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September 2, 2014 / 7 Elul, 5774
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You’ve been taken from me my child
Though maybe it wasn’t your choice,
I’d rush to fold you in my embrace
If once more I’d hear your voice.


You’ve been taken from me my child
And every single day,
I feel salty tears slide down my cheeks
As for your return I pray.


You’ve been taken from me my child
Your presence I now lack,
If only I could find you child
I’d quickly take you back.


You’ve been taken from me my child
To a land you do not know,
But come to the place you do recognize
Child, please come home.


You’ve been taken from me my child
I’ve been alone for many years,
That you will never return
Is my deepest hidden fear.


You’ve been taken from me my child
And you forever I will seek,
I’ll cross the mightiest ocean
And climb the highest mountain’s peak.


You’ve been taken from me my child
And I would steal the moon,
If I knew it would bring you back;
I’d do anything for you.


You’ve been taken from me my child
I’ve cried so many tears,
Let me see you one more time
Please don’t disappear.


You’ve been taken from me my child
And I feel such great remorse,
Would you have left, my child
If I had used a little more force?


You’ve been taken from me my child
When will we be together?
If I could have you for but a moment
I’d cherish that moment forever.


You’ve been taken from me my child
And I’m being torn apart,
Give me back what is rightfully mine
Give me back my heart.


You’ve been taken from me my child
Though we may never be together,
Just know no matter what will be
I will love you forever.


You’ve been taken from me my child
Though my years with you were few,
Know way down deep inside your heart
How much I love you.

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As they fall upon us we go
To the WALL.

Help me and the rest of them
Know what I really mean.

You’ve been taken from me my child
I’ve been alone for many years,
That you will never return
Is my deepest hidden fear.

Are we wealthy, are we paupers?
Are we kings or are we slaves?

Her faith she had to hide,
To find out the king tried
But no answer would ever come from
His wife.

When a child is trembling with fear,
When guns command him to raise his hands in the air
You know beyond a shadow of doubt
The World Has Gone Upside Down.

The voyage is going peacefully
A salty tang in the air,
But when the storm decides to strike
The sailors are unprepared.

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