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Foreign Policy Of The Absurd

If Iranian-Israeli relations are ever to improve, will the miracle originate amongst policymakers and trickle down to the masses, or will civilians grow so tired of the conflicts that they insist upon crafting their leadership in their own pacifistic image? This question is of course well above the pay grade of a column on Jewish arts, but it is central to Motti Lerner's "Benedictus," in a limited run at Theater J at the Washington DC JCC.

Saying Hello Once Again, To Sholom Aleichem: Theodore Bikel Revives Tevye

Generally, sequels are best avoided. It should not have taken three remakes to prove that the first "Planet of the Apes" was more than enough, and the movie-going public would have been far better off without repeats of films like "Legally Blonde" and "Weekend at Bernie's."

A Regal Silhouette: King David The Musical

Light and shadow typically assume moral implications in literature, where light is often divine and dark symbolizes the unknown and the scary.

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