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IDEAS TO HELP YOUR COMMUNITY: Yasher Koach to Tomchei LA for assisting 1,500 individual’s with food and over 2,500 individuals with clothing before Pesach… Young women ages 22 – 40 in Edmonton Canada have formed an organization called Pomegranate Women. It’s a young Jewish women’s group that hosts monthly gatherings in people’s home. Each gathering has a social activity like baking, making candles, yoga, etc & a learning discussion session on a vast variety of topics. Their current project is seeking items for baskets they’ll be delivering to homeless & women’s shelters.

UPCOMING EVENTS: April 16 – Yom HaShoa, Holocaust Memorial Day … April 19, 2015 Community Holocaust Commemoration From Auschwitz to Activisim – 70 Years on From the Holocaust at the Lawrence Family JCC Jacobs Family Campus in San Diego…April 23 – Yom Hatzmaut, Israel Independence Day…May 3rd – May 5th & May 10th to May 12thEdmonton Jewish Film Festival.


Post Pesach Scholars In-Residence: Shabbas April 24 – 25 – Dr. Deborah Lipstadt – will be the scholar-in-residence at Young Israel Century City in L.A.

CHAG KOSHER V’SAMEACH from your West Coast Editor. The next West Coast Section will appear in the May 1st issue of the Jewish Press.



Mazel Tov – Engagements: Ari Gruys, daughter of Bruce Gruys and Melissa Selbst to Baruch Gottesman.

Mazel Tov – Weddings: Adrienne Levin, daughter of Mervyn and Janine Levin to Noah Alpern of La Jolla, CA


Mazel Tov – Engagements: Jonah Cohen, son of Jeremy and Hilda Cohen to Daniella Eisenmen

Mazel Tov – Weddings: Joseph Goldenberg, son of Tsvi and Anne Goldenberg to Rebecca Weinshenker



Mazel Tov – Births: Eran and Tikvah Adison of NY, a daughter (Grandparents Parviz and Edna Mojdihiazad)…Rabbi Zev and Dr. Michal Goldberg, a son (Grandparents Eli and Helen Goldberg)…Eli and Daniella Hami, a son (Grandparents Steve and Karen Wasserman)…Scott and Lisa Arnold, a daughter…Jonathan and Ilana Uretsky, a daughter…David and Lesley Matsa, a daughter (Grandmother Myrna Matsa)…Daniel and Dina Goldberg of NY, a son (Grandparents Rabbi Elazar and Ruchama Muskin… Jeffrey and Rina Barak, a son (Grandparents Mark and Michel Barak). Uri and Esti Kanarek , a son (Grandparents Rabbi Yitzchak and Chaya Sara Altusky)…Gabriel and Jacquelyn Glazer, a daughter (Grandparents Martin and Diana Mass of Valley Center, CA ; Marvin and Arlene Glazer of Phoenix, AZ…Dr. Perry and Stephanie Friedman, a son (Grandparents Dr. Mark and Deborah Goldenberg; Great-Grandparents Andrew and Yvette Gardner)… Dr. Eli and Lauren Van Allen, a son (Grandparents Drs. Richard and Ruchama Allen)..Ari and Ricky Markowitz, a son.

Mazel Tov – Bar Mitzvahs: Shaya Berkowitz, son of Set and Ruth Berkowitz…Avraham Czuker, son of Edward and Elissa Czuker…Zev Kupferman, son of Dr. Steven and Danielle Kupferman.

Mazel Tov- Bas Mitzvahs: Jennie Peled, daughter of Dr. Harry and Debi Peled

Mazel Tov – Engagements: Jessica Tabak, daughter of Dr. Steven and Linda Tabak to Shalom Halperson of Yerushalayim …Aaron Wolmark, son of Zevi and Dina Wolmark to Tehilla Schleider from Gateshead…Avi Mafouda, son of Elie and Minda Mafouda to Aliza Kolom of Chicago, IL… Orit Wax to Sholom Gelernter of Crown Heights. NY.

Mazel Tov – Weddings: Zippy Eschwege, daughter of Leo and Roz Eschwege to Meir Mainstain, son of Morris and Sharon Mainstain…Chanie Kravitz, daughter of Rabbi Ben-Tzion and Dvora Kravitz to Noam Young…Gabriella Davidson, daughter of Morris and Elizabeth Davidson to Asher Ben Simhon…Navid Bayanfar, son of Homayoon and Hilda Bayanfar to Melissa Javaherian, daughter of Daryoush and Paula Javaherian…Jacob Agi, son of Joseph and Laurence Agi to Rebecca Abrams, daughter of David and Orna Abrams.



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