Two Jews Run For 11 Days To Memorialize Jewish Victims Of Munich Massacre

The story so deeply affected Stolarz that, 50 years later, he took his friend Péter Hajdú up on his suggestion to run for 11 days to honor the 11 massacre victims.

YU Asks U.S. Supreme Court for Emergency Stay in Gay Pride Club Case

Under what circumstances would it go before the full nine-justice panel – and would that help or hurt your chances?

Orthodox Jews React To Overturning Of Roe v. Wade

It thus follows that Jewish law does differ in theory and to some important degree in practice from the Catholic and Evangelical approaches to the question...

Lawyers For Yeshiva University Assert Court’s Decision Is Wrong

Formal recognition of a student group does not equate to endorsement of that group’s message, wrote the judge.

The State Of Orthodox Singles? It’s Complicated

On the question whether singles felt that the Orthodox system of dating was going well, Nishma found that most singles had an unfavorable view.

The Day Some Of Jerusalem Came To New York

It’s heartwarming to see such a huge crowd, said Robin Feit of Long Island, N.Y., whose son, Marc, was marching with his school. It’s a real morale boost and pride to know there’s so much support for Israel.

The Many Legacies Of Rabbi Wallerstein, zt”l

An ordinary man who led an extraordinary life, Rabbi Wallerstein was never one who chased the limelight or enjoyed the trappings of fame.

Ve’hee She’amdah, Terror In Israel, And Abravanel’s Words Of Comfort

Here in Israel, as the entire country prepares for Pesach, we are again in the midst a wave of terror that has left thirteen people murdered, among them eleven Israeli Jews.

The Genizah Journey: Where Does Your Shaimos Go After You Drop It Off?

Genizah is not overseen by any national rabbinic authority in the United States, and it is a tradition practiced not only in the Orthodox world but by other streams of Judaism as well.

The Halachic Fallout Of A Permanent Change To Daylight Saving Time

If you are a doctor, once you start working you can’t just pull away from your rounds to go daven, even if you do it on your own without a minyan.

Behind The Barricades With A Jewish Defender Of Ukraine

There is a person who has nobody else to look up to and he’s being broken, and G-d puts his heart in order, taking off everything superfluous from his heart and breaking his heart a little bit.

Ukrainian Jews Are Shocked, Scared, But Still Defiant In The Midst Of Russian Invasion

When the sirens begin — “and they are barely audible,” he noted — people head down into utility rooms under the ground floors of apartment buildings because there are no bomb shelters.

Scrambling For Safety: A Frum Family in Ukraine Shares Their Story

Slowly we started realizing that this is real war – that there are ground invasions, that there are bombings, and that it’s getting more tense and scarier – so my husband started working really hard on just helping people leave, Esther said.

‘If Anything Should Happen, Chas v’Shalom, They Should Come To The Synagogue’

When the threats [of invasion] came out, what was the first meeting the Israeli government had? How can we prepare for aliyah… How about what can we do to help the Jews of Ukraine?

Federal Security Funds For Houses Of Worship May Double To $360 Million: Will It...

The worst kind of vulnerability is if unauthorized people get into your building, David Pollock said. What we all need to do is to figure out a system where we can be both warm and welcoming, and keep everyone inside safe and secure.

What’s Next For Israel-Saudi Arabia Ties?

The attacks on MBS by Western officials weaken his reformist camp – and empower the conservative camp and its supporters.

In Wake Of Rising Anti-Semitism, Black-Jewish Coalitions Emerge

Washington’s IBSI is not a religious organization. Its signature program is called the PEACE Initiative (Plan for Education, Advocacy, and Community Engagement).

Dear Julia Haart

Dear Julia, Congratulations – your salacious Netflix show “My Unorthodox Life” has successfully prompted countless Orthodox Jewish women to examine their Orthodox Jewish lives and...

Dr. Seuss And The Jews

Seuss’s wartime cartoons denounced American discrimination against Jews and called attention to the early stages of the Holocaust.

Right-Wing Jewish Groups Split On Congratulating Biden

“Until there’s a final decision or a final count, we won’t welcome anyone to office,” Rabbi David Katz said.

Maot Chitim On The Eve Of The Holocaust

The most significant portion of the Warsaw Ghetto uprising began on April 19, 1943, which was the third day of Chol HaMoed Pessach, and ended on May 16, 1943.

Superficiality Vs. Spirituality

So too in our times we must invest our blood - our effort and our toil - in serving Hashem.

Perfect Heroes

We would start our morning roll call in Hannah Szenes Hall, hold afternoon activities in Haviva Reik House, and finish off the day with an evening campfire outside Enzo Sereni Cabin.

Israel’s First General, A West Point Alumn

Marcus held a reserve commission as a field artillery officer, but because of his prominent legal career, he was persuaded to transfer to the JAG corps, where he became Judge Advocate of his Army National Guard unit (1940).

Transnistria: The Forgotten Death Camp

Jews were not gassed or cremated in Transnistria. No; in Transnistria Jews perished from hunger, cold, and typhus.

Unusual Purim Art

Israel annually issues a set of “Moadim L’Simcha” stamps commemorating the Jewish New Year, which are always among my favorites, but it also periodically issues stamps commemorating the other Jewish holidays, including Purim.

The Rav On Purim And The Megillah

Megillat Esther is the sole book of Tanach in which God’s name is not mentioned. This too can only be understood as an irony which confirms His pervasive, but hidden, presence.

My Father, Buffalo Bill From Bochnia

Finding ourselves with a large merged family as a result of our marriage, we had little chance to contemplate a honeymoon of any kind.

The Mutiny Against Captain Uriah P. Levy

Levy’s historic seafaring career began rather inauspiciously when, at age 10, he ran away from his Philadelphia home to join the trading ship New Jerusalem as a cabin boy, returning to his family for his bar mitzvah at Mikveh Israel, where he read the Torah.

The Levush: His Life And Works

The more I read, the more confused I became. The sefer followed the same order of the Shulchan Aruch, chapter by chapter, but unlike the Shulchan Aruch’s matter-of-fact approach, this sefer included the reason behind each halacha.


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