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April 19, 2014 / 19 Nisan, 5774
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NY Haredi Children Protest IDF Service as ‘against Our Religion’

Thursday, July 11th, 2013

Elementary and middle school students in a New York Haredi Orthodox school demonstrated against an Israeli bill aiming to draft Haredim into the Israel Defense Forces,  JTA reported Thursday.

The children’s learned anti-Zionist rabbis lectured their prodigies as they held signs that compared the Zionist government with their historical equals – Hitler, Pharaoh and the Roman military commander Titus who led the invasion of Jerusalem during the Second Temple period. How fitting for the current period in which Jews mourn the destruction of the First and Second Holy Temples.

Nothing like spreading a little bit of hate to keep God further away.

Of course, these children are not taught to hate,. Their rabbis teach them that Israel’s draft of Haredi youth is against the Jewish religion.

JTA reported, “In Israel, they have a government that is against religious freedom, and because of that, we want to explain to the children that it is against our religion and we are not with” Israel, said ninth-grade teacher Rabbi Moshe Kaplan, according to Mid-Hudson News. “There is separate Zionism and Judaism. They are not the same thing. We are Jewish and they are not Jewish.”

Having wiped out 6,00,000 Jews in one sentence, these teachers really can say they are the only Jews left in the world. Obviously, Reform and Conservative Jews are not Jewish in their eyes, and it would take more than a few thumbs in the air to expound twisted Talmudic logic for them to convince themselves that modern Orthodox Jews, those terrible Zionists, also are not part of the fold.

A true Jew, especially those living in Israel, is one who beats a Haredi soldier. Just ask the reliable Neturei Karta leader Israel Meir Hirsch.

Obviously, a Haredi soldier is a robber. You didn’t know that?

Here is the reasoning:

“It is the same as if a robber came into your own house would you not protect it? If you see a robber in your house would you go ask a rabbi whether to attack or remove the thief? Of course not. These soldiers are thieves, as they are stealing the Orthodox-Jewish identity. There is no distinction between a religious and a secular soldier. Haredi soldiers are on the threshold of becoming totally secular, even if they pray and wear tefillin 10 times a day.

“There is a consensus in Meah Shearim to deny access to all those who try to harm us,” Hirsch said.

Hirsch is brave with his word, but he was not on hand to join the ambush of the Haredi soldiers who was pummeled with rocks on Wednesday until riot police rescued  him.

Why should he do the dirty work? There are plenty of children out there who are taught to do that.

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