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Modern Day Heroes (Part I)

15 Adar 5769 – March 11, 2009
We live in very scary economic times. Many people have lost their jobs and are having difficulty finding other ones. This is causing families to lose their homes, unless they can find new means of making money in order to pay their mortgages. Retooling and leaving professions or jobs is difficult for everyone. Well spouses and the working chronically ill have less flexibility than most, as they are limited by their illness or the care-giving responsibilities.

Men As Caregivers

8 Adar 5769 – March 4, 2009
I have often written my column about women and their experiences as caregivers. It was not my intension to exclude men, however most support groups I attended were either entirely or mostly made up of women. So naturally, I tend to see things from a woman's perspective.

Being A Well Spouse Is An Emotional Paradox

13 Tishri 5768 – September 25, 2007
As the years go by, and your spouse gets worse, and your life gets harder, well spouses often live with emotional paradoxes.

The Children’s Dynamic

21 Iyyar 5767 – May 9, 2007
As well spouses, we know the effect of chronic illness on ourselves. We know how it robs us of our dreams, our future, even our identity.

Self Delusion And The Need For Plan B

24 Adar 5767 – March 14, 2007
What is normal? It really can be anything we get used to.

Testimonials – A Husband Speaks

26 Iyyar 5766 – May 24, 2006
Recognition of well spouses has come a long way since I first began writing about them.

The Power Of Love (Part II)

12 Elul 5765 – September 16, 2005
Marriage, by contrast, is an institution of close, complementary cooperation. Its success or failure depends upon the the couples, ability to work together as a TEAM. However, in order to accomplish this, we first have to understand that in marriage we carry our own emotional baggage along with us — some good and some, not so good. The not-so-good seems to stand out a lot more.


25 Nisan 5765 – May 4, 2005
My generation, for the most part, had a very strong work ethic. It came, perhaps, because many of us grew up as children of immigrants and we inherited it from our parents.

Special Occasions

26 Adar II 5765 – April 6, 2005
Birthdays, anniversaries, life cycle events are all times we look forward to.

How Heavy Is A Glass Of Water?

12 Adar II 5765 – March 23, 2005
This e-mail came across my desk. It was written by that famous writer known as "unknown author."

Please Place Brain In Gear Before Operating The Mouth

3 Tevet 5765 – December 15, 2004
None of us would deliberately hurt our friends. We would not tell jokes about the blind to a blind person or to a relative of a blind person.

The Aguna-In-Waiting

25 Kislev 5765 – December 8, 2004
A Get (Jewish divorce) must be given freely and received freely. A man must be able, in front of two witnesses, to indicate his willingness to divorce his wife.

Coping With Depression – The Holistic Alternative

26 Heshvan 5765 – November 10, 2004
Last week I wrote about well spouses who eventually chose to get a physicians help with the problems they were having coping, with their partners' chronic illness.

Making Lemonade The Positive Memories

29 Elul 5764 – September 15, 2004
I just got off the phone with my oldest grandson. He is four.

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