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Harry Potter in the Middle East

Wait for it… She continues:

“I think readers assume that Dumbledore is wise enough, knowledgeable enough and compassionate enough to sense that Snape, though he has led a despicable adult life, has something human left inside him, something that can be redeemed… He can’t know that Snape will have the moral or physical courage to change course, let alone help defeat Voldemort. Yet still, Dumbledore goes to the hilltop.”


Or, in Rowlingese: even though the majority of Israelis are land grabbing, olive grove uprooting, baby burning settlers who won’t listen to reason—there is still within their accursed society a core of reason, a ray of sunshine, call it Meretz, call it the EU-financed Israeli NGOs—and, believing they were there, within the monster, Dumbledore went to his Middle East Peace Talks with Prime Minister Benjamin Voldemort.

Alas, in the intellectual Heart of Darkness environment of Britain’s left, even Harry Potter’s creator’s call for a moderation in hating the Jewish State is met with scorn. The Telegraph cited a spokesman for UK-based charity War on Want, who said: “J.K. Rowling is right to assert that the Palestinian people have suffered untold brutality and injustice, but she is wrong to turn her back on the call for a boycott of Israeli academic institutions. That call comes from Palestinians who know first-hand the brutality of the Apartheid system, in which Israeli academic institutions are so deeply entrenched.

“The fact remains that the small number of Israeli academics who have spoken out in support of Palestinian rights have been ostracized from their universities. Rowling should rethink her position and join the growing number of cultural figures around the world who support the boycott call.”

Or, as a 1930s German government put it so succinctly: “Kauf nicht bei Juden!” (Don’t Buy from Jews!).

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