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Arab terrorists who have murdered dozens of Jews. The US refuses to free from jail Jonathan Pollard, whose crime was releasing some classified documents.

And can Jews get a fair shake in the United States?

The entire Jonathan Pollard saga is an allegory of Jewish and Israel relations/status with the United States of America.


al·le·go·ry noun \ˈa-lə-ˌgȯr-ē\: a story in which the characters and events are symbols that stand for ideas about human life or for a political or historical situation

I could see George Orwell, author of Animal Farm and 1984, Nineteen Eighty-Four, writing the Jonathan Pollard story as if it was fiction.

So many people, even thirty years after Pollard’s arrest, still consider the USA as Israel’s greatest friend and ally. If a more modern George Orwell-type had written the story as “fiction” thirty-five or forty years ago, people would have considered it unthinkable that:

America would refuse to reveal security information to Israel, although they have a treaty guaranteeing Israel such intelligence information. Israel would have to rely on an American Jew for intelligence information. When that Jewish employed is arrested by the Americans he’s treated worse than any communist spy. The Americans renege on pretrial agreement. That Jew is given a harsher sentence than any enemy spy. The convicted Jew is refused parole, even though he has served a longer sentence than those convicted of more serious security offenses. The convicted Jew is refused parole, even though he is seriously ill.

Pollard, who has been jailed on charges of passing classified information to Israel on regional threats to the country, has suffered multiple health problems over the years, for which he was finally hospitalized in March and underwent a surgery then…Late last month, as Pollard started his 30th year in a US jail, the Parole Board of the US Justice Department rejected Pollard’s parole, with senior US officials involved in the case writing to US President Barack Obama to complain that the decision was “deeply flawed.”They noted that the length of his sentence was unprecedented compared to others who were held on similar charges of spying for an ally nation, and that the legal justifications for the decision were based on clear mistakes. Last Friday with Pollard’s hospitalization the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations Chairman Robert G. Sugarman, and Executive Vice Chairman Malcolm Hoenlein, wrote of “the need for immediate action for his release.” “It is regrettable and inexplicable that the Parole Board denied his application after serving 30 years, much of it in solitary confinement, far beyond anyone accused of a comparable crime,” wrote the two, backing the letter sent by senior officials to Obama…. (Arutz 7)




  1. Unfortunately i have a feeling that he will not ever leave US soil/imprisonment, alive. It also makes one wonder if the U.S. would even be decent enough to allow his body to be sent to Israel for burial either. This is such a disgusting disgrace that he is held so long like this, when others for more serious crimes have been released from prison in a fraction of the time. It almost looks as though the US is becoming the U.N. with its 2 sets of rules. Perhaps we should change the U.S. quote to be "of the person, by the person, for the person" and that person happens to live @ 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

  2. I'm disgusted and ashamed of my US gov for this travesty. US officials have no idea of WHOM they're dealing with. They have a high price to pay for this injustice. The BIBLE describes many times exactly what will happen to people that mistreat GOD'S people…ALL HIS peoples, Jew and Gentile.

  3. We are not surprised when aliens who are in our country attempt to steel our secret information. But when one of our own citizens in a position of trust sells out his own country to a foreign state, we do not tolerate that treachery well. Israelis have some cheek and gall to criticize and complain about the country from whom the information was stolen, when it was Israel which orchestrated the treachery and benefited from the espionage. If I could have my way, the only way he will leave prison is in a prone position.

  4. Obama just negotiated, secretly, with Cuba to obtain the release of a valuable US spy who had been in a Cuban prison for 20 years. Jonathon Pollard has been locked up for nearly 30 years, and yet neither Israel nor the US will make a meaningful effort to free him.

    The continued incarceration of Pollard not only is out of all proportion to many other spy cases – some of them involving spies for very hostile countries – but its very fact serves to damage the US-Israeli alliance by painting Israel as a country whose interests are hostile to the US, more so than Cuba and several other countries whose spies have not been held for so long.

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