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Shul News Rabbi Yoel Gold is the new rabbi at Congregation Bais Naftoli in the La Brea – Hancock Park area of L.A.

Congregation B’nai David-Judea has hired Alissa Newborn, 25, as a kehilla intern.





Mazel Tov – Bas Mitzvahs: Estie Ertel, daughter of Rabbi and Chaya Ertel.


Mazel Tov – Births: Adam and Chani Rosenberg, a son (grandparents Robert and Madeline Rosenberg). Armand and Lisa Sadoughi, a daughter (grandparents Bill and Jeri Finkelstein). Sam and Sara Cohen, a son (grandparents Nate and Judy Schlussel; Doug and Claudia Cohen. Rabbi Ben and Shlomit Wolff of Yerushalayim, a daughter (grandparents Rabbi Abe and Roz Cooper). Shmuel Barak and Felice Gottlieb, a daughter (grandparents Dr. Emmy Gottlieb and Jennie Lewkowicz). Richard and Charlotte Glazer, a daughter (grandparents Joseph and Laurence Agi). David and Ricky Teichman, a daughter (grandparents Chaim and Miriam Teichman). Rachel and Shuie Benjamin, a daughter (grandparents Baruch and Miriam Benjamin). Eliezer and Rivki Kolodny of Yerushalayim, a daughter (grandparents Chaim and Shoshana Kolodny). Shlomo and Miriam Abramson, a daughter (grandparents Rabbi Eli and Robin Stern). Aaron and Koren Wizenfeld, a daughter (grandparents Isaac and Cecelie Wizenfeld). Elisha and Tova Liebhart, a daughter (grandparents Steve and Lorraine Spira). Aaron and Koren Wizenfeld, a daughter. Yossi and Leah Censor, a son (grandparents Rabbi Nachum and Emuna Braverman). Joseph and Malka Venouziou of Yerushalayim, a daughter (grandparents Isaac and Beverly Venouziou). Rabbi Yosef and Devorah Khakshoor, a daughter.

Mazel Tov – Bar Mitzvahs: Ari Wilner, son of Drs. Alan and Michelle Wilner.

Mazel Tov – Bas Mitzvahs: Rebecca Wernick, daughter of J.J. and Rachael Wernick. Sarah Silverman, daughter of Daniel and Nomi Silverman. Rachel Metzger, daughter of Joshua Metzger and Dina Hellerstein. Elinda and Adina Witkin, daughters of Howard and Marni Witkin.

Mazel Tov – Engagements: Yehudit Teichman, daughter of Chaim and Miriam Teichmanto Betzalel Kosowsky-Sachs. Elana Sinizer to Joseph Radparvar. Hindy Smilow, daughter of Shloimy and Devorah Smilow to Tzvi Lefkowitz of Flatbush, NY. Shimmy Spira, son of Steve and Lorraine Spira to Racheli Veres of Montreal, CA. Rivky Chopp, daughter of Moishe and Chanala Chopp to Yossi Jermias. Dov Fine, son of Sholom and Debbie Fine to Leah Rosner of Postville, Iowa.

Mazel Tov – Weddings: Evan Goldenberg, son of Dr. Mark and Deborah Goldenberg to Rebecca Mandlebaum of Toronto, CA. Eli Kohanchi, son of Alfred and Flora Cohanchi to Amanda Newstead. Kambiz Ashoorzache to Ronak Tumari. Larry Samuels, son of S. Zachary and Elana Samuels to Erin Piateski of Rockville, MD.

Graduations: Pepperdine – Gila Frank, PhD.



Mazel Tov – Births: Leon and Nufar Rebibo, a daughter (grandparents Dan and Aviva Markush).

Mazel Tov – Bas Mitzvahs: Mandy Galeck, daughter of Mark and Chaneshi Galeck.

Mazel Tov – Weddings: Elisheva Schreiber, son of Rabbi Joseph and Robin Schreiber to Naftali Nunberg of Brooklyn, NY.



Mazel Tov – Births: Oren and Jen Kupfer, a daughter. Rabbi Eli and Gitty Mozes, a daughter.

Mazel Tov – Bas Mitzvahs: Maya Milobsky, daughter of Michael and Ariella Milobsky.

Mazel Tov – Engagements: Hilton Cohen, son of Anthony and Natalie Cohen to Ilyse Baker. Dovid Balaban to Fraida Rosskamm. Ari Aragon, son of Jesse and Pennie Aragon to Yehudis Raskin.



Mazel Tov – Births: Charlie and Jodi Fried, a daughter (grandparents Steve and Lynne Meyerowitz).



Mazel Tov – Engagements: Bernie Hirsch to Michal Abuhazira.

Mazel Tov – Weddings: Josh Abramson, son of David and Karen Abramson to Ophira Kopitnikoff.



Mazel Tov – Bat Mitzvahs: Alex Birk, daughter of Dan and Francine Birk.


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