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The Jewish Press apologizes to its readers for the unfortunate op-ed article, along with its incendiary and insulting headline, regarding the Atzeres Tefilla in New York on Sunday against the drafting of yeshiva students in Israel that appeared on the Jewish Press website early Monday.

The Jewish Press website is based in Israel in order to cover breaking news from the Middle East on a 24/6 basis. The article in question was posted without authorization and approval of The Jewish Press newspaper, and the individual who wrote and posted the article on the website has been fired.


Needless to say, the sentiments expressed in the article and headline do not represent those of The Jewish Press, its officers, editors, and staff. The article was deleted from the website as soon as it was brought to the attention of the publishers and editors of the newspaper.

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  1. Why would you take down that article and fire the author when all he did was represent the views of your non charedi readership who serve – and whose children serve – their country. Proudly. We will not give in to violence and intimidation nor be mislead by lies and propaganda.
    I know so many people who until now have had positive views on many aspects of the charedi world. They are so angry right now. Just today I heard a story about an 11 year old boy in a traditional home who after seeing the demonstration in Jerusalem last week told his grandmother that he does not want to have a bar mitzvah!!!

  2. There's no need to fire someone for posting his opinion. Better to put a moderation system in place whereby you view each article before posting, regardless of the time lag. Yonatan Gordon

  3. How very very unfortunate. The Haredi world needs to realize it can't speak Lashon Hara, it has to set examples for behavior (not like in Beit Shemesh or with Rabbi Pinto, or the previous Chief Rabbi). They also have to realize the secular population in Israel can no longer afford to support so many who don't work, and who criticize the IDF for saving their lives. If the Maccabees took the Haredi attitude toward fighting, Judaism would have died with their rebellion. Almost all of our great sages worked for a living AND studied Torah. I deeply worry that the chasm that is developing between the Haredim and the Dati will destroy Israel as it did the 1st and 2nd Temples.

  4. Too bad they didn’t fire half the staff when we (15 of us) in 1979 and 1982 wrote and published the parody NOT THE JEWISH PRESS. Ever since two friends of mine wrote (1979 and 1982) the *NOT* THE JEWISH PRESS, I can’t read the real thing with a straight face. BTW a few of the adverts came from yours truly 🙂 (Our Lady of Perpetual Nachas of Atlantic City; Magda’s Mikva Lady School). Where else can you read classics like: a course in TVILA B’TZIBUR held at the Boat Basin ?; A 30
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    with the address being Franklin Delano Roosevelt, 455 Moshe Feinstein Drive, NY NY ? ; an advert for Yeshivat CHOR HAKOTEL, the hole in the wall yeshiva ?; the column MEET OUR *K’TANIM*; the classified section ads like “Chumash teacher neede, P/T Beis Yaacov Yeshiva, must skip dirty parts”, “Father seeks yng man, preferable in medical profession for adorable 48
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    Then there’s their FRUMWAY advert:
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    The advert for the Broadway show:
    The Empire Chicken Strikes Back
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  6. You fired Yori for that op-ed? That’s terrible! While the op-ed may have had a controversial headline, I think many of your readers, myself included, agreed with the contents. In fact, I found a cached copy on Google and most of the comments were supportive of the article. That rally was a terrible chilul Hashem and based in lies. Yori always puts out interesting content and it would be a shame to see him fired. Please reconsider, and perhaps even re-post the op-ed, just with a less controversial headline!

  7. It’s an outrage, I tell you. Yesterday’s very public outcry should never have happened. Daven in your shul, say Tehillim with a group…but to gather and to bring attention to the internal strife we are facing, as a Jewish nation. Have we not earned anything at all from the past 70 years? The outside world cares nothing about the size of your kippah, or lack thereof. .where you buy your chalav akum/yisrael/stam or how you set your Shabbos table.. etc. We are viewed as a teeming mass of Judaism, curious but unapproachable at best and hazardous and to be feared… at worst. We do not need to bring further angst upon ourselves. Do mitzvot, help your impoverished neighbor, drive a senior citizen to the store, give back..and make the world a better place. Mi kiAmcha Yisrael? What’s going on here?

  8. In order for the Jewish Press to remain competitive against Hamodia and Yated it had to take the side of the demonstrators. Soon photos of women will have to go as well. Yanover’s oped was harsh and should have been vetted by the editors first. But I hope the Jewish Press stays true to itself

  9. I greatly enjoy Yanover's writing and am sorry to see him go. If you have a problem with the hareidim, it's nothing like the problem that they have with themselves. The insane statement of one group that they would leave the country is ridiculous. Aside from those who have foreign passports, what goyishe country would take them? And if a country did take them, wouldn't they have to work? You won't get a better writer when you try to replace Yanover. Maybe the JP will rethink things and take him back.

  10. What a fantastic piece! The headline was in very poor taste, and the content was something I’d expect to see on TOI (where bold editors understand the notion of self-criticism) rather than the JP, where the worst news you will ever see is what our enemies are going to do to us *next week*.

  11. In order for the Jewish Press to remain competitive against Hamodia and Yated it had to take the side of the anti-draft demonstrators. Soon photos of women will have to go as well. Yanover's op-ed was harsh and should have been vetted by the editors first. But I hope the Jewish Press stays true to itself

  12. Yanover expressed an opinion I agreed with, not only me, but many, many Jews around the world that would bear arms to protect the Land. I think you have a very capable system in place for vetting articles before they're published and your excuses only brand you as incompetents or worse giving into pressure. As to the Haredim. All extremism is Bad ! We label the jihadists extremists because they blow themselves up. Well, at least they have the courage of their convictions, twisted as it is. The Haredim want to be left alone to "Learn" Maybe they should learn about, Duty, Honor, Country.

  13. Yehoshua Friedman You shouldn't be. You should be more offended with the original statement. In any event, I didn't equate his statement with neo-Nazis; I responded to someone's point that "freedom of expression" is the know-all/end-all that should allow anything that can be typed.

  14. Effective immediately, I am during the Jewish Press. Please remove all my articles from your site. First because from the shores of the galut, you have no right to judge us. Second, because I do not believe in having my articles posted in a non democratic forum. Third, because an op- end is about opinions. If you disagree, counter it, don't silence it.

  15. An absolute pity you felt it necessary to stifle the truth….you should be ashamed of yourselves and i hope the individual who wrote and posted it, who you felt the need to fire, finds employment at a more truthful, less stressful, higher paying company than yours.

  16. What you should apologize for is 1. Being a rank Ad Whore. The page is almost disfunctional under the weight of all the ads. 2. For censoring the article; good or bad people had a right to read it at least. The fact that I can't find it really pisses me off because I like reading "the other side". Unfortunately this is just typical; most of these sights are totally out of touch with readers. Especially when it comes to being assaulted by a bunch of stinking ads.

  17. Thank you, Abe Cohen, for posting the article. It was well-written, informative, entertaining and right on. It was an op-ed, with an inflammatory title, but a balanced and thoughtful piece all the way through. Ultimately, the author’s love for Klal Yisrael shines through, and I found it very inspiring. I truly hope Mr. Yanover finds another job quickly. We need more voices like his.

  18. You should have fired Mr. Yanover a while back,when you published his column repeating the accusations made in the New York Post about a Hasidic Jew who had just been brutally murdered. Repeating unproven accusations against anyone who has just been murdered is terrible. It shows complete insentivity to s grieving family and friends, blackens the name of a man who may be innocent of wrongdoing, and convey the impression that his murder was justified. Equally irreponsible is repeating accusations from a scandal sheet as if they were proven facts, without doing any independent investigative reporting to verify them. Yanover sets himself up as a judge of other people about whom he knows little or nothing. As Joseph Welsh said about Senator Joseph McCarthy when the Senator made a misleading and damaging attack on a young lawyer who had done nothing wrong, "Have you sir, no sense of decency? As long last, sir, no sense of decency?"

  19. You FIRED an employee for writing an OP-ED that did not match YOUR purview of the topic??? I hope he has a better attorney than you do. Did you forget what OP-ED means? OP-EDs are about OPINIONS and your employees have the right to have them and they can differ from yours. Every self-respecting periodical allows DIFFERING opinions to be printed. I wish Yori Yanover much success when he takes you to court for the illegal firing you did.

  20. Actually, from what I am guessing, they fired him because he dared to express his opinion – I very much doubt this is the first time he posted articles as he posted that one. The "not follow protocol" is likely a polite way of saying he didn't agree with them…and for that, they should not be firing him.

  21. Michael Horowitz, I didn’t like the idea of it because I did not think it would look good to the gentiles who would not understand it but how did you go from that all the way to “informing”? Remember it was also set as a prayer gathering. Lastly, two wrongs don’t make a right either way. That Op Ed was wrong. Period. Once you agree (which if you are honest you will) we can then debate all other points.
    An interesting angle to consider…. take that OpEd and change the players. The writer being a left liberal Arab from Gaza and the charedim being simply Israelis. Try it.

  22. "The sentiments expressed in the article and the headline" expressed exactly those of thousands and thousands — perhaps millions — of Jews, but you FIRED him? That's craven, obsequious and unworthy of a real news site. I will be removing you from my list of internet sites.

  23. Protocol? Surely he submitted his article for editing and layout as all articles must be. What happened is that when the negative response came in from certain constituencies, the Jewish Press panicked and fired him. This isn't a "protocol" issue, unless by "protocol" you mean writing politically correct pieces only. And who needs a rag like that?

  24. Paula, I love the tech writer in you. And, I am completely on your side politically EXCEPT … our President is our choice and Israel cannot determine that choice. Obama is good, not just because he brought us healthcare you already enjoy. I hope you can understand that.

  25. Linda Socher No, that freaking massive Chilul Hashem on Sunday is what gives "fuel to the Jew-haters". What an image! A bunch of well-educated, well-employed, comfortable NY Jews protesting so that their similarly clad brethern in Israel remain ignorant, unemployed and poor. It was a despicable disgrace!

  26. While the Army is a very good thing for people to do, the government, i think, has an agenda to try to secularize them while there. They could, however, join Nachal Charedi and do army while keeping Jewish Law, and also learn. What i think people should understand is that we should respect both army and learning. We need the army for physical protections and we need Torah for spiritual protection

  27. I actually liked that op-ed piece. It was refreshing to see something like this in the Jewish Press. I was starting to have a new found respect for this rag.

    Alas, it was not to be. The Jewish Press did not disappoint, and removed a great article from their site. Returning to their lower class journalistic ways.

  28. Mealy mouthed apology because the op-ed piece offended sensibilities? Why are the lives of my children more expendable than the lives of those children learning in yeshiva?

  29. Gershon Shapiro you can say prayers in your galut shul.. But when you call the non Jewish press to cover your anti Israel prayer you are a moser.

    It’s time all non haredim financially boycott the haredi world. No tzedaka for any haredi group, fire every haredi Rabbi from any non haredi shul or school.

  30. What happened? You actually panicked that there was one brave man among you that had the courage to say things as they are? Chas v'shalom we should tell the truth! This reminded me why I stopped reading the jewish press years ago!

  31. I'll be the lone ranger in stating the 99% of the time The Jewish Press is a great newspaper which covers a variety of subjects. However, this reminds me of the whites apologizing to the blacks every time they cry racist.

  32. Linda Socher Yanover was exactly right, except he underestimated the number of haredi cowards who say, "Let you and he fight, while I watch." He didn't count the 250,000 in Israel who also participated in the "Million Schnorrer March." And to paraphrase Lipkin, it makes the Haredim poster childen for anti-Semites of all stripes. As if they weren't already.

  33. Yes, he was a little snarky, but he really told it like it was. They probably should have just changed the title. But firing one of their better writers for telling the truth? I do hope he sues – and wins.

  34. Why would you fire someone for his opinion? I don’t necessarily agree with the author, but to destroy someone’s parnassa over ONE ARTICLE? Why don’t you moderate, remove, set guidelines anything? This must be advertiser pressure, and it is utterly sad the JP would unhesitatingly strip someone of their income without a second thought. I am thoroughly disappointed with your actions. You should give him his job back

  35. Deborah Wenger I don't know if he has much of a legal case, although he's in Israel where the concept of "employment at will" is different than it is here. However, it's incumbent upon us who feel Yanover was mistreated to make our opinions known — forcefully. Yanover and I have been at loggerheads over many issues (I am the Jewish Press's resident apikorus), but he was absolutely correct about Haredim here, and I've got his back on this.

  36. Sean Brierley I think the outrage here is about censorship of an op-ed piece and not Obama per se. For the good or the bad, the Jewish Press is wrong to have fired someone for expressing his opinion. As for Obama – I can't argue against what he is doing in the States…I can only say outside the States, he has damaged the US reputation and would endanger America's allies beyond repair, if we/they let him.

  37. While at times a little harsh, the message was fair and pointed out hypocrisy! I applaud Mr. Yanover.
    Your apology and "excuse" are weak and misguided. A true apology to Mr. Yanover is called for.

  38. The hatred blinds you all. There is a difference in telling the truth or stating opinions and incitement such as saying that the charedim demanded that others get killed for them. Using such language is not acceptable in a debate and only serves to lose the debate before it starts. If any of you are too blind to see this then there is nothing for me to add. I wish we all increase in ahavat israel…..

  39. My son is an officer in an IDF combat unit protecting everyone in Israel, unfortunately those that desecrate the name of the IDF so despicably. The op-ed was nothing to apologize about. And whatever happened to free speech?

  40. Your apology is totally offensive. Mr. Yanover should not be fired for expressing his opinion. So many of us totally agree with him. These people are willing to allow our boys to go to war, they totally discount their learning and feel they're the only ones who count. If their learning is keeping the country safe, why don't they just keep learning and davening for the draft law to be changed

  41. What made you fire him. He had a valid Zionist viewpoint. Style was inflammatory, yes! You should have someone write a counter view not fire him. A debate would uplifted you paper. In lieu you took the cowards way out.

    Some one is opposed to Jewish self defense? Why do some Jews have to serve and not others? In-spite of time for Yeshiva study and accommodations for separation of women, and kashrut.

  42. Was it an op-ed, or an editorial? The latter is supposed to be the position of the paper. Even if it was an op-ed, a paper isn't a blogging platform, and the editors can accept or reject an article based solely on what views they wish to publicize.

  43. and so, this is the end of the road of the Jewish Press. once a paper one could rely on for views not in accordance with charedi propaganda, who firmly believed in freedom of speech. it is sad see them too pandering to the right

  44. Yoni claims he followed normal procedures and the article was vetted by his supervisor. They have forfeited the opportunity to have somone debate him in lieu of canning him. His viewpoint even if harsh is the viewpoint of the majority of Jews in Israel, including religious soldiers.

  45. Paula R. Stern – I'm not a big Obama fan, but the real damage to America's reputation was done by Bush/Cheney who created a phony war, which ruined our political and military standing, alienated our allies, further energized the jihadists, and gutted our economy. Has anyone noticed that over the past 2-3 years the US deficit is steadily disappearing? And that we haven't pursued the John Wayne foreign policies that so severely damaged us and others in the past? If that lowers the US reputation in the world, then the problem lies elsewhere.

  46. Start a petition to have Yanover rehired. He told the truth. Would any of us want to send of children into battle while others are completely exempt. We lived through this during the Vietnam War with draft dodger YESHIVOT. JEWISH PRESS rehire him. I hope others will join me in this request. RABBI DR. BERNHARD ROSENBERG

  47. Known for its editorial feistiness, The Jewish Press was politically incorrect long before the phrase was coined. This your own statement about yourself. Firing Yoni Yanover was a self contradiction. You are proud that Rabbi Meir Kahne was among your writers. Would Kahne have been more charitable to people advocate for Jews not to defend the state. Or a certain class of Jew anyway.

  48. Wasn't the oped line correct? The Haredim want to study all day and let others support & die to protect them? Where in the Torah does it say one is obligated to sit & study all day? If they don't want to do army duty, perhaps community service or overseas outreach like Chabad emissary's?

  49. The headline (and opening sentence) was indeed incendiary and insulting. How did it get past your editors? I'm very glad you've retracted it. However, I confess that there was much in the article which rang true, and I think a carefully thought out editorial response would have been preferable to firing the writer.

  50. Jacob,the hareidi lifestyle involves challenges of a different kind – not just for three years but for a lifetime. You may disagree with it – I myself do on numerous levels – but the suggestion that it is a cowardly cop out is simplistic and unfair. Yanover's article made many good points, and I have no problem with his expressing them – as I said; but the headline was incendiary and insulting and should never have been published in a newspaper that takes itself seriously.

  51. I understand that many feel that they should join the army. But just because they don't want to, doesn't give someone the right to say, "…….let other Jews die." Those who don't join are Not saying that. They are just worried that the Government wants to secularize them. Not everyone has to do the same thing. Some people choose army, and some people choose learning, and some choose both.

  52. Gizella Elbaz I totally agree with you but remember that the Jewish Press in my opinion is a right wing paper controlled by fanatics and that it is not worth the paper it's written on. It's best read in the toilet so it may also be used as toilet paper.

  53. Morons and Imbeciles of the Editorial Board: Your pathetic reaction to an op-ed piece only reminds my why I no longer read your silly haredi comic book that masquerades as a newspaper. I used to enjoy all those press releases from narcissistic "machers" with puffed-up egos, as well as the comics about King Solomon's Temple and the Shamir in the center double truck. A pox on you.

  54. If you don't hear both sides of the story- you have no right to bash the Jewish Press. The reason Yori was fired was not because of this there was so much more involved. If you are truly the righteous person that others claim, you would have done more research before you put up that you are FIRING THE JEWISH PRESS.

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