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Scholars-In-Residence: This Shabbas at Ahavas Torah in Scottsdale, AZRabbi Ilan and Miriam Feldman…January 9 – 10 at Beth Jacob Beverly HillsRabbi David Lau, Chief Ashkenazi Rabbi of Israel and formerly the Rav of Modi’in Maccabim Re-ut, Chief Rabbi of Shoham and reserve major in the IDF Intelligence Corps.

Community News: Hatzala L.A. is looking for volunteers to train to be dispatchers. No experience is necessary. The dispatchers work 3 hour shifts twice a week between Sunday-Friday 9am –6pm… Chabad of the Northwest Valley in Glendale, Arizona partnered with the local Home Depot to offer a Pre- Chanukah Menorah Workshop. The event united children and their families from across the spectrum of the community in a joyous and interactive celebration of Chanukah. Participants received a free workers apron and then crafted their own unique Menorah from wood and a host of other supplies available at The Home Depot. There was no charge for attending. Women Only Monday evening, December 29, Rabbi Paysach Krohn will be speaking on From Mourning To Celebration at Shaarei Tefila in L.A. in memory of Erika Klein’s second yahrzeit. SCOTTSDALE, ARIZONA


Mazel Tov – Bar Mitzvahs: Matan Sayada, son of Davide and Tikva Sayada.


Mazel Tov – Births: Jonathan and Na’ama Ellman, a daughter (Grandparents David and Claire Ellman)…Daniel and Zahava Uretsky, a daughter (Grandparents Steve and Murielle Uretsky; Ron Hess; Esther Sampson…Meir and Debbie Fried, a son (Grandparents Joseph Hantman, Joyce Hantman, Natalie Fried, Edward Fried)…

Mazel Tov – Bar Mitzvahs: Aaron Venger, son of Rick and Yvonne Venger.

Mazel Tov – Bas Mitzvahs: Tal Dimenstein, daughter of Zach and Sigalit Dimenstein.


Mazel Tov – Births: Danny and Chaya Glass, a son…Eric and Orly Fisch, a daughter…Rabbi Moshe and Mimi Kulek, a son (Grandmother Rivkah Shifren and Nachum Shifren)…Moti and Jackie Kest, a son (Grandparents Michael and Suri Kest)…Nechemia and Basya Breitman, a daughter (Grandparents Joseph and Judith Stolz)…Ricky and Sarah Lieberman, a son (Grandparents Alan and Lisa Stern)…Rabbi Tzvi and Suzanne Haber, a son…Yishai and Sarah Polon of Brooklyn, a daughter (Grandparents Moshe and Miriam Polon)…Shmuel and Leah Friedman of Yerushalayim, a son (Grandparents Chaim and Shari Freeman)…Rabbi Ari and Bina Adler, a daughter (Grandparents Bob and Agi Adler; Great Grandparents Lilly Adler; Simcha Farkas)…Jeffrey and Lauren Stern, a daughter (Grandparents Lawrence and Meryl Stern; Great-Grandmother June Stern)…Philip and Pamela Marcus, a daughter…Udi and Michal Shiff, a daughter (Grandparents Eliezer and Sara Nussbaum)…Dr. Alon and Jenny Englanoff, a son…Jason and Melissa Goldstoff of NY, a son (Grandparents Dr. Mark and Deborah Goldenberg; Great-Grandparents Andrew and Yvette Gardner)…Zevy and Malka Reichman of NY, daughter (Grandparents Howard and Elkie Reichman)…Albie And Allison Mendelson, a son (Grandaprents Eddie Mendelsohn; Carl and Beverly Jacobs).

Mazel Tov – Bar Mitzvahs: JJ Gluckman, son of Fred Gluckman and Judy Friedman…Dovid Edwards, son of Brandon and Gina Edwards.

Mazel Tov – Bas Mitzvahs: Julia Benarroch, daughter of Dr. Moshe and Bryndie Benarroch…Evy Rosenkranz, daughter of Rafael and Melanie Rosenkranz…SarahSilverman, daughter of Daniel and Naomi Silverman.

Mazel Tov – Engagements: Eliyahu Birnhack, son ofShmuel and Perel Birnhack to Pessy Cohn of Monsey, NY…Joey Krombach, son of Danny and Miriam Kromach to Miri Reichman, daughter of Howard and Elkie Reichman…Raacheli Copper, daughter of Abe and Roz Cooper toShlomo Fried of Denver, CO…Daniel Abikhzer, son of Yehuda and Judith Abikhzer to Sigal Gold…Danielle Rohatiner, daughter of Marc and Lynn Rohatiner to Ranan Mendelsberg.

Mazel Tov – Weddings: Tova Nouri, daughter of Shlomo and Rivka Nouri to Shmuli Goldman, son of Dave Goldman and Pessy Niasoff.


Mazel Tov – Births: Rabbi Dov and Risa Moskowitz , a daughter…Michael and Ingrid Emanuel, a daughter.


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