Another Hero Buried

Rabbi Ettinger turned his car around, drove towards the terrorist, and exchanged gunfire with him.

The Jerusalem Marathon 2019

Photos from the Jerusalem Marathon 2019 will be updated throughout the day.

Tsunami Practice

Pictures from the tsunami rescue exercise.

Tel Aviv-Yafo Installs Pavement Lights to Protect ‘Smartphone Zombies’

The curbside lighting is designed to alert texting pedestrians who walk without paying attention to their surroundings while focused on smartphones.

Judaean Desert Looks Majestic in Winter, Too

The Dead Sea has a weaker UVB radiation, and the air has a higher oxygen content as compared to oxygen concentration at sea level.

By the Sea

The HaBonim beach nature reserve in Haifa.

Mission Control

A look inside Israel's mission control center.

Marching for Ori

Hundreds marched from the Ein Yael forest today in memory of Ori Ansbacher.

Meet Zili, the Belgian Shepherd Who Captured Ori Ansbacher’s Murderer

"I heard barking and realized that he had located the terrorist and overpowered him, so that he won't run away."

The Glass Factory

A man crafts glass objects in his glass factory in Hebron.


The Kalaniot (anemone) flowers are blooming in Israel's Shokeda forest.

Storm Cuts Byzantine Wall in Half

Palmachim Beach is one of the few remaining stretches of a wild coastline in the center of Israel.

Roseanne Buddies with Miri Regev in Old City Streets

Anyone out there wants to start a petition? Draft Roseanne to the Knesset?

Sorry, Christians, No Baptism Today – Too Much Water in Jordan River

The baptism site, a.k.a. Qasr el Yahud (Castle of the Jews in Arabic), is the official name of a baptism site in the Jordan River Valley in Samaria.

It’s Good to Be the President: Rivlin Received in Paris by Honor Guard, Military...

The Hôtel national des Invalides is the burial place of Napoleon Bonaparte.

Netanyahu to Control Tower, Come In Tower

Netanyahu literally took the first plane to the new airport in Eilat.

Going Away Present

Gadi Eisenkot gave Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu a core section from a drill used to locate a terror tunnel.

Israel Still Having Lots of Weather

The coming days will see floods in riverbeds and possibly snow in the mountain peaks in different areas.

The Ruhama Badlands

Visitors enjoy Israel's badlands.

Shira Leaves the Hospital

Shira and Amichai Ish Ran were wounded in a terror attack last month near Ofra. Today they went home from the hospital together.

Going Nowhere

The Rafah border crossing between Gaza and Egypt is closed down, after Palestinian Authority forces withdrew their staff in silent protest against Hamas, on...

Fatah Burns Trump’s Coffin

Abu Mazen was showing Trump his displeasure.

Ten Dolphins Visited Eilat Then Crossed Over to Egypt Without Incident

The false killer whale has been known to approach and offer fish it has caught to humans diving or boating.


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