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He argues that Clinton’s protestation could provide political “cover” to other Democrats who also oppose the talks with Tehran.

Bolton, himself a possible 2016 presidential contender, made these comments on “Aaron Klein Investigative Radio,” broadcast on New York’s AM 970 The Answer and Philadelphia’s NewsTalk 990 AM.



Iran Already Preparing For Post-Deal Reality

Iran is already in the process of negotiating oil deals to take effect as soon as sanctions are removed with the signing of a final nuclear deal with the West.

This is according to Iran’s foe, Saudi Arabia, which has transferred an intelligence report to the U.S. on the matter, a Saudi official with knowledge of the dossier told KleinOnline.

The official said that during their meeting last weekend, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani discussed with Afghan President Ashraf Ghani the sale of discounted oil to Afghanistan after the international sanctions are removed.

The Saudi official said Iran is seeking to entice the Afghan government into closer ties in a bid to distance Afghanistan from its strategic alliance with the Saudi kingdom.

Indeed, after last weekend’s meeting in Tehran between Ghani and Rouhani, the two announced at a press conference the signing of security and trade agreements. The meeting was also attended by Afghanistan’s foreign minister and minister for oil and mines.

Last Sunday, Afghanistan and Iran announced plans for intelligence sharing, enhanced security cooperation, and possible joint military operations to combat threats from the ISIS jihadist group.

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