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The more things change, the more they stay the same

I read the headlines and I try to understand. I know what happened. I heard about it here. I saw pictures. I know what happened. And then I go to CNN and I’m speechless.

I know what happened. TEN mortars were fired into Israeli territory from Syria, and Israel responded.


Responded. That means they fired at us and we identified the source of the attack and fired back. Like any normal country, we fired back. We responded.

But CNN doesn’t understand the time table; the chicken or the egg is a discussion they’ve clearly never considered. Ten mortars are as nothing. Instead, CNN covered the incident in their classic manner. The best they could come up with was “Golan Heights: Israel strikes Syrian military”.





WE hit THEM?

Okay, technically it’s true. If you ignore half the facts…if you ignore the IMPORTANT facts. If you ignore the critical facts, the time frame, the order, the logic, the reality. We did indeed hit them…AFTER THEY HIT US.

When I was very little, my sister ran to my father and told him that I’d hit her. Now this may shock you, but it turns out I was a bit of a troublemaker when I was young and so, with little hesitation, my father came and punished me. In tears, I explained that my sister had hit me first.
My father was a bit surprised to hear this. My sister was as much not the trouble maker as I was normally the one to take action first. He confronted my sister, who didn’t lie. Instead, she defended, “yes, but she hit me back!”
We hit them BACK! Even as a five-year old, I knew that the one who hit first was the troublemaker, the one who caused the problem. We hit them back!

If you are CNN and you want to ignore reality, then yes, Israel did in fact strike the Syrian military because…because…OMG because they fired TEN “projectiles”…explosive projectiles over their border at us.

But yes, in the twisted world of CNN, Israel struck the Syrian military. And by the same twisted logic (less the element of antisemitism, bad journalism and anti-Israelism that plagues CNN), the World Trade Center took down two planes. London police killed three men after a car accident and something about a knife. In Manchester, a concert resulted in an incendiary device exploding.

The Boston Marathon security shot and killed one man (who had just set off some bombs, but never mind the details) and wounded another. In Israel, Palestinians are dying right and left in stabbing attacks, explosions, axing, and ramming attacks and yes, Israel attacked the Syrian military.

No, not really. Only in the twisted “reality” that is CNN.


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