Gantz on Fox News: Israel Prepared to Strike Iran’s Nuclear Sites

Gantz said: "The American policy should be American policy, and Israeli policy should stay Israeli policy."

Suspected Terror Stabbing Attack in Vetlanda, Sweden

"These are terrible events. My thoughts go to the victims and their relatives."

Syria Set to Join UN Commission Fighting ‘Subjugation of Peoples’

The announcement of Syria's promotion to the post was made on the same day a UN commission accused Syria of crimes against humanity including genocide.

PA Plants Trees at a Girls’ School in Honor of Terrorists

Among the “heroic prisoners” the PA honored are the cousins Karim and Maher Younes who kidnapped and murdered Israeli soldier Avraham Bromberg in 1980.

Iran Denies Involvement in Attack on Israeli-Owned Ship

PM Netanyahu said very clearly that Iran was behind the attack on the ship.

Netanyahu Blames Iran for Blowing Up Ship, Tehran Newspaper Admits Same

Israel is convinced the IRGC Navy is behind the attack.

Prison Service Cuts Fatah Terrorists’ Cable TV to 10 Channels, Hamas to 5

Im Tirtzu said it was "shameful that terrorists receive lavish benefits that are being paid for by the Israeli taxpayer."

WATCH: Unarmed Yeshiva Student Fights Off Armed Terrorist

The young man held off the armed terrorist with his bare hands until he managed to escape.

Promoter of ‘Israeli Apartheid’ Attacks, Betty McCollum is New Chair of Defense Appropriations

"Now my goal with HR 4391 is ... to force policymakers to think about the 3.8 billion dollars in U.S. aid to Israel and how that helps ... the repression of the Palestinian people."

Terror Cell Arrested in Ramming Attack on IDF Soldiers

The weapon fell from the terrorists' vehicle and no shots were fired; fleeing the scene, the driver accelerated the vehicle and hit one of the soldiers instead.

PA Paid Over NIS 500 Million in Salaries to Terrorists in 2020, 3.25% of...

The PA pays terrorists in a roundabout way so that there's explicit no reference to the salaries at all in their budget.

Biden Snubs Bibi, Rescinds Iran Sanctions, Ready to Reopen Nuclear Talks

Biden said nothing to the Israeli leader about his plan to bring back the nuclear deal as is.

Hezbollah Abductor of Late IDF Reservists Goldwasser & Regev Dies of COVID-19 Complications

The bodies of Goldwasser and Regev were only returned to Israel on July 16, 2008. Their abductors were never captured.

Report: Iran Behind Plot to Attack UAE Embassies in Africa

Tehran has set its sights on the UAE due to its rapprochement with Israel and efforts to hinder Iran’s nuclear program, says The New York Times.

Blinken ‘Outraged’ by Iranian Proxy’s Attack on US Base in Iraq that Killed 1,...

Awliyaa al-Dam is one of a dozen Shiite militias affiliated with Iran in northern Iraq.

Iran-Backed Houthi Terrorists Brag About Hitting Saudi Civilian Plane After Blinkin Confirms Removal from...

"The revocations are intended to ensure that relevant US policies do not impede assistance to those already suffering . . . the world’s worst humanitarian crisis."

In Clandestine Operation Samaria Settlers Rebuild Joshua’s Altar Destroyed by Palestinian Authority

"As soon as you have crossed the Jordan into the land that the LORD your God is giving you, you shall set up large stones."

Watch: IDF Blows Up Home of Esther Horgan’s Killer

Violent riots developed during the operation, in which Arabs threw stones at the forces that responded by using means of dispersing demonstrations.

Young Terrorist Caught and Punished by His Arab Victims

An Israeli army force eventually arrived at the scene and arrested the young terrorist for his actions.

IDF Demolishes Homes of Terrorist Who Murdered Israeli Mother of 6

The demolition was carried out after the terrorist’s family filed a petition with the High Court of Justice, which rejected it.

New Report Exposes Hezbollah Missile Sites Near Beirut Charity-Run Schools

The Islamic Shiite Waqf Committee in Burj al Barajneh foundation is suspected of being used to hide ballistic missiles and launch sites, according to the Alma research organization.

Blinken Tells CNN Obama Is Back, Trump Is But a Fading Dream

Despite the alarming headline of this report, Biden and Blinken are probably better for Israel and the Middle East than Obama and John Kerry, if only because they're too busy dealing with other issues first.

White House, UN Boost Iran’s Yemen Meddling, Clip Saudi, UAE Resistance

Aid agencies in Yemen welcomed President Biden’s plan to revoke the Houthis' designation as a terrorist group.

US Officials Condemn Assassination of Lebanese Anti-Hezbollah Activist

Lokman Slim, 58, a publisher and filmmaker, was part of a small group of Shi’ite Muslim political activists who openly criticized the terror group.

Jewish Group ‘Disturbed’ by Canada’s Refusal to Designate Iran’s IRGC as Terror Group

“Ultimately, the IRGC is more dangerous than any of the groups listed, and constitutes a real and present danger to Iranian dissidents, the Jewish community and Canadians in general,” said B’nai Brith Canada.

Belgian Court Convicts Iranian Diplomat of Bomb Plot in France

Assadolah Assad, who served in the Iranian embassy in Vienna, was convicted of transporting explosives for an attack on leaders of the National Council of Resistance of Iran at the group’s annual rally near Paris in 2018.

In First Major Foreign Policy Speech Biden Calls Off Saudi Arabia’s Fight Against Iran’s...

Biden insisted that his speech was intended to “send a clear message to the world: America is back,” but he might as well have said Jimmy Carter's America was back.

Guard Wrestles Terrorist Attempting to Infiltrate Home in Sdeh Efraim Farm

The guard wrestled with the terrorist until another guard and the home owner got there and shot the terrorist.
Jibril Rajoub warned that "a vote for Netanyahu is a vote for war and racism."

EXCLUSIVE: Allegations of Jibril Rajoub’s Involvement in Eliminating Hamas Members Surface as Elections Heat...

Arafat's personal documents seem to indicate that Rajoub was involved in killing a number of Hamas terrorists.

Israel’s High Court of Justice Votes to Partially Demolish Home of Esther Horgen’s Killer

Horgen, 52 and the mother of six children, was killed in late December by Muhammad Cabha after going for a power walk in a forest near her home in Tel Menashe in Northern Samaria.


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