Many of the candidates running for NYC this year are the same or even significantly worse than the ones we already have. But there are also moderates running to defeat them. And the election which selects the winner — in this most important election — is not in November!

Rather, it is the June Democratic primary. And if you are registered as a Republic or an Independent in NYC, your vote will not count in the only election race that matters in NYC.


As Be Counted NYC notes, almost 70% of NYC voters are registered Democrats, meaning that whomever wins the Democratic primary will almost certainly become the city’s next mayor. Only registered Democrats are allowed to vote in the Democratic primary. Your November vote is practically irrelevant when it comes to the mayor.

It isn’t just the mayor we need to worry about, but many critical positions in the city government.

And obviously, you can still vote Republican in the general November election, but it’s June’s race that selects the Democrat’s candidates.

So something to consider — change your registered party before the February 14th deadline and be eligible to vote in the Democratic primary, and help select the next mayor of New York.


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