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Saul Jay Singer

Moreover, I particularly enjoy the challenging search for documents written by non-Jewish personalities on matters of Jewish interest. Such items in my collection include:


  • a letter from President Kennedy to the Union of Orthodox Rabbis regarding a pending anti-shechitah bill;
  • a signed copy of Picasso’s The Old Jew;
  • a synagogue program for an address by Martin Luther King and signed by him;
  • a letter in which Darwin threatens to give a plum translation assignment to (shudder!) a Jew;
  • a letter by Enrico Fermi explaining that he departed Italy for the United States to save his Jewish wife and children from the Holocaust;
  • a Santayana letter in which he calls Spinoza “my Jewish master” and claims that “my best pupils were Jews;”
  • an incredibly ironic letter from Nazi Kurt Waldheim to Simon Wiesenthal lauding the famous Nazi-hunter;
  • a correspondence by Montgomery of Alamein in which he recalls the key role played by his “great friend” Moshe Dayan during the 1956 Sinai crisis;
  • a signed program by the African American contralto Marian Anderson, a dedicated Zionist who performed Brahms’s Alto Rhapsody with the Israeli Philharmonic – and sang the entire oratorio in perfect Hebrew;

● a signed copy of Longfellow’s “The Jewish Cemetery at Newport,” expressing his certainty that the centuries-long survival of the Jewish people had ended; and

● an original poem by Woody Guthrie, who wrote songs about Jewish history and the Holocaust, married a Jew and raised his children as Jews, and arranged for his son, Arlo, to receive bar mitzvah lessons from a young rabbi named Meir Kahane.

God willing, I will present some of these in upcoming Collecting Jewish History columns in The Jewish Press.


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Saul Jay Singer serves as senior legal ethics counsel with the District of Columbia Bar and is a collector of extraordinary original Judaica documents and letters. He welcomes comments at at
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