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All of America, it seems, has been pointing an angry finger at Anthony Weiner. Will Bill and Hillary be there for him? Not likely.

As Hillary’s “body woman” Huma must know plenty of information that could be disadvantageous to Hillary. Plus, she is smart, hardworking, disciplined, organized, and the personal chemistry obviously is there with Hillary.  Whatever the personal relationship between Hillary and Huma might be, they clearly get along and are comfortable with each other. And with her background in Saudi Arabia and academia, who knows what kind of money connections she brings to the Clinton organization?

I think that the Clintons want to let Anthony Weiner self-destruct in public.  He shows every sign of cooperating with this strategy. The worse it gets for him, the more sympathetic a figure Huma will be. Hillary has mastered the art of playing the victimized wife. Her protégé is at the feet of a master (or is it mistress?).

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