IAF Responds in Gaza to Balloon Bombs, Rocket Attack

“In response to the rocket and explosive balloons launched from Gaza at Israel, we just struck a Hamas military post in Gaza."

Iran Accuses US of Taking Down Fars News Website

Fars said it had received an email from its server company, which “explicitly said that the blockage is due to an order by the Treasury's Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC)."

Gaza Balloon Bombs Reach Sde Boker, 60 Kilometers Away

Now Israeli Jewish parents must teach their children not only to beware of pretty, colorful balloons, but also to suspect soccer balls and any other toys.

Update: Yes There Was a Red Alert, But No Rocket Attack

The rocket siren was triggered in the Gaza border community of Nir Am.

Balloon Bombs Land in Ashdod, Gaza Border

One of the bombs was inside a soccer ball. Another landed near a shopping mall.

Israel Fears Renewed Border Fire as 50 World Leaders Begin International Holocaust Forum

Against the backdrop of progress in the negotiations for normalization in the Gaza Strip, the meeting of some fifty world leaders at the Yad...

He Wants to Ban their Pro-Terrorist MK, But Arab List Insists They’ll Back Gantz

Benny Gantz would have no choice but to lean on the Joint Arab List in the Knesset, if he wants to form and maintain a majority government.

Father, Daughter Hurt in Gush Etzion Terrorist Stone-Throwing Attack

Miraculously, the driver managed to control the vehicle and continue traveling until he reached the Jewish town of Nokdim.

Explosive Balloons from Gaza Reach Beit Shemesh

The balloon bomb landed in the town of Mesilat Zion. A sapper dismantled the explosives.

Balloon Bombs Bring More Terror to Southern Israel

A balloon bomb from Gaza was spotted later in the day over a farmer’s field near the southern Israeli border, the second one of the day.

Gaza Sources: Uptick in Hamas Attacks on Israel are on the Way

Hamas is upset with Egypt, so naturally they plan to take it out on Israel.

IDF Launches Infrastructure to Detect, Prevent Hezbollah Underground Excavations

It will be monitoring the area as a preventive measure. Should new underground activity be detected, it would be thwarted in the manner applied a year ago.

The Circus is Over: Bennett Orders IDF to Deal with the Violent Radical Leftwing...

Restraining orders will be issued, and the IDF has been ordered to use a firm hand against the violent riots by leftwing anarchists in Judea and Samaria.

Gaza Explosive Balloons Hit Ashdod Beach, Sderot

Hamas sources are claiming that the new balloon attacks are the work of Islamic Jihad terrorists who were loyal to Bahaa Abu el-Atta.

Jewish Man, 22, Stabbed in Hebron on Shabbat

A force from the Nahal Brigade overtook the terrorist without opening fire.

IDF Targets Terror Positions in Response to IED Balloon Attacks

An IDF combat helicopter attacked an infrastructure used for underground activity by the Hamas terrorist organization in the northern Gaza Strip.

IED on Incendiary Balloon from Gaza Explodes in Southern Israel Community

Israel Police sappers who were summoned to the site arrived just as the bomb exploded. Miraculously, no one was physically injured.

Terror Victim Demands Arab MK Be Banned from Running for Knesset After Praising Notorious...

Heba Yazbak, of the Arab-majority Joint List, shared a photo of Kunter and praised him as a “martyred warrior” who died while waging Jihad.

Finnish MP Arrested While Attempting to Cut Gaza Border Fence

Meanwhile, to keep things in perspective, Arab terrorists fired a number of rockets from the Gaza Strip at Israel's southern communities this week.

Two Iranians Sentenced for Spying on the United States

“This case illustrates Iran’s targeting of Americans in the United States in order to silence those who oppose the Iranian regime or otherwise further its goals,” said U.S. Assistant Attorney General for National Security John Demers.

IDF Retaliates in Gaza for Terrorist Rocket Attack on Southern Israel

Arab media reported the “Hamas-controlled civil administration HQ” was targeted by the IDF in northern Gaza.

Explosive Balloons Land in Sderot from Gaza

Security personnel summoned Israel Police sappers to the various locations to defuse the explosives.

Israel’s Bar Association Dis-Appoints Defender of Terrorists

Bereaved parents called the appointment "an unparalleled disgrace" and a "spit in the face of thousands of Israelis who have been murdered over the years."

Jersey City Terrorists’ Bomb ‘Could Have Killed People Five Football Fields Away’

In addition to that first powerful bomb, there was enough material in the van to create a second bomb like it.

Update: Appointment of Terrorist-Defending Lawyer to Military Court Committee Now Frozen

Lea Tsemel has represented a long list of terrorists. Families of terror victims expressed their outrage at her appointment.


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