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Scholars-In-Residence: This Shabbas, Rabbi Paysach Krohn is in Denver speaking at several different shuls…May 29 – 30, Rabbi Manis Friedman will be the S-I-R at the Westwood Kehilla in L.A..

Shavuos Scholars-In-Residence in L.A. May 23-25 Congregation Mogen Dovid Rabbi Dr. Yigal Tsaidi…Beth Jacob Beverly Hill – Rabbi Dr. Jonathan Rosenblatt, senior Rabbi of Riverdale Jewish CenterBais Naftoli – Rabbi Daniel Lapin.


Events In The West: All afternoon on Sunday, May 17, the Sacramento, CA community will be celebrating Israel at their Jewish Heritage Festival at Raley Field.

Women Only: The weekly Torah and Tea series at Ahavas Israel Center in Henderson, NV has ended and now the Salad Bar and Study series has begun.



Mazel Tov – Births: Rabbi Elimelech and Chani Adler, a son.

Mazel Tov – Bas Mitzvahs: Chanah Meyerson, daughter of Charlie and Robin Meyerson.


Mazel Tov – Births: Ronen and Lisa Mintz, a son (Grandparents Dennis and Rosa Basson).

Mazel Tov – Weddings: Baruch Yakat to Toviele Ezriela of Seattle, WA.


Mazel Tov – Births: Jonathan and Yael Mosery, a son…Rabbi Adam and Chava Simon of San Diego, a daughter (Grandparents Bennet and Ruth Simon)Rabbi Chanina and Debbie Freeman, a daughter (Grandparents Rabbi Tzvi and Nomi Freeman)…Rabbi Shimon and Chaya Dubinsky, a son (Grandparents Rabbi Tzvi and Nomi Freeman)…Reuvain and Rasise Stern of Lakewood, NJ, a son (Grandparents Rabbi Eli and Robin Stern)…Rabbi Nachi and Michelle Klein of Northridge, CA a daughter (Grandparents Robert and Erica Klein)…Alex and Julie Fenigstein, two sons…Tamir and Tzippora Wainstain, a daughter)…Jeremy and Keren Avitan, a son (Grandparents Yaakov and Barbara Avitan; Jeannot and Rachel Acoca)…Yoily and Leah Rosenger of NY, a son (Grandparents Meyer and Raizy Brief)…Rabbi Shmuly and Adina Altein, a son (Grandparents Rabbi Mendel and Rochel Duchman.

Mazel Tov – Bar Mitzvahs: Eliezer Huttler, son of Goldie Huttler and the late Yossi Huttler.

Mazel Tov – Engagements: Temima Kramer, daughter of Reuven and Lori Kramer to Shimmy Rudolph of Toronto, Canada…Robyn Sheiniuk to Yitzchak Alvarez…Liz Uretsky, daughter of Steve and Murielle Uretsky to Sam Neumark of NY…Tova Bastomski, daughter of Asher and Sharon Bastomski to Ari Roth, son of Zalman and Esther Roth.

Mazel Tov – Weddings: Tali Cohen, daughter of Baruch and Adina Cohen to Yechiel Hertz of Monsey, NY.


Mazel Tov – Births: Robin and Veronique, a son.



Mazel Tov – Births: Gilad and Avital and Gilad Silverman , a son (Grandparents Dorit and Philip Silverman and Great-Grandparents Raphael and Kitty Silverman)…Jacobo and Marcel Cohen, a son…Rabbi Adam and Chava Simon, a daughter…Gal and Irit Gordon, a daughter.

Mazel Tov – Bar Mitzvahs: Akiva Cohen son of Rabbi Meir and Dahlia Cohen…Joshua Pritsker, son of Simcha and Rachel Trilokekar Mazel Tov – Engagements: Jonah Cohen, son of Jeremy and Dr. Hilda Cohen to Daniella Eiseman of Monsey, NY…Ethan Gipsman , son of Dr. Marc and Felicia Gipsman to Eti Abell of Chicago, IL…Shayna Stein, daughter of Dr. Gersham and Chavi Stein.


Mazel Tov – Births: Ezequiel and Sabrina Singer, a son



Mazel Tov – Bar Mitzvahs: Yaakov Weiss, son of Phillip and Eileen Weiss…Meir Weinfeld, son of Asher and Dani Weinfeld.

Mazel Tov – Engagements: Chani Mintz, daughter of Phil and Sarah Mintz to Avi Aaron of Chicago, IL. Mazel Tov – Weddings Rivka Sloves, daughter of Dr. Jason and Esther Sloves to Ben Gruen, son of Jeff and Judy Gruen.



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