Photo Credit: Courtesy Israel Diaries.
Polluted stream flowing from an Arab village in Samaria, Area C.
Look below to see a photogenic demonstration with dozens of Israelis and Arabs bringing a water container to Arabs “kept thirsty” under the brutal Israeli “occupation” Well, I have news for you. It is not really new news, but news you have likely not read lately, if at all. In fact, it took me some time to discover this information even after I began exploring the academic literature looking for historical context for what is going on now. What is interesting is that even the academic articles discussing the problems with water resource management and policies related to Israel and the Palestinian Authority (PA) write as if history began in 1967. If they were actually to take into consideration historical developments at least between 1967 and the Oslo Accords, it would probably be difficult even for the anti-Israel academics and activists to make the claims they make today as seen in the following Facebook post, for example.

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