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Where is the outrage against Hamas for beating civilians for refusing orders to stand on rooftops which Israel will bomb in response to rockets fired from that location?

Where is the outrage against Hamas for firing upon the field hospital that Israel set up to treat the Palestinian wounded and for firing at the power stations that feed Gaza??


Where is the outrage against Hamas for violating every single ceasefire that has been called for, and adhered to by Israel, by various different organizations?

Where is the outrage against Hamas for the “dig-icide” they’ve committed against 160 of its own slave-labored tunneling children?

Where is the outrage against the mainstream media for only covering the Palestinian suffering, while ignoring the absolute terror for Israelis when rockets fly overhead, forcing millions into bomb shelters for protection?

Where is the outrage against the mainstream media for getting sucked right into the Pallywood (google that, right away) phenomenon weeks after items they air have been debunked (the man in the green shirt is alive! He’s alive!).

Where is the outrage against the mainstream media for sending up one know-nothing must-get-the-last-word-in “We’re short on time” anchor after another to blast the reasoned statements of Israeli representatives and spokespersons while giving Hamas a free pass?

Where is the outrage against the mainstream media for its complete misuse, ignorance, usurpation, and dilution of the phrases “disproportionate,” “genocide,” “apartheid,” and “Hitler”?

Where is the outrage against the UN for returning rockets to Hamas?

Where is the outrage against the UN, period, for focusing all their energies on Israel while the rest of the world burns down around them, and millions die while they fiddle?

Where is the outrage against the Gazan .01% for funneling every one of the millions of dollars, generously given by various countries, to fund Qatar vacations for themselves, while the 99.99% suffer immensely due to lack of…everything.

Where is the outrage from the Gazan population itself against Hamas, for using these millions of dollars to dig tunnels into Israel and Egypt instead of building anything else, anything at all?

Where is the outrage from the world against these tunnels?

Where is the outrage against Hamas’ charter – its actual constitution – that calls for the destruction of the State of Israel?

Where is the outrage for the brave and awesome Hillel Neuer, who has the esteemed privilege of being the sole NGO who is ever interrupted when making UN Security Council statements?

Where is the outrage against the liar and prevaricator, Diana Buttu (Mr. Neuer’s constantly-foiled foil). She improvises easily-refuted acrimonious garbage on air to see what sticks. She actually accused Israel of being anti-women and anti-gay. Neuer could only respond with utter bemusement. Why is a nonsense-spouting hack like this given any airtime whatsoever?

Where is the outrage against the blatantly false, and repeatedly debunked, death numbers coming out of Gaza? Most are not civilians, because Hamas labels everyone inside of Gaza as a civilian. Teenagers are being listed as children, even the ones who are actively firing rockets into Israel. Various lists have shown up with repeated names! The Death Count is like the stock market: an upward-trending random number generator.

Where is the outrage against today’s Kristalnacht, happening right now in France and across Europe?

Where is the outrage?

Where is it?


What the dithering world does not understand or acknowledge – while it supports the hate-spewing BDS movement, lambasts Israel, and idles while countries full of innocents are being slaughtered (tip of the iceberg in this century: 5.5 million murdered in the Congo, 400,000 in Darfur, 170,000 in Syria) – is that the Jews are now, as always, simply the canary in the coalmine. The rampaging barbarian hordes come for us first; they come for you next (Third Reich, anyone? The Crusades?) Israel is merely practice. When Jews say “Never again!,” we mean it, but when Muslim clerics say “The flag of Islam will one day fly over the White House,” they mean it too.

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