Israel Releases Brother of Commander Whose Terror Squad Snatched Hadar Goldin’s Body

Yosef Masoud is a member of the Izz a-Din Al-Qassam battalion -- the military wing of Gaza’s ruling Hamas terrorist organization.

Egyptian Terrorist Carried Quran with Weapons in Planned Attack

Two separate investigations are being carried out by the IDF, with both probes to be completed within the week.

NYPD Rejects Anarchists’ Complaint Against Rothman; Next: Ruin ‘Celebrate Israel Parade’

What damage can we expect from these dedicated rebels on Social Security on Sunday? Here is their itinerary.

Netanyahu Vows Full Probe of ‘Severe, Extraordinary’ Egyptian Terror Attack

Netanyahu: "I "commend our forces who sought contact and eliminated the terrorist."

Egyptian Terrorist Kills 3 IDF Soldiers in Cross-Border Terror Attack

It is believed the terrorist may have infiltrated through an emergency gate on the border used by IDF soldiers in coordination with Egypt.

DM Gallant Warns: Egypt’s Cooperation of ‘Great Importance’ in Probe of Attack on IDF...

"The deadly incident on the Egyptian border on Shabbat is severe and extraordinary and will be fully investigated," PM Netanyahu said.

NGO Advocating Early Release for Cancer-Ridden Terrorist Violated Non-Profit Law

Baladna was not on former Defense Minister Benny Gantz’s list of NGOs that were banned for supporting terror organizations.

Anarchist Falange Manhunting Simcha Rothman in Downtown Manhattan

They're all boomers. It’s a perfect combination: fascistic aspirations and Social Security.

2-Year-Old Arab Boy Shot During Arab Terror Attack [Updated]

The terrorists began by opening fire on the community and the soldiers' position.

The Long Goodbye: Israeli Sbarro Terror Victim Dies After 22 Years in Vegetative State

"My mother didn't die, but I lost her forever," Chana Nachenberg's only child, Sarah, said at age 14 at a 2013 OneFamily Foundation event.

Report: Israel Killed 5 PFLP-GC Terrorists in Lebanon

If true, then this would be the first targeted Israeli attack on Lebanese soil in nine years, for the purpose of actually eliminating terrorists.

Hermesh Terror Victim Identified as 32-Year-Old Meir Tamari

Meir Tamari’s mother-in-law is the second wife of Binyamin Horgen, who lost his first wife Esther three years ago in a terrorist attack in the Reihan Forest north of Hermesh.

IDF Maps Dees’ Killer’s Home for Demolition

Israeli forces also mapped the Shechem home of the Arab terrorist who directed the killing in October of Staff Sgt. Ido Baruch.

Jewish Man Murdered in Arab Drive-By Shooting, IDF Launches Manhunt

The Arab terrorists drove past the man's vehicle and opened fire on him.

‘We’ll Take Iran in 24 Hours, Don’t Test Us’ – Taliban Threatening War Against...

The 1973 agreement guarantees Iran an average of 0.22 cubic meters per second of water

Terrorist Group’s Activities Continue Masquerading as Student Exchange Programs

National Unity Party MK Sharen Haskel submitted a query to the Defense Minister asking why a terrorist organization is allowed to operate freely.

Palestinian Authority Terrorists Open Fire at Mevo Dotan, Gan Ner

Miraculously there were no physical injuries reported in either attack.

Lucy Dee Posthumously Saves Arab Israeli Muslim with Kidney Donation

Rabbi Leo Dee: “This is what Lucy would have wanted,” the rabbi said. “Her kidney is a sign of peace and reconciliation."

Terrorist Killed Outside Synagogue in Teneh Omarim

The terrorist slipped under the vehicle gate to the community, which no one was guarding at the time.

Iran Unveils Khaybar Missile Capable of Reaching Israel

Khaybar is the location in present-day Saudi Arabia where the Muslim Prophet Muhammed’s forces defeated Jewish communities in 628 C.E.

9 Months Later, Israel Arrests 3rd Terrorist Who Attacked a Bus in Jordan Valley

Maher Saeed Turkman is married to a resident of eastern Jerusalem and is an Israeli citizen carrying a blue ID card.

Israeli Arab Arrested for Bus Bombing Plot

In January of this year, two Israeli Arab citizens from Mu'awiya, outside Haifa, were arrested after also being recruited by the Hamas.

Huwara Terror Continues: Elderly Jewish Woman Wounded in Rock Attack

Highway 60 in Huwara has become a deadly site for Israeli Jews traveling to and from Samaria are forced to pass through the town because there is no bypass road.

Leo Dee Suing CNN’s Christiane Amanpour

"The Jewish community must never again allow the defamation of its good name and character,” Rabbi Shmuel Boteach said.

Watch: Car Shot Near Evyatar

No one was wounded in the terror attack.

Gallant Reveals: Iran Converting Commercial Vessels into Floating Terror Bases

The IRGC is converting trading vessels into military ships armed with UAVs and missile systems. Iran aims to establish terror bases in the maritime space of the Middle East region.

Security Forces Kill 3, Arrest 13, Destroy Explosives Lab in Shechem Refugee Camp, Jenin

According to Al-Quds, before their withdrawal from the Balata camp, the Israeli forces blew up several homes in the camp.

Israeli Soldier Injured in Huwara Terror Ramming Attack

Although other soldiers at the site opened fire at the terrorist, he managed to escape.


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