Photo Credit: Asher Schwartz

It is time for Israel to take control of the Temple Mount, Judaism’s holiest site, control Israel foolishly granted to the Muslim Waqf, courtesy of then Chief of Staff Moshe Dayan in his desire to appear magnanimous in victory after the 1967 war. The Temple Mount is a sacred place that foreign dignitaries should be escorted to on arrival, not Yad Vashem, a memorial to our various gravesites. Instead, we see the spectacle of so called “Palestinians” playing soccer on this site.

It is time for Israel to take unilateral action on borders and hand the welfare of those people outside those borders to Jordan or Egypt or whoever.


It is time for Israel to understand that Obama is not a friend and will do all in his power to bring about its destruction, be that by withholding supply of munitions at critical times to dragging on the negotiations with Iran until that country acknowledges it is a nuclear power with nuclear weapons.

Most importantly, it is time for a united Israel to act like a sovereign power in control of its own destiny or face traumatic consequences.


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Gil Solomon is a retired finance manager and author.