An inmate at the Will County Adult Detention Facility has sued the jail and Will County, Illinois Sheriff Paul Kaupas, on the grounds that his civil rights were violated last year when jail officials failed to adequately provide him with kosher meals, The Herald News reports.

The inmate, Sal Auditore, in his federal complaint filed Feb. 25, alleged that even though he told authorities he was Jewish, and therefore entitled to kosher meals, he continued to be served the same food as the rest of the inmates.


Over a one-month period, Auditore, formerly residing in Carol Stream, Illinois, says he was served the same hot dog meal on a daily basis and that half the time the hot dog was made of pork.

Auditore, who is seeking unspecified damages, says in the lawsuit that when he complained about the food he was told, “if you don’t like it, don’t eat it.”


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