Photo Credit: Jewish Press

McCain’s Political Funeral

I have great admiration for the patriotism, heroism, character, and accomplishments of the departed Senator McCain. However, I am dismayed by his eulogizers’ use of his farewell memorial service as a political weapon.


A memorial service is intended for praising the merits of the departed. To make it a platform for attacking a personal opponent of the senator shamefully reduces its sanctity.

The proper place for political criticism is print and broadcast media.

Jerrold Terdiman, MD


What Was Clinton Thinking?

It was good to see President Clinton honor the memory of musical icon Aretha Franklin at her funeral. What bothers me is that he appeared on stage with three anti-Semites who have no respect or affection for America.

I believe all three of them also hate white people. I remember reading (New York Times, July 9, 1972) that when Jesse Jackson worked as a waiter and did not get a tip from a white person, he would spit in his food.

Louis Farrakhan, of course, is a well-known bigot who is famous for calling Judaism a “gutter religion.”

And Al Sharpton said Jews should not own businesses in Harlem and led a boycott of Freddy’s Fashion Mart on 125th St., which resulted in Roland James Smith walking into the store, pulling out a gun, and ordering all black customers to leave. He then spilled paint thinner on several bins of clothing and set them on fire, leading to the deaths of eight people.

In light of all the above, I wonder: What was Bill Clinton thinking?

Arthur Horn
East Windsor, NJ


Chassidim Vs. The Amish

For the second week in a row, a Jewish Press editorial made reference to a U.S. Supreme Court ruling, or rulings, without citing the specific case, or cases to which it was referring.

The court ruling most applicable to the ongoing yeshiva investigation is Wisconsin v. Yoder, where the court ruled that the Amish did not have to educate their children past 8th grade out of sensitivity to their religious worldview. But the reason the court ruled on behalf of the Amish is because their children get a proper secular education until 8th grade and vocational training afterwards, and the Amish are committed not to be a burden on the state and thus refuse to take welfare.

So long as the 39 yeshivas under investigation cannot offer a similar defense, the only way this saga will end is when they petition the Supreme Court for an exemption of all state education laws.

Rabbi Yossi Newfield
Brooklyn, NY


George Soros And Iran

That George Soros spent millions of dollars helping an Iranian regime that is trying to destabilize Israel should come as no surprise. Soros, an atheist-agnostic, is a classic example of a self-hating Jew, who, incidentally, played a questionable role in the Holocaust in Hungary.

Soros has been a thorn on the side of all but the most radical leftists, among whom number numerous anti-Semites and virulent haters of Israel. Let no one refer to him as Jewish as he has denied this association and has indicated more than once his desire to destroy the Jewish state.

Nelson Marans
New York, NY


Trump Is Delivering

The American people hired Donald Trump to do a job, and he is performing it effectively, no matter how much the media twists what he says or does.

The economy is booming, American companies are returning to this country and hiring, terror and illegal immigration are being taken seriously, the swamp is being exposed, China is paying attention, Russia is listening, Mexico is acquiescing, Israel is stronger, our embassy there is now in Jerusalem, the UN is not getting away with murder, and Iran is growing weaker.

Trump doesn’t speak the language of politicians to which people have grown accustomed. Instead, he speaks in a language that every American understands. No one has to wonder what he means. Political correctness is foreign to him.

We have a president who loves America. A president who has surpassed expectations and, in record time, almost single-handedly and relentlessly, is fighting the establishment and the media.

The political naysayers hammer him every chance they get, but they had their chance to make America great – and they failed.

Brian J. Goldenfeld
Woodland Hills, CA