Photo Credit: KoChef

Coronavirus is turning out to be a disaster for not just the regular tourist industry, but also for some overseas Passover programs, especially those that were supposed to take place in what are now heavily infected countries.

As a private chef and caterer, Executive Chef Sara Black and her team of private chefs at KoChef are experienced at organizing, preparing and cooking for Passover in the most unusual locations and difficult and challenging circumstances.


And almost nothing is more stressful than suddenly finding out that your family’s Passover plans have suddenly been canceled and you must spend the Seder and even the entire holiday at home.

Don’t Worry!

KoChef is here for you.

With KoChef you can still have a Passover to cherish and remember forever, without the stress and worry about how you will cook and prepare your Seder and all those meals.

Contact KoChef today, and enjoy your Passover.

KoChef’s Passover services are only available in Israel this year.


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