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I had a long day today and finally made it home close to 11 PM.  I had to empty out the little glass bottles in the Chanukiya and fill them with fresh oil and the wick.  Then I said the blessings, lit the candles and sang.

It was worth it.  Such beautiful lights.  I shoot these without the flash, but using “automatic” setting.  My old trusty Cannon 620 is a nice old wise camera.  I can always trust it to adjust itself to the image and lightning.


I had a long day.  I went on an “adventure” with a neighbor.  We checked out the new shopping center in nearby Eli.  I photographed it and plan on blogging about it in the future. Then I went to work and before signing in went to speak to the guy/agent who does the Golan cellphones.  He wasn’t in but he’ll be in tomorrow.  I can’t wait to finish with Pelephone which has taken outrageous and immoral amounts of money from us.  I plan on blogging about that too once we sign with a new company.  Then I went to work, which was hectic but ok.  Afterwards I walked over to the new “simcha hall” to say mazaltov to neighbors whose son got married.  I couldn’t stay, because I’m in my year of mourning for my mother.  After that I caught the bus home and then walked up the hill.

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