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    Just Call Me A Cockeyed Optimist or a Pragmatic Extremist

    I've shocked many friends, real life friends and facebook acquaintances/followers with my enthusiastic support of this proposed unity government.

    “White Privilege” The Big Antisemitic Lie

    That nasty term hides/denies how most Jewish immigrants struggled in their early decades in America.

    Fascists Reject Laws; Take the Streets

    We're now suffering another round of what I call Korach demonstrations meaning that those demonstrating/rioting don't have the same aims other than to destabilize the government. 

    Counting The Omer, Easier Than Calculating End of Corona Lock-down

    Most people can adjust to something difficult when they know how long it will last. But even with all the complicated computations and guesswork the experts have been coming up with, there are too many unknowns to factor in for any accuracy.

    Trump Stepped in It, “Deal?” Bleh ?

    Even if it's better for Israel than all previous proposals, it won't give us PEACE.

    Coalition Politics: How To Banish Avigdor Lieberman to The Sidelines

    Inexplicably, Lieberman has enough followers to keep him in the Knesset with sufficient MKs to stymie every possible coalition.

    Bibi’s Not Perfect, But He’s Not Corrupt

    This anti-Netanyahu coup is not only dangerous for the State of Israel, but it's dangerous for the world.

    Remember: Even The Best of Election Polls are Inaccurate

    We should vote carefully, according to which party, or candidate we honestly feel will do the best job. And then pray that Gd will give them wisdom.


    For some inexplicable, fokokt reason, instead of annexing and declaring full sovereignty over all of that miraculously liberated Land, like any normal country would do, Israeli leaders decided to hold it to use as "payment" for "peace" with our enemies. On the whole, our enemies haven't taken the bribe.

    Trump Should Trash His “Peace Plan”

    Pres. Trump, You CANNOT impose a "peace plan" on terrorists and their victims.

    Shiloh Musings: Eurovision: Israel’s “Toy” Not to be Pushed Around

    Davka, the timing of Eurovision this year is so siyata d'Shmaya, Hand of Gd. We in Israel are celebrating seventy 70 years of Independence and a half a century of our miraculous 1967 Six Days War victory which left us with all of Jerusalem in our hands.

    Shiloh Musings: Polls Show Strong Support for Likud

    Despite issues and complaints with Netanyahu, who would you actually trust to replace Bibi in running Israel at this turbulent time?

    Shiloh Musings: Israel-Jordan were Supposed to be Like India-Pakistan, But…

    In 1921 Great Britain handed the Hashemite Abdullah a very large portion of Mandated Palestine to invent a kingdom for him, all of the land east of the Jordan River. It became known as the Emirate of Transjordan. The "minor" fact that Britain had been mandated by the League of Nations to facilitate the establishment of a Jewish state was ignored.

    Shiloh Musings: Lesson in “Middot,” Poper Manners, 2 Bus Stories

    Traveling on public transportation here in Israel is a great barometer of the state of our society. I see some fantastic good most of the time

    Is Aliyah, Moving To Israel the “Elephant in the Room” for Jews Who Live...

    I grew up like most Jews, totally ignorant of the concept of "Aliyah." I also didn't know about Shabbat, kashrut and most of the Jewish Holidays.

    Shiloh Musings: We Were Not Illegal Migrants in Egypt!

    I don't see how illegal migrants have anything in common with Jacob and family thousands of years ago. It pains me to see respected rabbis, adopting Leftist ideology to Jewish History and Theology.

    Shiloh Musings: “Peace” in the Middle East? Not With Such a History

    Anyone who claims that there can be peace is talking total fiction. The main uniting ideology among the Arab countries surrounding the State of Israel and those even further away is our destruction. They're not even shy about it. And this anti-Israel hate/ideology is all over the world.

    Shiloh Musings: Aliyah: Not The “Ultimate Sacrifice”

    Of course I understand that Aliyah, the move to Israel is sometimes more difficult for others as it was for me, but to call it The "Ultimate Sacrifice" puts a value on living outside of Eretz Yisrael, the Land of Israel over living here that has no place in Judaism or reality.

    Shiloh Musings: Memories of A Miraculous Flight

    Reflections on the 1991 Scud attacks, inspired by events this past Shabbat in Israel's north

    Shiloh Musings: Biblical Yitro and The Modern Baal Teshuva Movement

    Reflections from the well-known blogger on her inspiration to being Torah observant and how it is reminiscent of Yitro.

    Trump -Pence Presidency The Most Pro-Israel Ever!

    Most nominees and wannabes for the White House sound as pro-Israel as Donald Trump did while campaigning, but once elected their tunes change but Trump has kept his word

    Shiloh Musings: Middle East Peace Farce

    The State of Israel is about to celebrate seventy 70 years of independence and the world isn't happy

    Shiloh Musings: American Presidential Campaigns New Reality TV

    The Left/Democrats have been searching for a celebrity to run in 2020. Administrative and political experience aren't necessary. They are looking for someone who has a big smile and can generate applause. Being black, female and able to learn lines is another bonus,

    Shiloh Musings: Why is The Secular Left so Obsessed with Converting Us?

    The secular Left suffers from an insecurity, since their religion/ideology keeps changing with the seasons. And they never know who's going to ask too many questions and end up taking on traditional Judaism and/or Right views.

    Shiloh Musings: Demonstrations aren’t the Way to Change Government Leaders

    I am extremely unhappy with the so-called "anti-corruption" demonstrations going on here in Israel. They are to force the hand of the already Left wing judiciary and the police.

    Shiloh Musings: If Bogie’s the Alternative, I’ll Stick With Bibi

    Bibi's far from perfect, but I don't see anyone who can replace him, certainly not former Defense Minister Moshe “Bogie” Ya’alon.

    Shiloh Musings: International Bullying Versus Israel and Trump

    The anti-Semites and anti-Israelis, including many countries like Great Britain which have claimed to be Israel's allies, have now shown their true hatred of Jewish rights, history and Israeli sovereignty.

    Shiloh Musings: No Peace Sans World’s Recognition of Jerusalem as Capital of Israel

    During our various exiles, the focus of our prayers and yearnings have always been towards Jerusalem and the Holy Land.


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