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Obama No Match For Putin

President Putin just keeps putting it to President Obama. They had a discussion about military involvement in Syria, and Putin convinced Obama the Russian air units in Syria would help with attacks on ISIS.


However, Putin never considered attacking ISIS because his military forces are in Syria to bolster the Assad regime, and therefore they are bombing the U.S.-backed anti-Assad rebels while Russian ground forces are attacking them.

The U.S. supplies the moderate anti-Assad rebels with arms and then the Russians bomb them and their equipment.

Once again, Obama has placed the national security of the U.S. in jeopardy in order to placate another country. This subservience syndrome will embolden our potential adversaries in the world to test our military posture.

Donald A. Moskowitz
Londonderry, NH


Blinded By Hate

Words cannot adequately express the sadness, frustration, and anger we feel every time another innocent Israeli is stabbed or shot. Why do they hate us so?

Arabs living in Israel have homes and businesses. Some hold office. Some are members of Knesset. They can vote, and yes, they can even hold protests. They can raise families, educate their children, and worship freely, without persecution. They are treated in Israel’s hospitals, as are all Israeli citizens.

Meanwhile, we read and hear about the daily beheadings, mass killings, and overwhelming destruction perpetrated on Arabs by other Arabs in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria. Contrast the lives of Arabs living in those countries with the lives of Arabs living in Israel, a lighthouse in the sea of darkness and devastation that surrounds it.

Palestinian Arabs refuse to open their eyes and recognize that they are fortunate to be living in Israel where they can tap into the country’s bountiful resources and opportunities to better their lives. They have chosen instead to use their energies to kill and destroy rather than to live in peace.

For the first time I fully understand the meaning of the expression “blinded by hate.” They are consumed with hate and jealousy of all that Israel has achieved. Their animosity will accomplish nothing good for their people. They will not achieve their goal of destroying Israel.

Israel, the eternal land of the Jews, will continue to stand strong.

Ettie Kryksman
(Via E-Mail)


Moderates Have No Party

Former U.S. senator and secretary of state Hillary Clinton said at the Democratic presidential debate that “it is our job to rein in the excesses of capitalism.” This theme was echoed by the four other candidates.

Missing was any discussion about reining in government excesses in the areas of taxation, regulation, deficit spending, excessive borrowing, etc., all of which impact our economic and our civil liberties.

The discussion reminded me of five barkers on a summer night at the midway of a county fair, with each trying to outdo the others in promising redistribution of the wealth from the haves to the have-nots.

Only Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders was honest enough to admit he is a “democratic socialist” in the Scandinavian European mold. The other four shared his views on most issues but would not come out of the closet. They hide behind the liberal and progressive labels.

There is no longer any room in the Democratic Party for those who followed more moderate Democrats such as former senator Joseph Lieberman of Connecticut and the late senators Daniel Patrick Moynihan of New York and Scoop Jackson of Washington.

Just as conservatives have captured the Republican Party, Democratic Socialists or those who prefer the progressive label have control of the Democratic Party. A majority of Americans who consider themselves moderates or independents have no party representing them.

Larry Penner
Great Neck, NY



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