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Jerusalem, Israel
16 Shevat 5779 -
? Monday, January 21, 2019

Going Away Present

Gadi Eisenkot gave Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu a core section from a drill used to locate a terror tunnel.

Israel Still Having Lots of Weather

The coming days will see floods in riverbeds and possibly snow in the mountain peaks in different areas.

The Ruhama Badlands

Visitors enjoy Israel's badlands.

Shira Leaves the Hospital

Shira and Amichai Ish Ran were wounded in a terror attack last month near Ofra. Today they went home from the hospital together.

Going Nowhere

The Rafah border crossing between Gaza and Egypt is closed down, after Palestinian Authority forces withdrew their staff in silent protest against Hamas, on...

Fatah Burns Trump’s Coffin

Abu Mazen was showing Trump his displeasure.

Ten Dolphins Visited Eilat Then Crossed Over to Egypt Without Incident

The false killer whale has been known to approach and offer fish it has caught to humans diving or boating.

Snow on the Hermon

Israelis enjoy the snow on Mt. Hermon.

Lined Up in Teveria

Chabad Tzedaka boxes in Tiberius.

Praying for Netanel Felber

Soldiers, Civilians and Rabbis pray at the Kotel for the recovery of IDF soldier Netanel Felber,

Rainbow Over Givat HaEitam

A beautiful rainbow shines over Givat HaEitam in Efrat, where local residents are building a new neighborhood in memory of Ari Fuld.

Rona Ramon

The late Rona Ramon (L), widow of Israeli astronaut Ilan Ramon.

Clowns Take Over Israeli Maternity Ward

The medical clowns Florina and Dr. Till came to spend a morning of laughter and conversation about pregnancy, the experience of childbirth, and post-natal emotions

Looks Like Rain

Netanyahu keeps an eye our for the impending rain storm.

Dangerous Balloons

A string of balloons (not the explosive kind) got stuck on the high-voltage line of the Jerusalem light rail.

Chanukah Parade

The Unity Parade in Jerusalem celebrating Chanukah with large floating balloons, just like the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.

First Night

Chanukah candle-lighting around Israel.

Top Commando

PM & DM Netanyahu visited an IDF Commando exercise.

Murals in Talpiot

Murals on buildings in Talpiot, Jerusalem, painted as part of the Walls Festival.

Shabbat Shalom

Sunset in the Ashkelon Marina.

Austria’s Chancellor Kurz Awarded ‘Navigator of Jerusalem’ Prize

“We are delighted that Austria-Israel relations are blossoming today under the Chancellor’s leadership."

Remembering Prime Minister Golda Meir

"She led the nation decisively and firmly ... I must praise her."

Mount Zin

Mount Zin and the Zin Valley in the Negev.

Rocket Damage

Some photos from the damage caused by the Gazan rockets launched at Israel over the past few days.


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