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January 22, 2017 / 24 Tevet, 5777

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Netanyahu Summons US Ambassador to Israel, Dan Shapiro, For ‘Clarification’

Sunday, December 25th, 2016

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reportedly summoned U.S. Ambassador to Israel Dan Shapiro for “clarifications” on Sunday, the first day of Chanukah and also Christmas Day; a legal holiday in the United States but not here in Israel.

It is an unprecedented move by the prime minister, one that reflects just how angry he is over the betrayal by the United States on Friday for its abstention in a vote that enabled the unanimous passage of the anti-Israel Resolution 2334(2016).

Netanyahu warned fellow Likud ministers at a closed-door session on Sunday morning, “The issue is still hot, and we haven’t heard the end of this yet.” The prime minister said he believes it is possible the U.S. will seek another vote in the UN Security Council to set forth more “detailed parameters” based on Secretary of State John Kerry’s “vision” for a Middle East peace agreement, according to a report Sunday night by Israel’s Channel 2 television news.

Netanyahu said, “Don’t come out now with statements about annexing territory and building in the settlements, because there may be another international move before the change in the U.S. administration on January 20.” A number of lawmakers, including several from the Bayit Yehudi party, have made public statements in response to Friday resolution that now is the time to annex Area C and extend Israeli sovereignty over parts of Judea and Samaria, in response to the vote.

The prime minister maintains that Friday’s abstention at the UNSC vote was personally ordered by U.S. President Barack Obama. The move broke with a long-standing tradition of diplomatic protection for Israel by America in the international forum of the UN Security Council, where Israel has had few friends it can count on.

Now it is clear that for now — at least until January 20 — Israel has none.

Meanwhile, Netanyahu ordered the Foreign Ministry to summon the ambassadors of all 12 nations with whom Israel has had diplomatic relations and who cast their ballots against the Jewish State in that vote. Ten ambassadors – in two cases, deputy ambassadors since their seniors were not in the country – were ordered to show up at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Sunday, where they were severely reprimanded by the Israeli ministry heads of departments for their regions, spokesperson Emmanuel Nachson said.

The prime minister already recalled Israel’s ambassadors to Senegal and New Zealand for “consultations” – both nations were involved in sponsoring the resolution together with Venezuela and Malaysia, with whom Israel has no diplomatic ties.

He also canceled visits in Israel for the non-resident ambassadors from Senegal and New Zealand, an upcoming visit by the Senegalese foreign minister, and a state visit that was scheduled for this week by Ukraine’s Jewish prime minister, Volodymyr Groysman as well.

In addition, Netanyahu ordered the Foreign Ministry to cut all aid programs to Senegal, and canceled NIS 30 million in funding for five UN institutions which he said Saturday night are “particularly hostile to Israel.”

Hana Levi Julian

Netanyahu Says Israel Will ‘Overcome’ UN Resolution, Will Also Stop Funding UN Agencies

Sunday, December 25th, 2016

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told participants at a Chanukah lighting ceremony for wounded IDF soldiers, disabled veterans and terror victims on Saturday night that Israel is “reevaluating its ties with the United Nations.” He also said the Jewish State would “overcome” the anti-Israel condemnation, Resolution 2334 (2016), passed unanimously Friday by the UN Security Council with the assistance of the United States.

“The resolution … is distorted and disgraceful, but we will overcome it,” the prime minister said. “The resolution determines that the Jewish Quarter (in Jerusalem) is occupied territory. It determines that the Western Wall, the Kotel, is occupied territory. There is no greater absurd than that,” he said.

Netanyahu pointed out that the last U.S. president who was vindictive enough to allow such an anti-Israel resolution to pass at the UN Security Council had been former President Jimmy Carter, who until today maintains that Hamas is not a terror organization.

Netanyahu commented that Carter was a “particularly hostile president to Israel… Carter passed similar sweeping resolutions against us at the UN and that didn’t succeed either,” he said. “We objected to it, and nothing happened.

“All of the U.S. presidents after Carter met the American commitment not to try and dictate to Israel at the Security Council conditions for a final-status agreement. And yesterday, in complete contradiction of this commitment—including a specific commitment made by President Obama himself in 2011—the Obama administration carried out a disgraceful anti-Israeli underhanded move at the UN,” he said.

“Not only does the resolution not promote peace – it pushes it further away,” he added, vowing to “cancel” this resolution “just as we rejected the UN resolution that equated Zionism with racism… It took a while, but that decision was canceled. It’ll take time, but this decision will be canceled as well, not by concessions from us, but by us, and by our allies standing firm.

“Here on the eve of Chanukah I stand next to the modern-day Maccabees – IDF soldiers and wounded soldiers. I salute you and say this clearly: Light will banish the darkness.

“The spirit of the Maccabees will come out on top.”

Hana Levi Julian

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