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A Soldier’s Mother: A New Soldier, A New Battle

This war that is beginning has perhaps been foretold from the start of time. And I tell you with great sadness that the Jewish people are under attack and there are two main components and one main reason...

Mitzvah of Escorting Our Guests as Performed by the IDF

We’re here in our land. We too are watching. Ultimately, it is our skies, our land, and our job to defend. Thank you for coming and as is our tradition, we escort you above our home, through it, over it, and finally out of it.

Dr. Seuss and the Fall of America

The cat in the hat has left our fair shore, And here we are left, abandoned and poor.

Find the Message

The loss is incalculable. What can we learn?

Kristallnacht: The Night of Broken Glass‏

Today in Europe, Jews were NOT invited to a commemoration of Kristallnacht in a small Swedish town

My Decision – My Vote in Israel’s Elections Tomorrow

May the God of Israel find favor in our new leaders and bless them with wisdom.

The Gift

{Originally posted to the author's blog} Imagine if your grandfather gave you something precious, a legacy from his father. Imagine as well, that before giving...

Open Letter to Oshrat Kotler

Go to the homes of the murderers of the Fogel family. Of Ori Ansbacher. Ari Fuld. Koby Mandell, and so many others. That's where the animals are, Ms Kotler.

A Soldier’s Mother: Here We Fight

How dare those who live on distant shores offer to sacrifice Jerusalem for us. It is MY son on the front line defending this land, defending Jerusalem from the north, as my city defends it from the east. They have no right and more, they do much wrong.

A Soldier’s Mother: Worrying News

Hamas says that our attack on the tunnel was unprovoked. What they mean is - we didn't call them up and tell them that we were going to bomb the tunnel that they were building so that they could attack us

A Soldier’s Mother: Shadows Surround Me, Embrace Me, Escort Me

The popular blogger's revelatory reflection on her third visit to Germany

Not MY Haredim

To the 99% of Haredim who are NOT protesting, I apologize for the insults you have received, for the assumptions made against you. The hatred of those Haredim protesting and rioting does not justify the hatred turned against you.

A Soldier’s Mother: Taking a Knee?

The people of Israel don't "take a knee" -other than to God...not to our flag, our national anthem. Not to a king, a president, a concept. Take a knee? I'd rather America take heart. Have faith, America and be strong. You are a land of justice and freedom and you have so much to be proud of.

A Soldier’s Mother: A Moment of Peace

Will the New Year bring peace? If it does, it will be one person at a time

A Soldier’s Mother: What I Don’t Want to Write About

I wanted to write about. Rosh Hashana has passed and Yom Kippur is approaching - so much to say...but that will wait because today three men were murdered; their families are in shock right now, funerals are being planned.

A Soldier’s Mother: Why Tonight There Will Be No Funerals

How do you return to normal on a day that wasn't supposed to be normal at all? Even as I ask the question, I know the answer. Normal is what we Israelis dream of, pray for, work towards.

A Soldier’s Mother: God’s Law vs. Man’s Law

Two Israeli Temple Mount police broke the law…not Bibi’s law, not man’s law, but God’s law/

A Soldier’s Mother: The Temple Mount and 97 Arabs

Israel, unlike Jordan and unlike the Palestinians, practices freedom of religion and so we allow...read that again...WE ALLOW all religions...well, except Jews...to pray on the Temple Mount.

A Soldier’s Mother: Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem…and Our Sons and Daughters Today

How is it possible that we are expected not to be insulted by their attempts to kill us, while still be expected to understand their insult at having to walk through a metal detector?

A Soldier’s Mother: Laughing at UNESCO

When it gets to be too much, sometimes, you really have to laugh...

A Soldier’s Mother: CNN’s Alternate Reality

CNN covered the incident in Syria's classic manner. The best they could come up with was "Golan Heights: Israel strikes Syrian military".

A Soldier’s Mother: Wonder Woman Died in Jerusalem on Friday

Like Gal Gadot, Hadas Malka was young, beautiful, strong, dedicated to her country. In the movie, Wonder Woman seems to live forever;. In real life, Wonder Woman was killed by a terrorist

A Soldier’s Mother: A Message to Geula and Mea Shearim

But if a soldier of Israel cannot walk safely in your neighborhood, than neither can I.

A Soldier’s Mother: Is Today the Day to Leave England?

The only real question you have today in the UK if you are Jewish is whether today is the day to leave.

A Soldier’s Mother: The Brave and the Heartless

He's so busy hating Israel, he's missing the fact that Muslims kill more Muslims in a single year than Israel has killed in total over more than 70 years.

A Soldier’s Mother: Innocent Palestinian Girl Shot by Israeli Troops in Jerusalem

Know the truth. A terrorist died Sunday in Israel and I'm so grateful she died alone. Know too, that the minute she picked up that knife her destiny was sealed.

A Soldier’s Mother: Bright Days and Dark Days

Documents are surfacing that prove beyond question that the powers that be KNEW by 1942 that 2 million Jews had already been murdered and that Hitler was quite simply conducting a "massacre of Jews".

A Soldier’s Mother: We ALL Have Numbers on Our Hands

In the hours that the Nazis sent our people to the fires, when Mengele was torturing and experimenting, the Allies -and the world-knew and chose not to act.


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