Breaking the Silence said that “the recycled claims made by Im Tirtzu – a rightist movement with fascist characteristics – have no connection with reality. Breaking the Silence is fully transparent and proud of its donors. We will continue breaking the silence until the end of the occupation and for the sake of a better future for the state of Israel.”

Yesh Din said that “Im Tirtzu, a movement that the courts ruled has ‘fascist characteristics,’ continues to recycle its claims as part of a demonization and delegitimization campaign against human rights organizations in Israel. We work to combat the ongoing and institutionalized violation of the rights of Palestinians and to challenge the government in general. Instead of resolving the problems raised by the groups on this imaginary list of enemies, [Im Tirtzu] tries to discredit them by disseminating false and misleading information and calling us names meant to intimidate the public, despite having no root in reality.”



— Israel Hayom via JNS

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