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Sadly, much of the current political chatter is misguided. Of course, not everyone should have the right to bear arms. Of course, receiving a CHL should be contingent on your being an upstanding citizen. And there should be restrictions on weapons in homes where a family member is mentally ill. But the larger problem facing our nation is not the inspired citizen’s ability to protect his family. It is the dependent citizen’s growing sense of entitlement that is hollowing the gut of our nation.

It is a God-inspired culture that teaches respect for the individual and reverence for the soul. It is that same Judeo-Christian foundation that teaches us that it is the responsibility of the citizen to try, to the best of his ability, to provide for his family and to protect them. In New York the idea of weapons in private hands may cause some to recoil. But in Dallas, privately held firearms are, to most, merely a commitment to family – a commitment to provide and a promise to protect.


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A rabbi and businessman, Yaakov Rosenblatt serves as director of the American Alliance of Jews and Christians.