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Eyal Yifrah (19), Gil-Ad Shayer(16) and Naftali Frenkel (16) , the three Israeli boys are the victims of kidnapping by Hamas terrorists.


If you’d like to follow the Hebrew news, one of the key words you’ll need to know these days is the one for a kidnappingחֲטִיפָה listen and repeat. It comes from the root ח.ט.פ (kh.t.p), which means grabbing or snatching. We saw this root in a happier context a few weeks ago.
The word in context:
יֵשׁ שֶׁאוֹמְרִים שֶׁהַחֲטִיפָה גּוֹרֶמֶת לְעַם יִשְׂרָאֵל לְהִתְאַחֵד.
There are those that say that the kidnapping is causing the People of Israel to unite.
חטיפה is the abstract-noun form of the active-simple verb לַחֲטוֹף listen and repeat to grab, to snatch, or to kidnap.



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Ami Steinberger is founder and director of Ulpan La-Inyan.


  1. At least one of these boys is a US citizen. I suggest that people write to the White House to demand that the US govt do something to free one of its own citizens.
    Over the years, going back to the Olympic massacre in Munich and even earlier, the US govt – whether under Republicans or Democrats – has been inert about Arab atrocities on American citizens who happened to be affiliated in some way with Israel. We’ve seen former Presidents sent to rescue individual Americans from North Korea’s crazy leader, but we haven’t seen any such importance attached by the White House to saving Americans from Arab terrorists.

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