Albania to Host First-Ever Balkan Forum Against Anti-Semitism

The Albanian parliament last week unanimously endorsed the IHRA definition of Anti-Semitism, which includes attacks on Zionism.

Israel Slams Erdogan’s ‘Disgusting Comparison’ of Muslims in Europe to Jews in Holocaust

Erdogan focused much of his anger on France and French President Emmanuel Macron. The two are already in conflict over French policy against the separatism of Muslim communities across the country.

Jewish Candidate in Arizona Discovers Campaign Sign Marred with Swastika

“Someone that I’ve never met, never seen, hates me for a reason I can’t control, because of who I was born to be,” said Seth Blattman.

Turkey Arrests 3 for Selling Antique Bible Stolen from Aleppo Museum

The manuscript was handed over to the Museums Directorate in Gaziantep, while local police arrested three people whose nationalities have not been reported.

Chicago Shul Members Lock & Load for Safety

Since October 2, there have been at least five armed robberies and two shootings in Rogers Park, the heart of the Jewish Community in Chicago.

Lubavitch Appoints UAE Emissary

Just like the joke about the Jewish guy on a desert island, Dubai is home to three synagogues.

‘Jews for Trump’ Pelted with Eggs, Stones, Punched Out in Times Square

One protester was arrested for pepper-spraying a Jewish family of seven inside their car.

WATCH: Anti-Trump Attackers Punch Drivers, Rip Flags Off JewsForTrump Vehicles in Times Square

A gang of thugs hurled rocks at drivers from an overlook on the Prospect Expressway as the convoy passed underneath.

Watch: Biggest ‘Jews for Trump’ Rally in the United States Starts in New York

All four convoys are set to gather and wind it up at a rally in the Marine Park section of Brooklyn on the outskirts of Flatbush at around 5 pm.

Illinois Jewish Students File Complaint with Feds on Anti-Semitic Hostile Environment

Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color, and national origin in educational institutions that receive federal funding.

Study: Jewish Population in Europe Shrinking, Lowest Share of Population in 900 Years

Jews in Europe had constituted 83% of world Jewry in 1900 but currently account for merely 9% of the total number of Jews worldwide, according to the study.

Bank of Lithuania Issues Silver Collectors’ Coin to Honor Vilna Gaon

The country’s parliament has declared 2020 as the Year of the Vilna Gaon and Lithuanian Jewish History.

Report: Trump Administration may Designate Prominent Human Rights Groups ‘Anti-Semitic’

Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and Oxfam are said to be in Washington’s sights over their policies and affiliation with the BDS movement.

EU Donates €30 Million to Anti-Semitic, Terror-Tied NGOs in 2019 – Report

Nearly $6.9 million was given to an NGO ties to the PFLP terrorist organization.

Chomsky, Waters, Demand Banning Canadian Jewish Schools’ Salute to IDF Events, Calling Them ‘Recruitment’

The authors of the open letter also launched a formal legal complaint with the Justice Minister, since it's a crime in Canada to recruit anyone for a foreign military.

Cuomo Caves to Jewish Schoolgirls, Loosens Targeted Lockdown Order

The new restrictions completely banned in-person instruction at BYAM, stripping parents of their right to direct the religious education and upbringing of their children.

Watch: Mayor Bill de Blasio Says He Apologized to Haredi Leaders, Seeks ‘Positive Reset’

“That one night in Williamsburg I let my frustration and concern get away with me and I should have been more careful in my language."

Proof Positive Anti-Semitism Is Dangerous

Michael Doran is an American analyst of the international politics of the Middle East and a Senior Fellow at the Hudson Institute. But his...

Poll: 75 Percent of US Jews Would Vote for Biden, While 22 Percent for...

Trump is preferred by 74 percent of Orthodox, 23 percent of Conservative, 20 percent of Reform, 3 percent of Reconstructionist and 14 percent of secular Jews.

Group Rallies Against Cuomo, de Blasio over new COVID Restrictions Directed at Jews

Jewish leaders and groups, specifically the ultra-Orthodox community, have sharply criticized the two leaders for their enforcement of coronavirus restrictions amid a spike in cases.

Indiana Police Terminates Neo-Nazi Officer

Chief Patrick Flannelly of the Lafayette, Indiana, Police Dept. told the Journal&Courier that missing Zacharek's neo-Nazi posts "was a gut punch."

March of the Living Launches #LetThereBeLight Global Interfaith Initiative Commemorating Kristallnacht

"Anti-Semitism and racism threaten our society as a whole, they endanger our values ​​and our democracy."

European Jewish Leader Slams Munich Auction House for Selling Nazi Memorabilia

“It defies logic, decency and humanity for the very same auction house that came under fire less than a year ago for selling . . . Nazi memorabilia that they should do so again."

Cuomo to Satmar: Have a Big Wedding Next Year, Invite Me, I’ll Come

The governor related that one of his daughters had to give up her college-graduation ceremony because of the pandemic.

Hadassah Hospital Organizes Son’s Wedding At the Window So Critically Ill Father Can Attend...

“The opportunity to enable the father to watch and attend his son’s wedding, especially when he is so very ill, is an unforgettable moment."

Rebbetzin Malka Piotrkowski: We should Reexamine Prohibition of Touching During Nida

"When giving birth, the touch is a mixture of affection and support, when halachically the woman is Nida."

Satmar Leader Who Supported Corona Health Guidelines Died of the Pandemic

In April, Rabbi Rispler defended New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio who rebuked the Chassidic community following a crowded funeral for a victim of the pandemic.

Elan Carr Criticizes Gov. Cuomo for Coronavirus Restrictions Targeting Orthodox Jews

Carr: New York’s governor and mayor could have handled the situation far better with communities wanting to “worship and attend funerals.”

Twitter, Google Decline to be in State Department Event Countering Antisemitism

Facebook and TikTok, however, each sent a senior representative in the same week that Facebook also banned Holocaust denial on its platform.

Satmar Trying to Avoid Showdown with Governor over 10,000-Strong Wedding

The wedding ceremony was planned in two venues, one on Rodney Street and another on nearby Bedford Avenue, the locations of a Satmar synagogue and a yeshiva.


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