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Call To Unity

Just because one man wears a black hat and the other a shtreimel, do they have to hate each other? “Hate” may be a strong word and perhaps you would rather I use the term “moderately dislike,” but the truth is the truth.


I’ve personally witnessed Jews putting down fellow Jews who belong to different sects or groups. Each and every Jew is an individual but we are still one nation. We should strive to love one other. We know that sinas chinam led to the destruction of the Beis HaMikdash.

Why is it that when something bad happens all Jews come together to daven – but in times of peace and prosperity we fight and argue? Klal Yisrael should resolve to work to bring Mashiach bimheira biyameinu.

Temi Barth
(Concerned 8th Grader)
Prospect Park Yeshiva
Brooklyn, NY


A Standout Candidate

After viewing the two recent Republican presidential debates it has become apparent to me that one candidate stands out among all the others in terms of being the most articulate, intelligent, knowledgeable (especially in foreign affairs, as he serves on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee), dignified, and respectful.

That candidate is Florida Senator Marco Rubio. He offers an especially strong contrast to Donald Trump, who is all bluster with no substance and who has many character flaws including being extremely demeaning to women and minorities.

Sen. Rubio is very pro-Israel and appears to be the most presidential of all the candidates. I should add that I am not alone in making this assertion; David Brooks, the one New York Times columnist I admire, recently wrote about Sen. Rubio being the most intelligent and substantial of the candidates.

I believe it behooves the Jewish community to embrace and support his candidacy. He has the best chance of defeating the Democratic candidate (whoever that may be) and recapturing the White House for the Republicans. It would certainly be refreshing to have someone of his stature and breadth of knowledge and ideals, including his deep concern and understanding of Israel’s security needs, occupying the Oval Office. We owe it to him to help make it happen.

Joshua Rosenthal
Queens, NY


Sullivan County Anti-Semitism

Re: Do Catskill Jewish Lives Matter?” (op-ed, Sept. 18):

The mindset and attitude toward the Jews who live in the Catskills during the summer as well as year-round can best be illustrated by a comment a supermarket employee was recently overheard making to her coworker.

The summer crowd had returned and was patronizing the store, which is barely active during the winter season. In fact, the store had just rehired all the clerks, cashiers, packers, and other personnel not needed during the winter in order to handle the influx of summer residents.

One would have expected these store employees to be jubilant now that Monticello, which had been asleep (if not nearly dead) for the entire winter, was coming back to life.

But the comment the woman made to her coworker, not realizing I was standing behind a display, was: “[Expletive], the Jews are back.”

No expression of gratitude for her job or satisfaction that the store was getting a lot of business – just pure hate.

Judge Joseph A. Schubin (Ret.)
Brooklyn, NY

Jews Who Hate Israel

I read Albert Weinstein’s interview with Dr. Morris Gelbart (Why Some Jews Support Israel’s Enemies,” Sept. 18) ) with great interest. I do, however, have a question:

Why do Jews like Mr. Weinstein and Dr. Gelbart not even consider the possibility that those who support Israel’s enemies do so because they support the eradication of the Jewish state and the extermination of Israel’s Jews?


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