The Palestinian Authority TV channel, partly controlled by the Ramallah government of Mahmoud Abbas, sometimes spread anti-Semitism and a demonizing image of Israel, according to the same Norwegian Holocaust Center that has contributed money to the PA.

“Some of the network’s broadcasts definitely show traits of anti-Semitism, said Holocaust Center researcher Øivind Kopperud, quoted by the Norway Post.


Emad Alsafar, the channel’s program director, denied the allegations and blamed them on the Palestinian Media Watch (PMW), whose documented PA television incitement against Israel was studied by Kopperud. Alsafar charged that the PMW puts a spin on Palestinian Authority television programs.

State Secretary Torgeir Larsen told the Norwegian newspaper that he has read the PMW material and the examples of blatant anti-Semitism, but that the PMW has its own agenda. He concluded that Norway will continue to offer financial support to the Palestinian Authority.



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