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“Initially, I didn’t leave the tank for five consecutive days. My greatest fear was that something would happen to the soldiers. Just the thought that I wouldn’t be able to help a wounded soldier was driving me crazy. When morale was low, I remembered that I had to stay strong for them no matter what.”


“On my last night in Gaza, we suddenly, we heard gunshots and shouting on the radio,” she recounts. “We rushed to the tank and drove a few meters until I saw a wounded soldier on a stretcher. He had been hit by a sniper and his legs were badly wounded. I quickly made a tourniquet and treated his wounds. Within minutes he was taken to hospital by helicopter. I cared for him so professionally and I can never forget it.”

Maor, Yonat and Tamar represent the important roles that women play in Israel’s military – even in the most dangerous situations. These women and others like them were an indispensable part of Operation Protective Edge and the IDF’s effort to defend Israel.





  1. Surely ever Jewish Israeli young woman ( or any other Israeli citizen who wishes to do so ) , on graduating from high school , should be encouraged to do the proper army service as prescribed by the State of Israel.. Just think how many others , who merely do sherut l'umi ( & I am not denigrating the value of that in itself ) could achieve the great contribution to the life of Israel's soldiers and citizens , if she were to have the appropriate training , as these 3 brave , committed and appropriately trained young female chayalot did. I am certain there were others . But , there could be many more, if religiously observant women were not discouraged from doing their army service , as they used to do , with distinction , in the past

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