Terrorist Who Murdered Avraham Hassano in 2015 Sent to Life in Prison

Alttiti was also ordered to compensate the Hassano family with NIS 1.8 million.

Rachelle Fraenkel: Hamas Sought to Curse Israel But Blessed Us Instead

“In a problematic situation, when it is possible to be so critical, it is important to find the good, to connect with it, to love it, to increase it and then let it grow and look at reality,” Fraenkel said.

IDF Attacks Gaza Terrorists in Retaliation for Rocket Fire

Israeli combat helicopters targeted a Hamas military post in the area of Zeitoun, east of Gaza City.

Iron Dome Intercepts Rocket Attack, No Injuries

All the rockets landed in open areas except one that was headed for a populated area -- that one was intercepted by IDF Iron Dome fighters.

Families of US Troops Killed in Jordan Call for Cutting Aid Until Terrorists Extradited

Efforts are also underway to push for the extradition of Ahlam Tamimi, the mastermind behind 2001 Sbarro pizzeria bombing in Jerusalem that killed 15 people, including two Americans.

Hamas Fires Missiles at Sea to Prepare for War on Israeli Sovereignty

While Hamas was firing its rockets into the sea, however, Israel had already decided not to go ahead with its scheduled sovereignty plan.

Israel Security Agency Thwarts Effort to Recruit Spies for Hezbollah

Two Arab-Israeli women taken into custody on June 6 • Lebanese terror group uses ex-Israeli Lebanese journalist for recruitment.

Rashida Tlaib Retweets Lies About a Palestinian Authority Terrorist

Ahmed Erekat, 27, rammed his car directly into a young female Israeli Border Guard Police officer after making a good-bye video.

Pakistani Supreme Court Paves Way to Free Man Convicted of Daniel Pearl’s Murder

Pakistan’s courts have just shown that murderous anti-Semitism is acceptable in mainstream Pakistani law and society,” said CAMERA communications director Jonah Cohen.

Netanyahu Mourns Brother Yoni, Hero of 1976 Entebbe Operation

The family believes that Yoni was killed by the German who commanded the Entebbe hijackers.

‘Blood’ Fountains in Petah Tikva’s Trump Square

It was a protest exhibit against the coming application of Israeli law in the Jewish settlements of Judea and Samaria.

IAF Strikes Gaza After Friday Night Rocket Attack

"We hold Hamas responsible for all acts of terror emanating from Gaza."

PA: If Israel Annexes Settlements We’ll Hand our Weapons to the IDF, Let Them...

And so the Arabs have not lost yet another opportunity to lose an opportunity.

Report: Iran Spends as Much as $700 Million Annually to Support Terrorism

“The Iranian regime and its proxies continued to plot and commit terrorist attacks on a global scale,” states the report’s foreword.

Watch: Police Release Video of Kiosk Terror Attack by PLO Saeb Erekat’s Nephew

The video shows the terrorist swerving the car into the police officer, sending her flying backwards.

Bereaved Families Demand High Court Force Government’s Hand on ‘Pay for Slay’ Law

"The citizens of Israel will not stand for the disgraceful transfer of money that is going toward paying terrorists."

Terrorist Killed was Nephew of PA’s Chief Negotiator Saeb Erekat

In December 2015, another relative of Erekat also committed a terror attack, and was killed.

EU Denies Grant to Palestinian Org BADIL After It Refuses to Renounce Ties to...

The EU canceled a €1.7 million grant after BADIL refused to sign an agreement which demands that recipients refute ties to terrorism.

‘Small Wars Journal’ Tacitly Recommends Assassinations to Salvage Mid East Fiasco

In the end, the authors say, the US must make up it mind whether it wants to stay in the Middle East and block hostile players such as Iran from tipping the balance against Western interests.

African Infiltrator Crossed into Israel from Lebanon, Part of Growing Trend

"We see here an almost exact repetition of the steps that took place at the beginning of the 2010 wave of infiltration from Egypt."

US Considers Withholding Aid to Force Jordan into Extraditing Sbarro Terrorist

“The United States has multiple options and different types of leverage to secure Ahlam Aref Ahmad al-Tamimi’s extradition."

IDF Firing on Gaza Target Following Rocket Attack

At least one rocket was launched at Israel from Gaza.

Report: Israel Permits Qatar to Deliver $50 Million to Gaza in Return for Curbing...

On Sunday, a bundle of balloons with an attached suspicious package was discovered in Moshav Tidhar near Ofakim in southern Israel.

Arson, Insurgency, Firebombs and 4 Injured Jews in ‘Normal’ Judea & Samaria Week

On Thursday night, a commuter was attacked with a cinder block while standing in a traffic jam due to roadwork on Route 60.

Arab Suspects Arrested in Attack on IDF Post in Abu Dis

Israeli security forces hit and injured three of the suspects during the incident. The suspects were treated by the Red Crescent.

Ari Fuld’s Wife Demands Maximum Penalty for his Convicted Murderer

Maurice Hirsch, the family's lawyer, hopes the salary that the terrorist will be receiving from the Palestinian Authority will be confiscated and transferred to the Fuld family.

PA: Confessed Killer of Golani Soldier Denies the Charges

The entire Abu Bakr family was detained after the murder, since the cinder block had been thrown down from the roof of the Abu Bakr home.

Bad Timing: Armed Terrorist Caught Breaking into Settlement – During Counter-Terrorist Training Drill

The town's counter-terrorist unit was in the middle of a training exercise when the armed terrorist tried to breach the fence.


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