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Manhattan as seen from the Upper West Side

With an open seat on the Upper West Side to replace the term-limited Helen Rosenthal, the Democratic primary for City Council Member is heating up quickly. Two of the leading contenders are also the most different. Maria Danzilo, the moderate who is looking to restore safety and order to the Upper West Side and the city, versus Sara Lind, who seeks to offer more of the same “woke” radical left policies, and then some.

But Lind’s campaign manager, Quinn Mootz, took a brief break from shouting expletives to articulate a rather interesting position sure to upset Donzilo’s heavily Jewish voter base, (many are Moms, judging by the UWS Facebook group), and with whom she was in a nasty Twitter brawl at the time.


Mootz explained that the Upper West Side is too Jewish. And Lind, apparently, is the right candidate to finally fix that. Because for the sake of equity, it must be done.

Mootz noted the current demographics:

As it happens, the majority of the whites on the Upper West Side are Jews, according to the last UJA study in 2011. There are over 70,000 Jews on the Upper West Side, more than in all of Cleveland.

In that same thread, Quinn had already made it clear she understood full well specifically who she was really talking about.

(For the non-woke, POC means People of Color.)

So there you have it. The Upper West Side has a Jewish problem. And Sara Lind has a solution, including more affordable housing, and more homeless shelters. And of course, even less law and order. Always less law and order.

Why won’t Danzilo and the Upper West Side just accept that this has to happen?


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