Blood Feud: Hezbollah Bigwig Assassinated on Camera at a Wedding

"We wish the families of the murdered Ali Shibli to consider the killing an eye for an eye and not to exceed that."

Israeli FM: Iran is ‘Exporter of Terrorism that Harms Entire World’

In recent months, several other Israeli-affiliated ships have come under apparent Iranian attacks on various maritime routes in the Middle East.

Report: NGOs Aiding Terrorists in the Gaza Strip

The NGOs have been helping Hamas claim that their dead terrorists were innocent civilians, or that civilians killed by Hamas were killed by Israel.

Report: Jordanian Intelligence Foils ISIS Attack on IDF Troops

Jordanian media says Amman’s intelligence service has four suspects in custody on suspicion of planning to ambush Israeli soldiers and target Jews in the country.

Evyatar Buildings Torched by Arab Arson Terrorists

Evyatar residents said they "gained so much" from living in the town, adding "it gives us the strength to return one day.”

PA Man Who Saved Jewish Family Granted Permanent Israeli Residency

After saving the lives of the Jewish victims of the terror attack, the man was forced to flee from the Palestinian Authority.

IDF Attacks in Gaza in Retaliation for Incendiary Balloon Fires

The Israeli government continues to resist the renewal of cash payments from Qatar to the tune of some $30 million a month.

Watch: Olympic Games 2020 Remember and Honor Israeli 1972 Olympics Munich Massacre Victims

The Tokyo Olympics 2020 officially honored the memory of the Israeli victims of the 1972 terror attack at the Olympics in West Germany as part of the main opening ceremony.

Terrorist Caught in Midst of Arson Attack in Gush Etzion

An alert citizen noticed the terrorist starting the fires and alerted the authorities.

PA Devises New Way to Pay Terrorists

"Every prisoner or Martyr will be given an ATM card that will enable it to go and withdraw [salaries] at any time, day or night – this will make things easier for them."

2 Rockets Fired at Israel from Lebanon following IDF Attack on Iranian Assets in...

The Observatory noted that "these strikes are the first after the departure of 'Netanyahu' the former prime minister of Israel."

US Court Finds Iranian Banks Liable for Deadly Terror Attack Against US Citizens

This marks the first time that the courts have found Iranian banks Markazi, Melli or Saderat liable for a terror attack by a foreign terrorist organization against a U.S. national.

8 Israeli Arabs Arrested for Firebombing Jewish Homes in Lod

Shin Bet: The attack was “different in character from other attacks that took place during the clashes in May."

Israel Arrests Dozens of Hamas Operatives After They Made Solidarity Visit to Terrorists’ Village

The Hamas operatives paid a solidarity visit to the home of the killer of Yehuda Guetta.

IDF Reveals Site of Arms Depot in Ebba, a Central Lebanese Village

Hezbollah – like its partner in Gaza, Hamas – is using local civilians, even children, as human shields to protect its weapons storage facilities.

Judge Rules Victims of Chabad of Poway Shooting Attack Can Sue Gunmaker

Superior Court Judge Kenneth Medel said the gunmaker negligently marketed its rifle to youth on social media.

New Report: UN Paid $40 Million to Terror-Linked Palestinian NGOs

Im Tirtzu advocates increased transparency and the passing of a UN equivalent of the Taylor Force Act.

Israel Seizes Cryptocurrency Wallets Used by Hamas

Hamas is trying to refinance its military by raising money using bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

No More Cash Suitcases: Israel, Egypt, Want Hamas to Approve Qatari Money Transfers Via...

The Lapid-Bennett government must be challenged to show that it's not just code for cash to pay Hamas employees.

Terror Victim’s Family Praises Israeli Demolition of Killer’s Home, Despite US Condemnation

“There is no doubt the . . . resistance to these attempts [to stop demolitions] strengthens the ability to deter potential terrorists."

Lapid, Shukri Discuss Humanitarian Aid to Gaza, Hamas Terrorism & Israeli Captives

The two men also discussed ways to strengthen the security of the State of Israel in the face of terrorist threats.

Tzefat Chief Rabbi and Driver Attacked by Arabs in Jerusalem, Woman Attacked Near Meitar

Rabbi Eliyahu's driver was hurt in the attack, and their vehicle damaged.

Zionist Activists Restore Defaced Memorial of Terror Victim

Shok, who was survived by his wife and five children, was murdered in a shooting attack while driving home.

Report: Belgium Airport Scare Believed to be Iranian Test of Israeli Security Protocols

Brussels Airport evacuates two departure halls, recalls Qatar Airways flight to Doha over a suspicious bag • Local authorities arrest an Iranian woman suspected of involvement in an attempt to gather intelligence on Israeli targets.

Hezbollah Likely Culprit in Million Dollar Gun Smuggling into Israel

Israel believes the attempt to smuggle the guns into Israel was driven by Hezbollah and intended for carrying out terrorist attacks in Israel in the border area.

Palestinian Authority Introduces New Way for Terrorists, Families to Get Cash

Those receiving funds will receive cards for withdrawing money from the P.A. postal bank using ATM machines.

US Embassy Condemns Demolition of Home of Terrorist Who Murdered Israeli Yeshiva Student

Muntasar Shalabi, shot at a group of Yeshiva students waiting at a bus stop in Samaria at the beginning of May, killing Gueta, 19, and wounding two of his friends.


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