Happy Purim from Yotvata Hai-Bar Nature Reserve

Endangered and locally extinct animals mentioned in the Bible are bred here for possible reintroduction into the Negev desert.

Ancient Western Wall Stones Protected by Preservative Injections Ahead of Passover Prayers

“The Western Wall is a unique ecological environment that supports its own life forms.”

Autopsy on Whale’s Carcass Raises Suspicion of Death by Oil Pollution

Materials derived from oil pollution were found in the autopsy and were transferred for testing.

Israel to Temporarily Replace National Anthem with ‘Let It Snow, Let It Snow’

This year, it appears the snow will stick around only through Thursday night when heavy rains will sweep the streets.

Golan Heights Cloaked in White, Forecasters Say Jerusalem is Next

Families with children made plans for snowball fights, snow sculptures and in some more enterprising homes, “snow cones.”

MDA Deploys Emergency All-Terrain Vehicles Across Israel

The drivers were trained in the safe operation of the vehicle, driving in off-road conditions, and operating the vehicle with a patient on board.

Presidents’ Day Message from Holocaust Survivor: Reintroducing Morris Katz’s Historic Presidential Collection

As America celebrates Presidents’ Day, one man and his life’s work gives us an appreciation of what the presidents meant to him – and should mean to all of us.

Security Cameras Installed at Springs Throughout Gush Etzion

The Gush Etzion security department will be able to monitor the springs and warn visitors of any dangers

President Rivlin Plows through the Snow to Visit IDF’s Alpinist Unit on Mount Hermon

“The peaks of the Hermon are not snowy all year round, but the threats we face are a constant presence."

Tel Aviv Municipality Launches Vaccination Station in Poor Area Populated by Aliens

As befits a slum, life is not safe in today's Neve Sha'anan, but at last, the locals will be safe from the raging pandemic.

Who’s a Good Osprey? Look at the Big Fish She Caught

Lots of these magnificent hunters live in the trees around the pools.

Lupine Hill

View of Lupines blooming at the Lupine Hill, in Emek ha'Ela.

Incinerated by Gaza Balloons in 2020, Gvar’am Preserve Is Afire with Red Blossoms

Last summer, the preserve, which boasted a magnificent forest, was destroyed as a result of incendiary balloons that were launched from terrorist squads in the Gaza Strip.

Violence in Jerusalem

Dozens of residents threw stones and objects at vehicles passing by, and also blocked traffic on the nearby highway using trash bins.

Stunning Winter Landscape at Migdal Tsedek National Park

In the 19th century, an Arab village called Majdal Tzadek was established on the site, named after the local ruler Tzadik Gama'ini.

Israelis Remember Sheldon Adelson

Rest in peace, brave and kind friend.

Magen David Adom Launches Second Vaccination Phase for Elderly

The second vaccine will be given to all residents and employees of senior accommodations throughout the country.

Somebody Tell the NY Times: Rabin Square Mass Vaccination Center to Start Action Monday...

On Friday, the NY Times praised Israel's unparalleled record in vaccinating its people.

Hamas, Islamic Jihad Kick Off Large-Scale Military Exercises with Other Terror Groups

Amphibious beach landings, drones, rockets... everything you need for a large-scale terror attack.

Israel’s Drive-Up Ballot Box for Coronavirus Voters

Israel has introduced drive-thru balloting and other special voting set-ups to service voters who are unwell or who are under quarantine.

Burger, Fries and a Prime Minister: Drive-Thru Voting Stations for Corona Times

“It’s our wish . . . to provide all eligible voters with the opportunity to vote, but we will do this while taking all possible precautions to safeguard the public’s health."


It's not quite normalcy in the outdoor Mamilla mall in Jerusalem, but there are people walking around and shopping... at least until the coming lockdown.

Who Are All these Santas And Why Are They Playing Volleyball on Tel Aviv’s...

The first Hebrew city's reputation as a hub of outdoor activity has been bolstered in the age of Corona.

Rabbi Firer Gets Vaccinated

Rabbi Elimelech Firer's message to the public: Get vaccinated!

President Hands Out Chanukah Jelly Doughnuts (a.k.a. Sufganiot)

Later, after dark, the president lit six Chanukah candles with the men and women of the Valleys Brigade at Metzukei Dragot.

Menorah Table Transforms Tragedy To Miracle In Monsey

An old, heavy coffee-table transformed into a beautiful dreidel-shaped menorah stand now sits not far from the bimah at the shul where, one year ago, a terrorist stormed into the house of the community’s Rabbi hoping to kill as many Jews as he could.

Thank You Mossad

Some brave soul in Tehran hung up a banner across a main road in Tehran...


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