Unity At Its Core

Our current unity is the emergence of our pure core, with the many external layers of strife and internecine conflict stripped away by the brutal pain inflicted by Hamas.

Eight Out Of Fourteen Hundred

Why did it have to be so soon? Could he not have been allowed to accomplish some more things before leaving us?

Musk Proclaims His Solidarity With Jewish Leaders During X Discussion

They talked about how there are only 14 million Jews, and Musk said he always tells his Jewish friends to have more kids.

Netanyahu Tells Elon Musk He Hopes He Can ‘Roll Back’ Antisemitism On X

Obviously I’m against antisemitism, Musk told Netanyahu, adding that he’s against anything that promotes hate and conflict.

The Shofar Blasts – A Clarion Call For Unity

I always found it quite incredible that the first mitzvah that we are called upon to do as Jews at the beginning of the year is to listen. To pay attention to exactly what it is that Jewish destiny is about.

Brownsville, Brooklyn: How Chabad Is Breathing New Life Into A Historically Multicultural Community

Gentrification is a word Rabbi Overlander clearly dislikes, and when probed, both he and Rabbi Vogel say “no,” it’s not happening in Brownsville. A small percentage of homes are being sold to Orthodox Jews. Word of mouth spreads, and families, who come to see the homes, the parks, and other resources, decide to buy.

The Marvel Universe

Mystery is based on concealment and discovery. If everything is immediately known and every object or idea is transparent, there can be no mystery, no pursuit, and no marvel.

Massive Tuition Incentive A Potential Community Builder In Rochester

Tuition prices getting you down? Read how one yeshiva in upstate NY is slashing its prices.

Popular Podcast Tells The Story Of Israel, One Visionary At A Time

Israel is a very fragmented society…you see someone and you immediately decide what they believe in based on what hat is on their head, their skin color or the clothes they are wearing. And with very minimal input you place them in a box and start piling up all these assumptions about them.

The Background Of Operation House And Garden

The operation will continue as long as necessary to restore security, says Netanyahu.

Supreme Court Sharply Narrows Employers’ Ability To Deny Religious Accommodation

Impact on or dissatisfaction on the part of fellow employees is not, the Court noted, sufficient grounds for denial unless that effect would result in substantial costs to the business itself.

Heading Into Shavuos – One Daf At A Time

Reb Stefansky just concluded a successful tour in America to kickstart Maseches Gittin, with several thousand people attending his live shiurim in locations in New York and New Jersey.

One In A Million

It’s not democracy that’s worrying the opponents of the judicial reform, said Shine, it’s demography – the fact that the religious right is gaining in numbers and strength.

Third Option For Burial Signed Into Law By Governor Hochul

For some observant Jews, organic burial brings back memories of darker days of 1940s Europe.

A Jewish Spring – Yom Ha’atzmaut: Israel at 75

Our journey hasn’t always comfortable, and these iconic months have been a microcosm of our convoluted journey.

Liberating The Human Spirit

On Pesach, we celebrate the gift of political freedom. And we recognize that more than just a natural right, it is a Divine gift, and one that we would be lost without.

High Hopes For Change: A Q&A with Simcha Rothman, The MK Spearheading Reform ...

Claiming that Israel is going to cease being a democratic state, a liberal state – I see it as detached from reality.

The Battle Over Judge LaSalle

Hochul and the judge’s backers insist that Judge LaSalle should be brought before the full Senate for a hearing, regardless of the outcome of the vote in Judiciary committee.

Agudah Launches PR War Against NY Times To Defend Yeshiva System

This project can become like an ADL for the Orthodox community, said Rabbi Zwiebel.

In Tragedy, One Plus One Does Not Equal Two

I couldn't bring myself to put pen to paper in the wake of that unspeakable tragedy then, so why are these memories flooding me now?

Biden And Pfizer Chief Address ADL Conference

My administration helped secure the largest increase in funding ever for the physical security of nonprofits including synagogues and Jewish Community Centers... Biden said.

How Mayor Adams Responded To A New Jersey Terrorist Threat

We don’t want to be reactive. We want to be proactive, Adams said. We know that anytime you think of the Jewish community there is no way you can ignore the fact that New York City has the largest Jewish population outside the state of Israel.

All In The American Jewish Family

As Former Congressman Ted Deutch moves over to the AJC, he talks about Israeli elections, the Iran nuclear deal, and the many voices among American Jewry.

Q&A With Brandeis Law Center Chairman On Banning Of Zionist Speakers At Berkeley Law

There can be no lawful basis for a public institution to exclude anyone on the basis of race or ethnicity from any of the opportunities that the institution affords.

Two Jews Run For 11 Days To Memorialize Jewish Victims Of Munich Massacre

The story so deeply affected Stolarz that, 50 years later, he took his friend Péter Hajdú up on his suggestion to run for 11 days to honor the 11 massacre victims.

YU Asks U.S. Supreme Court for Emergency Stay in Gay Pride Club Case

Under what circumstances would it go before the full nine-justice panel – and would that help or hurt your chances?

Orthodox Jews React To Overturning Of Roe v. Wade

It thus follows that Jewish law does differ in theory and to some important degree in practice from the Catholic and Evangelical approaches to the question...

Lawyers For Yeshiva University Assert Court’s Decision Is Wrong

Formal recognition of a student group does not equate to endorsement of that group’s message, wrote the judge.

The State Of Orthodox Singles? It’s Complicated

On the question whether singles felt that the Orthodox system of dating was going well, Nishma found that most singles had an unfavorable view.

The Day Some Of Jerusalem Came To New York

It’s heartwarming to see such a huge crowd, said Robin Feit of Long Island, N.Y., whose son, Marc, was marching with his school. It’s a real morale boost and pride to know there’s so much support for Israel.


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