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December 10, 2016 / 10 Kislev, 5777

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Title: In A Good Pasture

Wednesday, January 7th, 2009

Title: In A Good Pasture

Author: Dvora Waysman

Seven people from different parts of the world come together at an Israeli absorption center, to learn Hebrew and about life in their new country.  We meet them in the newest book by Dvora Waysman, In A Good Pasture (Mazo publishers).The absorption center is in Nazareth Illit and the author tells us that it is in this same place that she and her family spent the first five months of their Aliyah, many years ago. But she is quick to inform us that, notwithstanding the authentic setting, the book is a work of fiction.Lola and Ronald from England, Lee from America, Anna from Shanghai, David from South Africa, Jose from Spain and Freda from Australia, are as different as the countries they hailed from, and everyone a story in themselves.

Beautiful aristocratic Lee; why did she leave Las Vegas and New York for Israel?

Lola didn’t leave anything to the imagination, talking and laughing incessantly, the total opposite of her largely silent husband Ronald.

Anna, withdrawn and bearing the weight of a survivor on her shoulders, wore her loneliness on her sleeve.  Handsome David from South Africa was a typical playboy.  What brought him to Israel?

Freda was a little naive but very anxious to learn.  Jose a first class gentleman was the hardest to fathom.  What secrets lay behind his brooding visage?

As the story unfolds we become very caught up in the lives of each one − and without our even realizing it the land of Israel is unfolding before us, and we see it through the loving eyes of the author.  The Galilee, the Israeli coast and then Jerusalem, ah Jerusalem, what magic Dvora Waysman weaves.In A Good Pasture has the intrigues and pathos that one finds whenever real life situations are involved, and the reader’s attention will be held until the last page.


Dvora Waysman is an Australian-born writer now living in Jerusalem. She is the author of 10 books including The Pomegranate Pendant soon to be a movie; she is a syndicated columnist and a teacher of Creative Writing. She is also the grandmother of 18 Israeli children.  Her new novel In as Good Pasture will be published this year. Her e-mail: ways@netvision.net.il; website: www.dvorawaysman.com

Naomi Klass Mauer

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