Photo Credit: DCity / DHotel

Celebrate Sukkos like never before at the new luxury boutique DHotel, located in DCity, Israel’s newest, biggest and most exciting design mall.

Conveniently located just 20 minutes away from central Yerushalayim, and in the opposite direction, 20 minutes from the soothing tranquility of the Dead Sea, the DHotel offers families an unforgettable Sukkos vacation.


Each night of chol hamo’ed at DHotel lights up with a festive simchas beis hasho’eiva. Sing, dance and enjoy the performances from an array of exceptional talents, headlined by acclaimed singer Mordechai Shapiro, who will be a guest of the hotel throughout Yom Tov.

Hungry? Each day of Yom Tov and chol hamo’ed, Chef Lior Revivo prepares his signature culinary delights, designed to suit every taste. Guests are invited to savor the exquisite gourmet cuisine in one of the large spacious sukkos or in a private sukkah.

Keep the kids entertained with a variety of activities. All guests receive free, unlimited access to the DJump action park during opening hours, as well as one-time free entry to Magic Kass, the largest, most advanced indoor amusement park in Israel. As the day unwinds, venture out to the local attractions: rugged jeep tours, the Dead Sea, and breathtaking nature reserves.

With 47 elegantly adorned rooms and suites, DHotel offers tailored options to suit every family’s needs. The hotel is also a beautiful setting for family events.

The magnificent shul and expansive dining room provide a stunning backdrop for bar mitzvahs, sheva brachos, anniversaries and more.

Take advantage of the long chol hamo’ed this year to explore the DCity mall, with its unique, Italian-inspired design and both indoor and outdoor spaces.

Treat yourself to a meal at one of the top Mehadrin restaurants and enjoy the festive atmosphere in the stunning Piazza and surrounding areas.

Don’t miss out on this unique Sukkos vacation. Bookings are going fast! Reserve your place today, while all the options are still available.



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