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President Obama and the ISIS flag.

Why has the Floridian Muslim cleric who called for the death of gays not been fired from his position by his congregants?

It is very simple, if you do not opposed these acts that are carried out in the name of Islam, then you are part of the problem and you should be kicked out of America, Europe, Israel or any other Western country that defends your rights to be a fanatic death worshiping terrorist! You’re a moderate? These measure should be your best friend as they protect you just as they protect the rest of us!


YES to profiling! Not because I have a problem with Muslims but because radical Muslims have a problem with me! If it were Jews who were murdering people in the name of Judaism and the country decided to racially profile Jews, I would be embarrassed and angry, but not at the authorities! I would be furious at those who are using my religion to carry out murder and terror. I would cooperate and do whatever needs to be done to catch the bastards!

My definition of a liberal: Someone who fights to protect the rights and lives of everyone besides those whose lives are being threatened by the people the liberals are protecting.

Think about it…

Any questions?


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