Charges Filed Against Israeli Woman for Spying for Hezbollah

The woman sent photos to Hezbollah from around the country.

High Court Only Allows Demolition of Top Floor of Rina Shnerb’s Murderer’s Home

The judges also ruled that the top floor could be demolished only after Passover eve.

Shabbat Overview: Gaza Rocket; NY, NJ, CT May Be Quarantined; Land Day Riots Cancelled

In Israel, 425 new patients have been identified by Shabbat morning, bringing the total number of infected Israelis to 3,460, with 12 dead and 89 recovered.

Arab Israeli Lawmaker Lauds ‘Heroic Efforts’ of Arab Terrorists’ Mothers

Yet more statement by Lapid-Gantz supporters in support of terrorists and terrorism.

Joint Arab List Gets Chairmanship of Committee Dealing with Compensating Terror Victims

They will manipulate the committee agenda, seeing as many of the List MKs openly support anti-Zionist terrorism.

Watch: Former Terrorist Denounces the Global ‘Occupation’ Industry

Masad contends that the "Occupation" is a business, a way to make money, perpetuated by far-Left organizations and the Palestinian Authority.

IDF Shoots and Kills Terrorist in Rock Throwing Attack

Arab terrorists were raining down rocks on cars driving on the highway.

Hezbollah and Syrian Army Behind Election Day Attack in Golan, IDF Investigation Finds

Snipers had opened fire from Syria into the Golan on March 2nd, prompting an Israeli counterstrike in which a senior Hezbollah operative was killed in a helicopter strike on the car he was driving.

IDF: Iran Scaling Back Terror Operations Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

Iran's official Coronavirus death toll is over 725, with some 14,000 people having tested positive. Unofficially...

Iraqis Say US Attack Took Out Civilian Facility

The Kataib Hezbollah group on Thursday boasted that their attack had been “a precision jihadi operation.”

Police Arrest 2 Arabs in Near Fatal Assault on Israeli Youth

An Arab man threw a cinder-block through the open window of the car, hitting the boy in his head.

Jewish Boy in Serious Condition after Attack by Arabs in Samaria

When the boy entered the vehicle in a rush to flee the perilous scene, an Arab threw a cinderblock from a short distance through the open window and hit him in the head.

Israeli School for Syrian Refugee Children in Greece Burns Down, Arson Suspected

"Erdogan opens the borders to allow refugees to move into Greece, creating a boiling point that causes a lot of frustration for the local residents, and encourages far right groups to raise their heads."

US Army Rejects Iron Dome: ‘Exceptionally Difficult to Integrate’

"Everyone also knew going in that it was tailor-made for Israel, and so it is not going to be optimized for the United States."

IDF Demolishes Homes of Rina Shnerb’s Killers

The killers used an improvised explosive device planted in the road, which they blew up as the father and his son and daughter were passing by.

Israel Seizes $4 M. of Terror Funding En Route from Iran to Hamas

Iran has spent nearly one billion dollars a year to support terrorist groups that serve as its proxies and expand its malign influence across the globe.

Report: Hezbollah Operative Killed in Israeli Strike in Syria

Various reports claim the man was a senior Hezbollah operative named Imad Tawil who was entrusted with developing Iran’s infrastructure in the areas adjacent to Syria’s border with Israel.

IAF Downs ‘Abnormal’ Drone Off Gaza Strip

On Wednesday, the Coordinator of Government Operations in the Territories reinstated some of the relief gestures for the residents of the Gaza Strip.

IDF Discovers Bomb Intended to Hit Israeli Worshipers in Shechem

Some 2,000 Jewish worshipers attended the special prayer sessions held once a month.

Tense Quiet on Gaza Border following Islamic Jihad Ceasefire Declaration

The Jihad told the mediators that they had no interest in a new war in Gaza, not before the elections in Israel and not after.

Monday, Monday: 50+ Rockets Aimed at Israel by Gaza Terrorists

One of the rockets slammed into a children’s playgroup in the yard of a school, causing great damage but miraculously no physical injuries.

WATCH: Ashkelon’s Barzilai Hospital Moves Babies to Bomb Shelter

The specially-equipped room will keep them safe from terrorist missiles that are being aimed at the city.

Gaza Shooting Resumed: Heavy Barrage on Gaza Border Communities

Six rockets were fired, five of which were intercepted.

6 Islamic Jihad, Pro-Iran Militias, Dead in Israeli Bombing South of Damascus

"The Israeli warplanes targeted, from outside Syrian airspace and from over the occupied Syrian Golan, the surrounding of Damascus with a number of batches of missiles."

Watch: Terrorists Shoot Fireworks at Jewish Windows on Mount of Olives

"And again, unfortunately, as in previous times, no resident has fired in order to hit the terrorists and no terrorist has been arrested yet."

Classes Canceled, Home Front Command Issues Instructions

The instructions issued by the Home Front Command are generally issued at the start of a serious clash with Gaza terrorists.

No School in Ashkelon on Monday Due to Rocket Attacks

"I have decided not to take a risk on our children's lives and to cancel education in all educational settings in Ashkelon."


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