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Scholars-In-Residence: December 12-14 – The West Coast OU Convention, Bringing Light to a Darkened World, is always chock full of scholars speaking on Shabbos in L.A: Adas Torah – Rabbi Daniel Feldman. Beth Jacob Beverly Hills – Rabbi Dr. Hillel Goldberg. Bnai David Judea – Rabbi Ronald Schwarzberg. Kehilat Yavneh – Rav Herschel Schachter. Mogen David – Rabbi Dr. Moshe Goldfeder. Young Israel North Beverly Hills – Allen Fagin. Westwood Kehilla – Rabbi Menachem Leibtag. Westwood Village – Rabbi Moshe Weinberger. Shaarey Zedek – Rabbi Steven Weil.



Community Events: Nov 28-29 – Kehillat Yavneh – Knockout Carlebach Shabbaton with Yehuda Green. The Jewish Federation of L.A.Festival of Lights toy and book drive for L.A. kids and families continues until December 10. Soille San Diego Hebrew Day Schoolis having its annual pre-Chanukah Penny War. It’s a fun way for the students to raise funds to purchase Chanukah gifts and family necessities for the Embrace a Family program of the Jewish Family Services.


Seniors: Tuesdays and Thursdays through the end of December, Congregation Shaarei Tefila in the La Brea/Hancock Park area together with Jewish Family Services is having an Arthritis Exercise class.



Mazel Tov – Engagements: Ryan Mollen, son of Marty and Joan Mollen to Alexandra Stuart.



Mazel Tov – Births: Benzion and Simi Shemtov, a daughter (grandparents Yankee and Rivky Raichik). Duvi and Chani Lemmer, a son (grandparents Shaya and Libby Engel; great-grandmother Esther Bastomski). Avi and Aliza Gruen, a daughter (grandparents Jeff and Judy Gruen; Dr. Manny and Sharon Saltiel). Jonathan and Rachie Teller, a daughter (grandparents Alan and Lisa Stern). Brett and Ashley Joffe, a daughter (grandparents Ashley and Giselle Joffe). Nadav and Katie Gieft, a daughter (grandparents Dr. Ivor and Liebe Geft). Elie and Chana Ciment, a daughter (grandparents Hymie and Marilyn Barber). Yona and Michelle Conzevoy, a son (grandparents Dr. Alan and Judy). Rabbi Tal and Ayala Perez, a daughter.

Mazel Tov – Engagements: Levi Raichik, son of Rabbi Yankee and Rivky Raichik to Chanee Greenberg of Solon, Ohio. Binyamin Yasharpour to Aviva Levihaeim of Brooklyn, NY. Nechama Litenatsky, daughter of Rabbi and Ben Zion and Rochi Litenatsky to Dovid Wolfson. Gitty Lehmann, daughter of Kenny and Libby Lehmann to Avi Horowicz of Monsey, NY. Yocheved Deutsch, daughter of Ramy and Chaya Deutsch to Shaya Atlas of Lakewood, NJ. Miriam Gurman, daughter of Zalmy and Chavy Gurmanto Moishe Gluck of Flatbush. Shoshy Isaac, daughter of Natanel and Batsheva Isaac to Bentzion Deray of Pittsburg, PA. Avraham Brander, son of Rabbi Asher and Batyah Brander to Elisheva Yardley of Lakewood, NJ. Lisa Shainberg, daughter of Moish and Celia Shainberg to Sefi Chodakiewitz, son of Jacob and Susan Chodakiewitz.

Mazel Tov – Weddings: Jay Gutovich to Leigh Hershkovich of Huntington Beach, CA. Daniel Kramer, son of Dr. Barry and Paulie Kramer to Madeline Kaplan.



Mazel Tov – Births: Daniel and Leah Bendavid, a daughter.Jonah and Ziva Hassenfeld, a daughter. Aharon and Shira Feldman of Yerushalayim, a son (grandparents Rabbi Yitzchok and Ellen Feldman).


Mazel Tov – Weddings: Dovid Bogopulsky, son of Rabbi and Leah Bogopulsky to Malkie Klein of NJ.



Mazel Tov – Births: Shachar and Ilana Landau of Baltimore, MD, a son (grandparents Rabbi Joel and Johni Landau).



Mazel Tov – Engagements: Josh Lintz, son of George and Lisa Lintz to Shira Zapinsky of Baltimore, MD.



Mazel Tov – Births: Ilana and Levi Kahn of Chicago, a daughter (grandparents Dr. Phil and Leah Mehler).

Mazel Tov – Engagements: Akiva O’Connor, son of Dov and Joanne O’Connor to Ela Wilson. Simon Schwartz, son of Rob and Vicki Schwartz to Stefanie Davidowitz. Shoshana Meyer, daughter of Rabbi Yaakov and Chaya Meyer to Dovi Ort.


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