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Netanyahu, Obama, And Iran (I)

I sincerely hope Prime Minister Netanyahu’s warning to America and the world about the perils of a nuclear-armed Iran will be taken seriously (“Netanyahu to Joint Session of Congress: ‘Deal Paves Iran’s Path to the Bomb,’ ” front page news story, March 6).


Already I see concerns being expressed about how the deal the president and secretary of state were planning to conclude with Iran is unraveling as its Alice in Wonderland premises dissolve under public scrutiny.

Some realists from Congress better get involved real quick because the Obama crowd seems clueless about what the mullahs have in mind for Western civilization.

Isaac Feldman
(Via E-Mail)


Netanyahu, Obama, And Iran (II)

Unlike your bellicose editorial writers,I think it is high time we gave diplomacy a chance to work. Yes, I know Iran is hanging tough in the current negotiations. But we already know from the Iraq and Afghanistan debacles what happens when we try to use military might to force things down people’s throats.

I am no great fan of Obama’s domestic policies. But it seems to me he is seriously trying to come up with policy approaches that would enable the U.S. to project its power around the world to keep crises away from our homeland but not in a way that will drag us into bloody wars. As in any balancing act, compromises and sacrifices have to be made.

David Berman
(Via E-Mail)


Netanyahu, Obama, And Iran (III)

I was intrigued by the quote from Netanyahu you highlighted in your headline of the transcript of his remarks: “Even If Israel Has to Stand Alone, Israel Will Stand.”

Let’s get real. Israel has, Baruch Hashem, done remarkable things with the resources it has. Indeed, it is a formidable military power. But could it really stand up to concerted and sustained military challenges from the entire Arab world, perhaps aided by Turkey and Iran? I think not. I am as proud as anyone of the achievements of the Jewish state. But it behooves us not to delude ourselves.

Moshe Hoffman
(Via E-Mail)


Netanyahu, Obama, And Iran (IV)

I remember well British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain’s naiveté in dealing with Herr Hitler, as Chamberlain sold out democratic Czechoslovakia and the rest of Europe. Upon returning to Britain, Chamberlain was waving a piece of paper signed by the fuehrer and declaring that he won “peace in our time.”

What followed is history. It is estimated that Chamberlain’s political blunder caused an estimated sixty million people to be killed, among them six million Jews, including 82 of my close relatives.

One would hope a lesson was learned from Chamberlain’s myopia.

Iran has labeled the United States the “Great Satan” and Israel the “Little Satan” that must be wiped off the face of the earth.Mr. President and Secretary of State Kerry, open your eyes to see and your ears to hear where you are leading our beloved United States and the world in your quest for a legacy.

The direction in which you are heading spells disaster for the civilized world and for your precious legacies.

Joseph Ceder
Far Rockaway, NY


Netanyahu, Obama, and Iran (V)

Your March 6 editorial “Flushing Out the Truth” expressed appropriate skepticism regarding Secretary of State Kerry’s assertion that President Obama “should be given the benefit of the doubt” with regard to the Iran talks.

In effect, Kerry wants everyone to sit quietly and trust that Obama will make sure that Iran cannot develop nuclear weapons. What Kerry also wants us to do is to forget – forget Obama’s solemn pledge that the Syrian regime would be “crossing a red line” if it used chemical weapons against its rebellious citizens.

The “red line” turned out to be non-existent. In fact, that phrase will be remembered for decades to come as the tragic symbol of Obama’s lack of resolve.

Now Obama presumably will declare another red line (although his public relations-minded advisers will make sure he does not use that loaded phrase), this time with regard to Iran – and he will press Israel to trust that this time he really means it.

The Syrian people became the victims of Obama’s first red line. Are Israelis ready to become the next ones?

Moshe Phillips, President
Benyamin Korn, Chairman
Religious Zionists of America


Netanyahu, Obama, And Iran (VI)

When does the overwhelming Jewish support for the Democrat party end? What will it take?

How much danger must our brethren in Israel face before American Jews awaken to the reality that the Democratic Party is no longer the party of their bubbies and zaidies?

And what of the disgraceful avoidance of Netanyahu’s speech to Congress by many Jewish lawmakers? Is it so difficult to discern that their loyalties to Barack Obama and the ever left-leaning Democratic Party far exceed their support for Israel?

Myron Hecker
New City, NY


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