, but municipal landscape employees are doing the exact same thing, and even more!

Tel Aviv Mayor Inaugurated the New School Year

The students who arrived in more than 70 elementary and middle schools were greeted by some 200 street performers at the school gates.

Giant Manta Ray Spotted in Eilat Bay

Mantas are the dream of every diver who enters the water, but in Eilat such an observation is rare.

Giant Manta Ray Makes Rare Visit to Eilat’s Coral Bay

Encountering a manta is the dream of every diver who enters the water, but in Eilat such an observation is rare.

First Images from Ofek 16 Satellite Camera, Taken Over Syria

The images show with great clarity the Tadmor World Heritage Site in Syria, the antiquities of the ancient city and the famous Roman theater.

School Children Pamper Coronavirus Staff at Tiberias Hospital

Each member of the medical staff received a personal gift: designer coffee cup filled with chocolate bars.

Tel Aviv Extends Visually Stunning Invitation to UEA Tourists

Six of the UAE's most distinctive and impressive landmarks were sculpted from sand at Tel Aviv's Geula Beach.

Look Who’s Arab American Now

“Beinart strings together an astonishing array of sleights of hand and misrepresentations ... little more than a screed that is an insult to the intelligence of his readers."

Hadera to Ashdod: Israel’s Sharks Commute Daily, Season to Season

University of Haifa marine ecologist describes the unique phenomenon of sharks migrating from human-altered habitats along the Israeli coast.

A River Runs Through It

The Amal Stream running through Kibbutz Nir David in the Beit She'an Valley in northern Israel.

Where are Iran’s Military Forces Located in Syria?

Iran's military forces are spread out over 125 locations in Syria, including on the border with Israel.

Brave Little Turtles Race to the Sea

Were you looking for a respite from the troubles engulfing our planet?

Tel Aviv-Yafo Lights Up Municipality Building with Lebanese Flag

The two explosions were felt as far away as Nicosia, in Cyprus.

Future Lone Soldiers Land in Israel

The majority of the new arrivals hailed from New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Illinois and California.

‘Netanyahu’s Last Supper’ a Protest Display in Rabin Square

Incidentally, the artist Itay Zalait served in the same elite special force, Sayeret Matkal, as Netanyahu.

Everybody Must Get Masked

Netanyahu proved that his sense of humor is intact – not a small matter these days.

Say ‘Ahhhh’

Health care workers take test samples from Israelis to check if they have been infected with the Coronavirus.

Trump with Goya

In today's cancel culture, leftwingers are unhappy that Goya's president praised the US president, and Trump returned the praise.

Coronavirus Simulation, Cue the Extras in 3… 2…

On Thursday, the staff of Ziv Medical Center in Tsfat conducted an exercise simulating the treatment of coronavirus patients at the coronavirus critical care unit.

Escape From Beitar

The exodus from Beitar Ilit on Wednesday morning perfectly showcased the abject failure of the Israeli government to properly deal with the second Coronavirus wave.

Masked Protest for Hadar Goldin and Oron Shaul

Friends of late Israeli soldiers Oron Shaul and Hadar Goldin wear masks as they protest for their release from Hamas captivity, outside the Knesset.


Baby chicks that are on sale at the market in Rafah, Gaza.


Some sinkholes at the Dead Sea.

Presidential Residence Cleansed following Coronavirus Scare

Cleaning was carried out in all offices at Beit HaNasi, including bathrooms and kitchens.

No Entry

A sign in Mea Shearim asking residents of Rehavia (Jerusalem), Tel Aviv and other Red Zones, not enter their neighborhood due to Coronavirus.

First International Dead Sea Photo Competition Attracts Global Attention

Among the 3,500-plus photographers participating in the Israeli-initiated challenge were photographers from the Palestinian Authority, Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.

Harvest Time

Jews harvest wheat before Shavuot.


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