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Netanyahu and Obama.

Just two miles down the road is Jewish Reconstructionist Congregation that up until last year was home to vehemently anti-Israel rabbi and guest of the mullahs in Iran, Brant Rosen. He was so horrific that his congregants, in a rare moment of clarity, “liberated” him to spew his Israel hatred elsewhere.

While Barack Obama is not a hater, I can’t imagine that he never met Rosen, let alone heard his thoughts. Rosen was also a prominent member of Rabbis for Obama.


This is the Jewish mindset that Obama knows – the source of his Jewish education. He sees his harsh criticism of Israel, public scrutiny of the Jewish State and holding Israel to a standard that not even the United States can live up to, as part of the Jewish experience. Israel bashing is as normal as lox and bagels on Sunday morning.

But the majority of Jews know it’s not, and the pro-Israel community knows the company you keep is a reflection of who you are.


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