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Stop Helping Gazans

Martin Sherman is on the right track in his op-ed, “Gaza: A Simple Solution,” but he doesn’t quite hit the nail on the head.


As a retired scientist/engineer, I have long learned that the only real solution to this conflict is to deal with the root cause: Arab rulers, religious leaders, and teachers have long been brain-washing their children to regard Israel and its people as the enemy. How do you solve this problem? By ensuring that they stop the brainwashing.

Doing so, however, and reversing the effects may well take decades. In the meantime, we and the rest of the free world must recognize that a firmly-ingrained anti-Israel, anti-Jew mindset permeates the majority of Gazans and dissuade them from attacking innocent Jewish men, women, and children who would dearly love to live in peace with their neighbors.

To that end, Israel must stop helping them. Israel should cease supplying electricity, water, medical aid, or money for any purpose to the enemy until such time that it changes its destructive ways – and chooses to live in peace.

George Epstein
Los Angeles


Rabbi Lamm Was No Hawk

Have you ever heard Rav Mordechai Gifter zt”l‘s drasha on Chol Hamoed Pesach regarding Rabbi Normann Lamm allowing a homosexual club in YU? He mourned that his alma mater allowed such a thing and demanded that Rabbi Lamm take the name “Yeshiva” off the institution.

Unfortunately you have rewritten history and fallen victim to fake news by running an op-ed calling Rabbi Lamm a “moral hawk.”

Yitzchock Farkas


We’re Blessed to Have Trump

We are so blessed that Trump pulled out of the Iran deal. That deal, which was never passed in Congress or signed by Iran, was pure treachery.

Commentary magazine’s Sohrab Ahmari, in writing about the Obama administration’s nuclear dealings with Iran, states that the details that have seeped out “invariably reinforce a single theme”: Barack Obama’s “utter abjection and pusillanimity before Tehran, and his corresponding contempt for the American people and their elected representatives.”

In addition, we’re told that Obama illegally tried to allow Iran to convert $6 billion rials to dollars in violation of U.S. sanctions. He didn’t succeed only because U.S. banks refused to go along with the scheme. Had they agreed, our enemy would have been enriched by means of a secret act of collusion.

Where are the trumpets proclaiming these truths to the American public? Unfortunately, they are primarily silent while the Obama deep state continues to do everything it can to pollute the political climate.

We have to marvel at and admire President Trump who perseveres in his path despite all the slings and arrows thrown at him. May he have continued good health and strength to succeed in his efforts to make America great again.

Helen Freedman
Co-Executive Director
Americans for a Safe Israel/AFSI



Unhailed Heroes

I have thought about writing this for years. Kol hakavod to all the schools and businesses that give their time in preparing and marching in the Celebrate Israel Parade. But a special kudos goes to the NYPD, FDNY, and volunteer policemen and firefighters who are not usually mentioned by the media (perhaps because they march at the beginning of the parade).

As far as I know, city police, firemen, EMTs, and paramedics march voluntarily. I know for certain that the volunteer firefighters do. Some of the volunteer firefighters, including my daughter, have even trained with Israeli firefighters so they can man stations in Israel if, chas v’shalom, Israeli firefighters are called up.

And of course there is Hatzalah on location throughout the parade. Can these volunteers please get a mention for the time they take to march on top of volunteering their services at all times?

Ellie Weiner
Retired Volunteer EMT