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Bar Ilan University

In the vibrant heart of Israel, Bar-Ilan University stands out not just as an academic institution, but as a symbol of the country’s dynamic blend of innovation, and cultural richness. For young Jews planning their academic journey, Israel provides a safe, inviting destination, offering not only education, but an adventure. At Bar Ilan, this promise is fulfilled daily, making it a magnet for students from across the globe who are drawn to its cutting-edge programs and the welcoming embrace of Israeli society.

You’re invited to explore Bar Ilan University’s array of programs tailored to international students—ranging from Law and Engineering to Life Sciences and Computer Science, all kicking off with the first year in English. For this considering Aliyah, Bar Ilan offers a seamless transition into Israeli life while maintaining the rigor and excitement of a world-class educational experience.


Bar-Ilan’s approach to student life is holistic. It’s not just about grades; it’s about growing in a place that feels like home. The university’s commitment shines through its open-door policy and robust support system, guiding students through everything from visa applications to mental health services, in English, at a fraction of the cost. This network of support underscores the university’s philosophy: every student matters, every query deserves an answer, and no one navigates their journey alone.

The campus life at Bar-Ilan is as rich and diverse as the country itself. International students find themselves in a melting pot of cultures, ideas, and opportunities, backed by affordable tuition and scholarships that open doors to the future.

But Bar-Ilan’s story goes beyond its campus boundaries. It’s a story of intellectual bravery, where researchers and scholars lead groundbreaking work in fields like neuroscience, nanotechnology, and artificial intelligence. This research prowess not only places Bar-Ilan at the forefront of global academia but also addresses some of the most pressing challenges facing our world today.

Bar Ilan is where academic dreams are nurtured, and the vibrant, storied backdrop of Israel serves as both inspiration and playground. For young Jews and international scholars alike, Bar-Ilan University is not just an academic choice—it’s a gateway to a world of possibilities, all unfolding in one of the most fascinating countries on the planet.

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