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I will keep this short because there is not much to say. Tomorrow Amnesty International is going to drop a 211-page report on Israel. I’ve seen an embargoed copy – Israel are right to call Amnesty antisemitic.

There is one key thing you need to know about Amnesty International. About two decades ago, Amnesty threw away its own rule book about activists working in their own backyard. It broke its moral compass and legitimacy into 1000 pieces.


This means that the people who write the reports on Israel are not unbiased, objective researchers casting an eye on the material with a serious eye. Amnesty deliberately finds and employs people with a solid history of anti-Israel activism and then gets them to write the reports.

The product of their work is as predictable and inevitable as it is biased and nonsensical. Israel is an Apartheid state? Come on -an Islamist political party brought about the downfall of Bibi Netanyahu. Go spin your ridiculous Amnesty lies somewhere else!

I did my research into the bias of Amnesty in 2019. Nothing has changed. If you want to read a report today – read that.

I found an Amnesty media manager giving radical Islamic terror organisations PR advice. There was open love for terrorists from Amnesty’s ‘man in Gaza’. And an endless stream of lifelong anti-Israel activists who were employed by Amnesty and sent back into action to write reports on Israel.

Amnesty’s London HQ

The London HQ is not much better. There is a soft Islamist strand running through Amnesty’s activities. They are soft on Pakistan and hard on India. ‘Palestine’ is an obsession. The focus is always predictable and their silence on the persecution of Christians throughout the MENA region is a dead giveaway.

A simple challenge for you. Go draw up a list of the political positions of the Muslim Council of Britain – and then check it against what Amnesty does and does not care about. My report exposed this political bias in a number of Amnesty employees (those that haven’t quit because of Amnesty’s toxic work environment). Several of them even proudly wave the Pakistani flag. Can you imagine Amnesty employing a proud Israeli flag waver? Not in a million years.

The world is full of desperate people who need human rights NGOs to shine a light on their suffering – manwhile Amnesty invests ludicrous amounts in long-winded, non-factual, and demonising reports on the democratic state of Israel. It is sickening.

A call for the destruction of Israel.

If you want to read any of the 211-page report – and I strongly suggest you don’t bother – then just read one paragraph from page 20. It is all you need.

Amnesty apartheid smear call to destroy Israel

It says Israel – by its very existence – is an Apartheid state – and always was. Regardless of government and with no interest in the enemies that lined up or invaded its borders. These people have no interest in what is real. Amnesty’s anti-Israel activists have an agenda – and this report is part of it.

In their report Amnesty International call for the destruction of the Jewish state of Israel. It is aligning Amnesty with Hamas and Hezbollah – who no doubt both received an embargoed copy in advance. The Amnesty report states in no uncertain terms – Jews defending themselves is unacceptable. Amnesty’s report is a pile of….  (Jonathan Hoffman also published a piece exposing some of the key lies within).

Amnesty’s predictable Apartheid smear

Last year B’tselem and HRW created reports suggesting Israel practices Apartheid. This year Amnesty and the UN (coming soon) are at it. Make no mistake this is a coordinated attack on Israel with the aim of delegitimising the Jewish state on the international stage.

To be honest I think both Israel and the other governments of the west are partly responsible. Amnesty is not a human rights organisation anymore – and has not been one for many years. Amnesty’s goal is the destruction of Israel. This is not about criticism of government policy – this is about a foreign politicised and hostile unit – with aims to destabilise Israel. So why do some still treat it with respect?

Yet western media and governments still continue to legitimise Amnesty – because hey – they are not the ones who really pay the price – the Jews are. If any media outlet had a real desire to expose antisemitism – they’d call in Amnesty and demand that it explains its lies and its obsessions. Amnesty spread more antisemitic hate than almost any other organisation in the west.

Don’t feed the trolls

As for the report itself. Don’t make the mistake of arguing over claims, sentences, or paragraphs. Please do not feed the trolls. This is the rabbit hole they want you to fall into. If you start arguing over specifics from a report that in its entirety is an antisemitic document – you’ve already lost. The bottom line is that everyone who matters will ignore this report because it is full of lies – and they all know it.

But the report does give us something. It confirms beyond doubt what I said in my own report on Amnesty in 2019. Amnesty International denies Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish state behind *any border*. It looks at the Jews defending themselves from the genocidal attacks of radical Islamic terror groups – and it wants to deny them the basic right afforded to all people. Amnesty sides with Israel’s enemies.  Amnesty International is an antisemitic organisation – and it is about time everyone was made aware of it.

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David Collier has been writing on the subject of Israel for years and is currently researching anti-Zionist forces on the university campus. During the Oslo years, he coordinated projects between the Israeli government and the Palestinian Authority and published his own newspaper which was printed in Ramallah.