Bibi Doesn’t Speak For Me

    Photo Credit: Asher Schwartz

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    Asher is the's incredible cartoonist.


    1. J Street describes itself as a pro-Israel organization which supports peace between Israel and its neighbors. But is it . . . really? Maybe it is just another bunch of dysfunctional political wannabes. Or maybe it is jut another bunch of non-Jewish Jews trying to make nice with the non-Jewish world. Whatever they are, reality is not what they are about.

    2. These attacks on J Street are ridiculous. You can criticize the Netanyahu government, its political partners and its policies, and still be a Zionist. Is everything that comes out of J Street right. No. But you're now saying Bibi is a tzaddik? Come on!

    3. Nothing that comes out of J-street is right. They are a bunch of self-hating Jews funded by George Sores the most anti-sematic Jew on the planet. They would back Hamas before they backed another Jew.

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